The Top Five Games I am Disappointed Nintendo Didn't Localize-Associated Content

The Wii has a pretty great video game library. But did you know that its own creator, Nintendo, has neglected to publish several games that could make it even better? Sure, some of these games probably wouldn't sell all that much when compared to giant blockbusters like Wii Sports Resort or Super Mario Galaxy, but they would please a certain segment of the fan base. Not only that, they would probably still give Nintendo a return on their investment, even if it were modest. The following are my top picks for games Nintendo should have localized for the U.S. but didn't.

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Venox20082672d ago

"Disaster: day of crisis" is a great game, I've finished bad for some people, because it only released in PAL and JAP if I am not mistaken.

"Fatal frame IV" (nintendo is guilty themselves, because they didn't localise this good game and so suffered in bad sales, I've tryed it with english patch and it's one of the best in the series, spooky and good graphics..try it..)

captain rainbow - to bad, I wanted to try it... :/ but can't play in japanese..

wanted to try Zangeki too..but, maybe they will localise someday...

Theyellowflash302671d ago

Yeah I agree with everything you said Venox. But I am praying that Nintendo releases Xenoblade and The Last Story here in America because I really want to play both of those games.

Venox20082671d ago

maybe you will play, someday, yellowflash.. I don't think Nintendo will release zengeki, because it has bad ratings and sales, I think we will se Xenoblade and Last story.. :)

p.s. if you didn't know Captain rainbow translating in development..and giftpia for gamecube from the same team..

Mahr2671d ago

Nintendo is hard a company to love, sometimes.