5th Cell: Hybrid More Than Just a Budget Call of Duty

Jeremiah Slaczka wants to make sure everyone knows Hybrid will not just be another budget call of duty.

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cain1412732d ago

This game looks sweet.

FACTUAL evidence2732d ago

LOOKS HELLA HOT!! It reminds me of crisis for some odd reason.

mr durand pierre2732d ago

I like the concept art, though I'm still skeptical of this one. I want to see what they're doing that makes it so different. I did like Super Scribblenauts a lot though, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

cain1412732d ago

I'm really curious what twist they can really add to the genre at this point...

Quagmire2732d ago

Write down what weapon you want, then BAM, youre on your way to finding that star!

Quagmire2732d ago

"So Hybrid has guns and its post apocalyptic."

Fallout? Metro 2033? Half Life?

Glenn ZA2732d ago

Cannot agree more Cain141. Oh so sweet!

soundslike2732d ago

meh I'll believe it when I see it

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