Gran Turismo 5 - Installed VS Non-Installed

E4G: Comparison of Gran Turismo 5 with the full install and the non-install. Notice the huge difference.

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Hitman07692942d ago

Nice both versions look badass to me, I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one!

crxss2942d ago

didn't they load different tracks the first time which would explain the huge difference in the load times? the 2nd time they loaded the exact same track and they loaded at the same time... huh...? how big is the install anyway?

xer02942d ago

We need to know if this running of a 5400rpm drive or a 7200rpm hard drive.

That can make a huge difference as the the 7200rpm drive would respond a lot quicker.

I have it installed on my original PS3 which has a 200GB HD with an rpm of 7200... and i have to say - GT5 is quicker than the demo in this video.

George Sears2942d ago

The menu loading time is pretty much 1:1 but the loading of courses differ.

multipayer2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Any differences above 1 second? The video would have me believe car models loaded faster at the selection screen when not installed aswell... Fast forward to 10:00

Narutone662942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

In the Settings, there is another option to install the main game. I did that and the tracks loaded a little faster.

You Noob2942d ago

No, the setting install the same data of the initial install... it's a just a way to do the install when you are already in the game menu. I think that the fact that you loaded a little faster various thing is just a "placebo" effect xD...

Anyway... 10/10 game!

Who cares if it need 10, 20, or 30GB PS3 owners can put ANY cheaper 2,5" HDD thanks to the non-microflopz policy.

Narutone662942d ago

Oh, ok. Thanks. But I think when the game took so long to load, the server was down at that time.

Halochampian2942d ago

So glad I decided to install it. I would hate to wait that much longer.

@Narutone66 Might have to look into that. Thanks

Close_Second2942d ago

Basically if you can install then do install. PC owners have been swearing by game installs for goodness knows how long.

rdgneoz32942d ago

Yep, with PCs, if you can do the full install, you'll love it later on.

ChrisW2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Yup, there's quite a difference between HDD and DVD, and a bit more of a difference between DVD and Blu-Ray on read speeds. So this is absolutely no surprise.

Now... how would it do on a SSD (Solid State Disk) compared to HDD?

My guess is the difference will be phenomenal!!!

dredgewalker2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

solid state's a flash memory based hard drive.

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The story is too old to be commented.