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NZGamer: "Not as good as its protracted development suggests it should be".

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BrianG2707d ago

Neither were some other games, I know a few that took many years that failed on their promises. GT5 didn't deceive me once. PD didn't lie to me once. They told me what I was gonna get and I got it.

Minor flaws, the ones that effect game play being addressed as we speak with patches. I can agree to nitpick on some things that should have been standard, like in car view for all cars, but thats not going to stop me from enjoying the game.

I don't see the big deal. Some people just expected waaaayyyy to much.

Death24942707d ago

How much time have you actually invested before you threw this review up? I doubt it was much.

NecrumSlavery2707d ago

Well, as a racing simulation, it is by far the best thing on the market. However, as the second coming of Jesus, it falls short of the glory of God, so verdict = FAIL!

sashimi2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"However, as the second coming of Jesus, it falls short of the glory of God, so verdict = FAIL!" so i guess that goes for every halo/CoD/Forza 3(DEFINITE) games out there that get hyped to high heavens...

Blacktric2706d ago

"One of the features we didn’t mention earlier is the alleged damage model. While it is in here, it’s so limited it may as well not be. For a start, very few cars support it - you could play through most of the game without seeing it at all. When it’s there, it’s such a let down compared to almost any other racer, you can help but wonder what’s the point. The collision damage system in Carmageddon, for example, a thirteen year old game, felt more realistically connected to the onscreen action."

He didn't invested enough time apparently.

hoops2706d ago


The problem was:

It was hailed as the second coming.

Boody-Bandit2706d ago

Best racing game "I" have played this generation on any console and I have played them all. I suggest a wheel for this racer though. For those of you that like it now you will like 5x more on a wheel. This game was made for a wheel.

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acedoh2706d ago

I find it funny that every time there is a lower score for GT5 it's N4PS3G contributing it. People like that are not even gamers. They are just haters missing out on greatness. If people were so disappointed with this game they would have already stopped playing it. Not the case with my friends who have it.

Headquarters112706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

N4PS3G LMAO. Well I got news for you buddy, GT5 is still better than Forza in every single way. No matter how many no name website reviews you post.

BrianG2706d ago

Yea I love GT5. I know its a great game. I never said forza was better and never said GT5 sucked. Did you guys read my comment?

Or just see certain words and misinterpret what I said?

Just like the guy above, assuming I wrote the review? Really?

Read my comment below to see what I meant.

BrianG2706d ago

Okay everybody seems to have me pinned as an Xbox fanboy. I actually LOVE this game and am playing it for over 6 hours a day.

All I was saying is people were expecting too much. And that I've seen games developed on longer cycles that don't come remotely close to the level of detail and completeness of GT5.

Headquarters112706d ago

Why do you assume that people were expecting more? Most of the people that own the game are completely satisfied.

RedDead2706d ago

I wasn't expecting any more, what was I supposed to expect? I got what I thought I would get, this is the first time I knew and got exactly as I was told.

BrianG2706d ago

I wasn't expecting more, but some reviews I've read seem to be expecting a lot more from the game.

I know the fans are satisfied. I'm satisfied. But some reviewers are really nit picking and saying the game should be better, IGN even labeling it one of the biggest let downs of 2010. I think it was IGN.

RedDead2706d ago

Your right about the reviewers, I mean what eaxactly were they expecting, we knew the damage isn't great, we knew some tracks were being ported. There's nothing we weren't told about beforehand, Overall, the game is my favourite racing game of all time though and that's what I expected of it.

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Primetimebt2706d ago

Bubble my friend! I already put more time into Gran Turismo than Call of Duty.

acedoh2706d ago

I am with you on that. I have put more time in this game than I have put into any game this gen. It's been years since I have felt this way about a game. When the first GT game came out I actually took it to work and had all my friends play it. I feel the same about this game. This is something no car enthusiast should miss out on.

poopoojames2706d ago

I'd put more time into picking my bum fluff

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Chuk52706d ago

The quote the poster put is just crying out flame bait.

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