GT5; Was It Worth The Wait?

Like i have always said, no game is perfect, and no game deserves to get a perfect score, and Gran Turismo 5 is no exception to this prescript, that said and done, we have had our copy of the game and have equally seen reviews. To some people the reviews are rather too harsh while others think GT5 is getting what it bargained for.

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stonecold32790d ago

yes it was the worth the wait one of the best racing games i played this gen peace out

nix2789d ago

one lap in Nurburgring is enough to say how great the game is.

waltyftm2789d ago

That course is EVIL !!!

Bobbykotickrulesz2789d ago

Guess who just bought the G27!!!

OH FUCK it's expected to arrive in less than a week. I might barf I'm so excited. I sound like a total nerd right now but I just bought a brand new 46 inch samsung LED and this wheel for some serious racing action... oh god I just puked..

UnwanteDreamz2789d ago

I have a G27

You are gonna play till you eyes bleed. At least I have.

Mmmkay2789d ago

just did nurburgring in 6:41. that was intense...!

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jjohan352789d ago

I invested almost 24 hours into GT5 already and now I'm starting to notice some missing features that I feel are important to any major game.

-Lack of incentive to race online
There is no leveling, no unlocking, no progression of any kind online. There is nothing competitive to keep a person interested in racing online. And that to me will become a huge problem with the online community possibly dying off. Online racing is only a casual affair. No online replays or recordings. No sharing of replays.

-Lack of competition among friends
There are no leaderboards for lap times at all, whether it's a global leaderboard or one just among your friends. You can't compare your lap times with those of your friends'.

-Not all tracks available online
It's missing about 5 tracks from online racing. This I don't quite understand since a huge amount of them are already available online. Not sure why PD didn't include the last 5 tracks.

The most annoying one is when you send a car as a gift to a friend but he/she never received it, but now it's missing from your garage. There are a few other bugs, but this is the most painful one when a $200k car vanishes. You can confirm whether they received it or not within the activity log, and in this case it did not show up on their log. This happened to me both as a sender and as a recipient.

-Layout issues
This more of a personal opinion rather than a fault. I felt that some things were redundant like the main menu and the 'my home' menu (GT mode). It's a beautiful layout, just some things aren't logical to me but this is purely personal preference.

-Requested optional feature
Allow 24 hour races where you can tag team/relay with your friends for a full 24 hours. Place the results on a leaderboard for the world to see so others can beat it. Would also be nice if we can upload our replays to leaderboards if we manage to get the top 10 lap times for any given track.

The racing is excellent. The things you can do in GT5 are vast. But I personally felt that the things I listed above are glaringly missing from what would be an otherwise complete package.

nix2789d ago

and one more thing - the tab that will take me to dealers and shortlist the cars i can buy for a particular event if i don't have car of said specific in my garage. and plus an option to choose cars on the spot in Photo Tour.

thor2789d ago

Your first point is spot on.

I remember playing Wipeout HD online which was great fun. But it died very quickly because there was no online progression.

Then a patch brought in a levelling system and badges and suddenly the online lobby sprang to life. It stayed active for ages (not sure about it now but it's an oldish game).

Games need some kind of reward for playing online otherwise they die out quickly.

claney2789d ago

1: There is online replays, and yes you can save them plus i believe you can share them with friends the same was as photos (not sure bout this last point), i know i saved a replay of online (the race was at night time but the replay was in day weird).

2: Leader boards were in this update or are in the next update.

3: The sending parts to friends i agree with i lost some parts i tried to send to a friend to help them out :(

4: I don't mind the layout, but i can easily see how it can be hard to navigate for people.

5: A feature i would like is the ability to buy paint, sucks having to have the car first to collect the paint

Game-ur2789d ago

You’re the first guy in N4G who played the game to talk about your issues with it without trolling .

You I respect

jjohan352789d ago

@ claney

Please show me how I can save online replays. No one I've met inside lounges have been able to figure out either (and I've met and made many new friends too). As far as I know, there is no way to save. The host as well as all the players were scrolling through every button and option.

Secondly you cannot share replays. The only thing you can do is make them your 'favorite', but there is no option to 'share' them or even have them 'online'. You can only export and import them to your PS3. After that you may post them on youtube provided that you can get the file off your PS3.

Thirdly there are no leaderboards. If they are coming in the next patch/update, then I am excited! But until then, there are no leaderboards of any kind in the current game.

On top of sending parts/cars to friends, I would also like the ability to SELL used tuning parts. This is essential in the racing community. Whenever I upgrade transmissions, exhaust, intake, or whatever, I always sell my old part. I'm not talking about the original 'standard' part, but the previous upgraded part that's better than stock, but not as good as the one I just replaced with. And I do agree that we should be able to buy paint.

