New details revealed for Mass Effect 2 on Playstation 3

New details for the Playstation 3 port of Mass Effect 2 have been revealed in the latest issue of OPM.

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Blacktric2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Agreed. But I didn't understand this part;

"Nearly $100 of additional content, all 3 major expansion packs and over a doze on smaller Pieces of DLC altogether adds up to approximately 20 hours of additional gameplay."

All of the DLC couldn't add 20 hours of gameplay in my opinion. Maybe 10-15 at most. And I don't think that all of them nowhere near costs 100 dollars. Not even near. All of the DLC's costs around 30 dollars. If they count Cerberus Network Access too, then it'll be 45 dollars. How did they reach near 100 dollars? Anyway, can't wait for it. Day 1.

lastdual2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

This DLC is normally priced at over $2,547.

But if you call now, it can be yours for only $19.95!

But wait, there's more...

beavis4play2792d ago

lastdual - i bubbled you for the funny!

Brewski0072791d ago

I too bubbled thee.
You reminded me of "The price is right!" ha.

seriously though, this is looking good. Never played the first 1 though so i dunno if i'll be completely lost in this one or not.

JsonHenry2792d ago

You Playstation only guys are in for a real treat. This was a FANTASTIC game.

kissmeimgreek2791d ago

im interested to see how the interactive comic thing in place of ME 1 works out. I feel like youd be really lost in ME 2 unless Bioware does a really good and deep experience with it :(

ksense2792d ago

” Oftentimes when you got to the PS3 you see stuff like down-resing and using a smaller than 720p resolution to try and get back some of the frame rate. We haven't done that says producer Jesse Houston, we really wanted to try to make it as good, if not better than the Xbox version."

NecrumSlavery2792d ago

Good to hear we are not an after-thought.

TekoIie2792d ago

***Everyone looks in Activisions general direction***

Rage_S902792d ago

that made me lol give the man some well well deserved bubbles

Marceles2792d ago

*Activision shrugs, goes back to swim in money*

raztad2792d ago

Considering they are using UE3, I need to see the game running before getting any hyped.

It is this or Dead Space for january. EA got $60 of mine locked.

StanRaimondi2792d ago

Agreed! I'm just hoping i'll have enough money to get them both. I was in the beta for dead space imo it was good but if the single player is anything like the first one then i know i'll love it

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Probably in December we will see video gameplays, trailers and everything.

Because January is not to far.

pork_chop_express2792d ago

LBP2 in jan as well, busy month.

DigitalAnalog2792d ago

Since Batman: AA is the best UE3 usage on both platforms I've seen to date.

-End of line

Masterchef20072792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

i will be getting dead space 2 collectors edition for sure. No worries about mass effect cause my bro will probably pick it up

@pork chop express
Jeez sony why do you have to release so many good games next year i am probably going to go broke

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Bass_fisherman2792d ago

So glad to hear that´s actually a concern.

Jeff2572792d ago

I just bought this for my PC seeing as I also just started playing through the 1st one. But I may still buy the game for my PS3 as well. Im really interested in seeing how the comic is done to tell the first game and allow you to make the choices that will affect the second game.

Bass_fisherman2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"The PS3 version will also feature 3 years worth of engine updates and every patch release for the game." - wow impressed, the first ps3 port (a dam good port i hope) to do something like that.

Software_Lover2792d ago

That should be like a big "duh" though right?

Bass_fisherman2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

3 years worth of updates is not a common thing specially coming from a multiplat.

Nihilism2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"The PS3 version will also feature 3 years worth of engine updates"

What the hell does that even mean...I assume they are saying that ME2 has an updated engine, but that is true for all platfoms :S.


You mean the PC version?

6th post down brua


90% of the ME2 content was FREE the few paid DLC added up to about $30.


I'd be suprised if you couldn't play it on a pad on PC. ME1 is hard to replay though, god damn planet exploration >(

Baka-akaB2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

No you can't use the pad on the pc version ... unless you rely on stuff like xpadder or joy2key .

Still it's not as good imo with those programs , can be even a pain to setup , and the interface was obviously modified for pc anyway .

It's not a big deal , i just prefer it that way for Mass effect . As an added bonus i'll be able to play the dlcs (never bought those on the 360 and pc versions , and screw piracy) . It will just be the third time i buy the game :p

AKS2792d ago

Why in the world would anyone want to play the PC version with a gamepad, though? Mass Effect 2 was terrific with kb/m, especially if you have a sniping Infiltrator character.

Baka-akaB2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

wich part of "personal preference" , and "it's not really some hardcore fps "with needed aiming skills , didnt get through ?

Between playing mass effect 2 with the pc hooked to the plasma , with the pad in hands while comfortable in my sofa , and sitting on the desk in front of the lcd screen on the kb/m , my choice would have been easy

Mass effect was always a console game , and developped as such . It plays more than well on pc , but the kb/m combo is hardly an advantage and needed there .

It was kinda lame of bioware to remove the option from the pc game .

AKS2792d ago

Sitting on my sofa with my PC hooked up to my home theater and plasma TV with a wireless kb/m and vastly superior controls for this type of game was an easy choice for me. I've played both Mass Effect games on PC and 360. No way would I pick a gamepad over kb/m gor these games. I'm stunned that anyone who has tried both would.

Gohadouken2792d ago

Plenty users complained about that . And it seems to me that you are nitpicking here for the heck of it .

It is more than often unlikely that you'd be relaxedly installed in a sofa and laid back , with a keyboard and mouse on your lap , or on some table . At least certainly not as much as compared with a pad .

There is nothing to be stunned about his prefs , the forum had plenty people baffled Bioware took the feature out at the last minute when it was there . Some even speculated it was some silly ploy to prevents a few unscrupulous PC+360 owners , from simply pirating the game on PC instead of purchasing the 360 version .

AKS2792d ago

I'm nitpicking? He was complaining about lack of mouse support and I was the one stating it wasn't needed. Congratulations on making ZERO sense with the nitpicking comment.

What is it about playing with a wireless kb/m from my couch that just blows people's minds? It's impossible! Remedy said so; that's why Alan Wake was cancelled! LOL. Get a just above waist high tray, put the kb/m on top of it, and relax while resting your arms on the tray. It's really not that complicated of a concept, at least if you have an IQ of 75 or above.

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