Is This A Prototype 2 Teaser Site?

The website Murder Your Maker is teasing an upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards reveal. The popular theory on game blogs and forums is that it is a teaser image for Activision's Prototype 2. The website's only image (pictured above) features a bald person, a wall covered in maps and newspaper clippings, and a heavy emphasis on the colors black, red and white.

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All_4_One2788d ago

Prototype 2 vs. Infamous 2


Quagmire2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

IMO, (and I dare to risk my precious bubbles I have for this opinion) Prototype had the better concept, but was executed very poorly, whereas Infamous had a boring concept, but executed very well. Think about it, what power would you want, shoot lightning from you hands, or be able to shape-shift and morph into crazy things, tear people to shreds and lift tanks and cars and throw them at helicopters and people whilst running up buildings and then plummet down to the ground destroying everything within a 100 metre radius.

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

actually i prefer the lightning here .

As a huge comic fan (and while opinion among those would vary) , i'd rather have a character with a set of powers and limitations , than a demi god . Hell Cole was already uber powerful at the end .

It's lonely and boring at the top of the food chain . And it usually makes for a poor story , with an hardly relatable hero .

Game-ur2787d ago

I love them both, I want them both

AntoineDcoolette2787d ago

I agree with Quag about Prototype having the more promising concept but being horribly executed in comparison to inFamous. Despite inFamous being leaps and bounds ahead of Prototype I still feel Proto had much more fun and varied game play, especially when you are traveling. Was just so fun to sprint up the side of a skyscraper, leap an additional 100 meters into the air, double dash, and glide running roof top to rooftop. Infamous made you climb slowly over everything >.<

Game-ur2787d ago

I like the Prototype travel and I like the travel in Infamous .

In Infamous it was more like a platformer and I loved it for that, in Prototype it was bloody fast paced mayhem and I loved it for that.

The games are not copies of each other and I love them for that.

Redempteur2787d ago

that's one of the reason prototype didn't appeal to me .

you can do whatever you want and there is pretty much no opposition.

Cole in infamous had to watch out for water , couldn't use anything with bullets , or any vehicule and he had to watch out for lot of things .

in the end after struggling , when you invoque lightning from the sky for the first time .. you HAVE to have a smile on your face.

pixelsword2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Both are good in their own way, I just prefer InFamous more because it's the flaws of a person that develops character.

Spiderman is a much more interesting character than Superman although Superman is much more powerful

Batman is a better character than Magneto because despite all of Batman's shortcomings he overcomes them. Who broke Magneto's back? Who can even get close enough to him to try?

I don't like the "push a button to win the game" characters because they are usually too bland because they don't have to cope with a weakness while doing this or that. If the prototype guy was more flawed or had a personality or even was disgusted that he had to do things like eat people he would have been as good of a character as cole in terms of personality.

Or put it this way: if Neo had his powers in the beginning of the frist movie it would have been boring. The journey to him overcoming his self-doubt, fears, and enemies are what made the movie, not his powers.

showtimefolks2787d ago

i bought both games at launch.

prototype is didn't finish
infamous i played the good ending and i am on evile side of things now lol

and ia gree the ideas in prototype are awsome but they need better graphics,gameplay,story,cut scenes

infamous 2 looks like a great great game right now so i doubt prototype is coming out around infamous since this might be revealed at VGS's

but right now INFAMOUS 2 is the game to beat but i wouldn't mind having a awsome prototype game waiting for me when i am done with infamous 2

captain-obvious2787d ago

i really hated the first Prototype

gamerzBEreal172787d ago

lol infamous had shapeshifting not with the main charecter but it was in the side missions u had to kill the bad guy who shapshifted into a human and there was much more powers then shooting lightning from your hands u get the powers as u proceed in the game unlike prototype infamous did not have a boring concept a bomb just when off your in the middle of it the whole world is framing you and u have to find out WTF is happending and it all unfolds greatly also the consept of playing good of evil was fresh and great prototype was a fail compared to infamous i thought that whent without saying

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jneul2787d ago

^^ infamous had the better gameplay, story and visual, infamous 2 will destroy prototype 2 as well

Cajun Chicken2787d ago

Not this rubbish again. I really liked Prototype and I too loved Infamous. Both are on PS3, so is there any point defending an exclusive if both games are playable on your system?

gamerzBEreal172787d ago

what if its just debating on what game is better? its not always about exclusives lol

sinncross2787d ago

I preferred Infamous tbqh.

I like the mayhem which Prototype presented and I wouldn't mind Cole getting some quicker transport avenues, like creating a hover-board from electricity or something.

Prototype was fun, but I enjoyed Infamous more overall.

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Daver2786d ago

I hope its not prototype 2 because the 1st one was an horrible game in my opinion

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SkyCrawler2788d ago

Hope so. I enjoyed the first one. I just they add the ability to pick people up and put them down safely :D. I'm still trying to camp people on buildings lol

deadreckoning6662788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I bought Prototype. The potential was there, but it got old VERY fast for me. I mean, you had all these cool powers, but no direction. And the lifeless city didn't really help much.

@nickjcal- It felt lifeless in the sense that all the NPC's did the same thing...walk around. Don't wanna sound like an Infamous fanboy, but the NPCs in that game took pictures of you and acknowledged your powers in unique ways.

Op242788d ago

Um there was a ton of life haha. I mean you could seriously run through the streets slicing people for a good 5 min. But i also get what your saying how it felt "lifeless" not enough color etc.

Op242788d ago

That is true. Unfortunatley i haven't played Infamous yet :p ill prolly pick it up now that its 15.00

Op242788d ago

ya i'd be excited for prototype 2. But a new hitman with Splinter Cell style gameplay might be cool too.

VersusEM2788d ago

Prototype 2 vs. Infamous 2 Round 2, who will win, you never know

Malicious2788d ago

Infamous 2 will win. I know it will happen as the first Infamous was better than the first Prototype. Plus, Infamous 2 is by a great studio and you don't have to worry about their game being published by a crappy company like Activison.

farhsa20082787d ago

I liked the first one but infamous was better

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