Gran Turismo 5 vs Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

So for the thanksgiving I visited with family and friends. I also brought along Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Of course my friend grabbed the Gran Turismo 5 first, but what happened next is unbelievable.

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Shazz2792d ago

So you or your m8 couldn't find arcade mode on gt5 then lmao . Pick from a whole range of brilliant cars sum that hit over 200mph ( mclaren )

thereapersson2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

How is this even a valid comparison?

It sounds like the author, despite his apparent excitement for the title, failed to interpret just the very point of Gran Turismo 5. And then he proceeded to do the game an extreme injustice by allowing his ignorant, racer-n00b friend to follow the same mind set.

Boody-Bandit2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

NFS vs GT5 is about as good a comparison as Joy Ride vs NFS:HP. They have nothing in common except they have cars.

If you are a wheel racer there is only one choice, GT5.
NFS:HP is a gas & go game. Automatic, no manual shifting, no FFB support. Just gas & go. You really don't even have to use the brake much in HP.

HP is okay to kick around with when I am bored but I prefer GT5 because I am into complex finesse racing games that feel like I am actually driving the car.

beavis4play2790d ago

you're right, Brutallyhonest.

i don't do drivig games all that much - which is why i like NFS:HP. it's, as you said, "gas and go" - that suits me as when i want to mess around with racing i prefer to just get a car on the track and GO! (although knowing when to use the break in NFS is important!)
also agree that for the serious race person - GT5 is the ultimate. i've played at friends houses and you really have to develop your skills to be good at it.

Dee_912790d ago

wait ... why didnt he just do the arcade mode if he wanted a quick race ? i didnt even install it and i was on arcade mode for atleast 30mins

this is a dumb article
basically saying gt5 takes time to get to the faster cars
but thats dumb because the arcade mode have alot of cars and tracks

ikkokucrisis2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Of course, the casuals prefer playing fable over demon souls, go figure!

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MNicholas2790d ago

he likes arcadey games. NFS:HP is just one the million unrealistic arcade racers to choose from.

thereapersson2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

And again, I ask:

How is this a valid comparison?

If you want to make it a fair comparison, compare two fast-paced arcade-style games. Maybe Burnout, or Project Gotham. The author didn't even try to compare the pick-up-and-play aspect of GT5's arcade mode with NFS: HP, which would have at least been *somewhat* similar of a concept. The only thing Hot Pursuit and GT:5 have in common is that they involve driving.

His friend is obviously the type who looks for instant gratification, which shows in his enthusiasm when Hot Pursuit gave him a ton of unlocks right off the bat. These are the types of people which the Gran Turismo series isn't really made for. Incidentally, many of these people have positions in the journalism world as video game reviewers. Because you can't unlock super cars and the full damage system within the first 2 hours of game play, GT:5 sure must be a complete failure of a game, eh?

Shit, that's -2 points from GT:5 right off the bat for cramping these self-important reviewers' writing schedules! I mean, how DARE a SIMULATION require work, skill-building and dedication to earn a name for yourself as a seasoned sim racer?


jony_dols2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

There should be a stupid article of the week award on N4G.

Because amid the criticism for GT5 from people that do not own a PS3 not to mention owning GT5, this floats to the top of the crap.

How can you compare GT5 to NFS?

Your comparing a driving sim to an arcade racer. The 2 of them are different sub-genres of video game racing.

Its like comparing Fallout 3 to FF13. Both are essentially RPGs, both are good games in their own right, both are totally different.

I love both Polyphony's & Criterion's (Burnout Revenge was one of the best games last gen). But once you get sucked into GT5, it is amazing. I found that NFS (from the demo anyway)is just a little bit one-dimensional, it just felt like Burnout Paradise with cops and under a different name. But I love the ability to jump straight into a race against your friends & the ultra competitive nature of the gameplay.

As I said comparisons shouldn't even be made,
the only thing in common between these games is that they have licensed cars. Everything else is different.

vhero2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@Shazz thats exactly what I was thinking! Also you dont have to do the first driving test to race you can skip them all if you like but it opens up new cars and races for you. The choice though is all about arcade and simulation. I got Burnout for arcade and no other game comes close and GT5 for simulation. Also as for Hot Pursuit well if you got undercover then you don't need hot pursuit as the game play is exactly the same... Finding shortcuts and using powers.. Nothing new really and not worth my £40.

PostApocalyptic2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"I like beer, football, and fastcars (ugh, ugh...) GT5? Too complex for my caveman brain."

Jaces2790d ago

You want an arcade racer get NFS, racing sim get GT5.


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user8586212792d ago

NFS for me, I prefer arcade racing over simulation

despair2792d ago

I find it really funny you say that, I have NFS Hot Pursuit and I'm getting GT5([email protected]$%ing delivery stalled). Sometimes I will feel for an excellent and extremely fun arcade racer and go to NFS and sometimes for pure driving bliss and I'll be going for GT5. Why must it be one or the other.

This opinion piece is just an example where NFS is the more logical choice for the person and the setting. I mean he was in a rush to race and wanted to get a supercar style high speed race right off the bat, I mean if you ever played a GT game you know thats not how it works and if you played most or rather the good NFS games you know that's what you get, fast quick flashy enjoyable action vs serious in depth incredible racing sim.

Why one or the other why not both its not like they're the same type of racer.

Quagmire2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

NFS vs GT5? Its like comparing Avatar to Inception. To each his own, but both are great.

Orion2790d ago

Because not everybody in the world is able to afford to games. If you have one racing game, that could be enough for you.

I'm a Gran Turismo fan btw. And I'm loving GT5 so far!

visualb2790d ago

avatar to inception?

one is a big advert for 3D cinema with no real depth and the other is an actual movie with acting and directing =P

but I getcha quagm....stew...WTFDSD!?

Marquis_de_Sade2790d ago

Judging by the number of disagrees, you must be lying to us waseem335.

eggbert2792d ago

I own both, mainly because I HAD to have GT5, and NFS is like $30 already lol.

Not really much of a comparison since NFS doesn't go for realism.

NCAzrael2790d ago

Where the hell, outside of Black Friday sales, do you find Need For Speed for $30? Given the popularity of Burnout Paradise, it's obvious that there is a large market for arcade racing games, and Hot Pursuit is easily the best arcade racer this year, if not this generation. EA isn't stupid enough to toss the game into the bargain bin less than a month after its release.