@ game-ur

I talk about these issues without trolling because I do believe that PD will continue to update, support, and add features to this game down the line. I think they would be really, really stupid if they didn't, considering that this may be the only GT game (other than prologue) on the PS3. Didn't he say the next GT might not come out until the next console?

I really do think GT5 has great potential since the racing is addicting and the car tuning is fantastic.

Game-ur2789d ago


check out, its full of GT experts

PostApocalyptic2789d ago

True, post that to they know GT well.

claney2789d ago

Its easy to save your online replay, just after the race goto race results and click save replay, done.

ExplosionSauce2788d ago

"Race Results".

I'm sure you can share them through "My Lounge", just like your "Photo Album".

jjohan352787d ago

Thanks for the info guys. Now I am telling everyone how to save online replays. Unfortunately there's no way to share them, whether they were offline replays or online replays unless you export them to your PS3 and get the file off your PS3. All the "I'm sure you can" aren't very convincing arguments.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892789d ago

It was worth the wait, even tho it has some minor issues. But remember there's no such thing as a perfect game. I think gt5 is a very good and I hope future updates fixes some of the bugs and missing features.

Deputydon2789d ago

So far I only have a few complaints about the game.

1. For some reason the special events AI is all over the place. Some of them are ridiculously hard, while some are just a joke. For instance, the rally event (the first one you unlock, not the last) has terrible AI on the snow tracks. They drive so slow that they can't even drift around a turn. I think I was actually 1 minute and 22seconds ahead of the last guy on the last section alone. I shouldn't be able to pass the last guy at all, hence why he gets a little over a 5 second headstart...

But then you get to stuff like the top gear events where it feels almost impossible to beat. The Lotus Elise event I'm finding incredibly difficult. Even if I do manage to almost get that bronze award, the elise behind me rams me and spins me out, or I end up taking a turn slightly to sharp and is Disqualifies me.

I'd complain about tarmac rally racing, but then I realized I just suck at it for some reason.

With all that said though, best racing game this generation, and probably of all time. The graphics on the premium cars are amazing. Especially in the Ferrari's you can see the stitching on the dashboard. And even the little things make me smile. Like driving a Kart and seeing my driver's foot move as I press on the gas.

PostApocalyptic2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Sometimes when I read that (IGN) article, I wonder what the heck game was that guy playing? This game is at least a 9.2+ and that's only because of some early bugs. In six months time this game will be 9.6 ranking.

Heck, Sony/PD even reported that they are expecting better optimization patches as well as improved damage physics in a later patch (in addition to the advanced level 20 and 40 ones we already have).

I'm at level 8 and I haven't even driven my purchased car yet. I'm doing licensing tests, special events, tuning, and watching GT TV! No online yet either. This game is great!

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kosovo2790d ago

No it wasn't , i expected a lot more than i saw . . . so many talks and less show

DigitalAnalog2789d ago

You're one of those people who are unimpressed by damage by playing a few hours even though it's unlocked at lvl 20.

-End of Line

r0gueZA2789d ago

I cant put the game down.

Kon_Artist 2789d ago

i expected a lot more than i "saw"

play the game through. put at least 5-10 hours in.

i have about 20 in right now. im loving. i just wish i had a danm dfgt or some wheel.

i dont wanna buy the cheap rip off gamestop one :/

MysticStrummer2789d ago

I expected the greatest and most complete racing sim of this console generation, and that's what I got. GT5 will be king until GT6 shows up.

2790d ago
Xusuyzus2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

xbros tears are sweet in the morning,..
Game is my goty,.. (I love it, ..except reloading challenges (license), when you want it gold them,..(you kinda have to game the menu system ,.. and restart before finishing them),..or you have to wait a few secs,..get bronze trophy animation,.. restart

Other than that,.. Im addicted,..

HarukoHex2789d ago

I can't even bring myself to play it anymore.
T_T what a waste of my money, the cars feel so damn slow compared to every racing games I've ever played. Hell it feels like I'm driving a untuned civic half the time.

fei-hung2789d ago

fair enuf, pm me ur address. i have split second and a few other arcade games. i shall trade u one of my arcade racers for ur alledged gt5 copy!

Mmmkay2789d ago

try my bugatti veyron 16.4.... 1196 BHP !

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


Wow as much as I don't want to say it, ok I'll say it, your a newb.
I just finished tuning a 97 civic type-R (EK) this is the so far result with 1 or 2 mods still to install.

Stock- 182hp/8200rpm

Modded- 334hp/9100rpm

This is NOT even messing with the racing kit available in the GT Maintenance bay.
But of course you have to put the time and effort for a situation where you can upgrade (example: racing for credits.
As for you and all people who will never understand the scale of this game, you have to earn the right to drive it.
So maybe staying at your model speed and handling to date is best suited for you.

UnwanteDreamz2789d ago

Bullshit I played Shift last week this feels faster. Of course it helps to get out of arcade and the beginner races.

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