GameZone - Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles Review

Naruto ninja's his way back to the Wii in an all new action adventure game. Will this game turn people into aspiring ninjas, or exile its fans from the Hidden Leaf Village?

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user8586212762d ago

more wii crap?... get in line

TheSanchezDavid2762d ago

I'll never touch this, that's for sure. =P

DemonStration2760d ago

The other Naruto games get by because they look amazing. On the Wii? Not so much.

RogueCheddar2760d ago

so.. many.. naruto games..

RedDead2759d ago

Yet no one can seem to make one as good as the anime, if someone could make one and stay true to the combat in the anime/manga, it would be loved.