Game Podunk - Ten Things We Want To See in 2011 for Gaming

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "We all have our gaming wishes and dreams. You're all probably at some level wondering just what will come our way in 2011. I'm no exception, and I've decided to construct this blog. These are my choices for a perfect gaming 2011, set out in a lovely ten part form for your reading pleasure..."

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VersusEM2643d ago

I feel it is still a little too early for a new Sony or Microsoft console. But I have to admit Versus XIII is high on my list, Man I want that game so bad!

Immortal3212642d ago

1. the core gaming audience matures.
2. the casual gaming audience becomes hardcore.
3. more blockbuster games.
4. less cod, halo, and any other bland shooters.
5. more story telling.
6. less swear words.
7. more positive growth in the gaming industry.
8. less money hungry producers.
9. better presentation in games.
*10. New franchises are born!

tdogchristy902643d ago

yeah I really am hoping to get a little more out of my consoles. If they could finish up assassins creed main story with ac3 on the 360/ps3 in 2012, id be happy.

firefoxprime2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Haven't even read the article "yet" but will in a couple of min. All I need is my 3DSPSP2 Duo, with awesome games, and I'll probably finally pick up the PS3 after working out my PS2 slim(got it in 2005. go figure.) Rake in all the PS3 games I haven't played yet, and buy the majority of them used at gamestop, at wayyy better deals than what ppl bought them for at full $59.99 price tag. Versus XIII is a must! Definetly gonna sink my teeth in spiderman web of shadows. forget shattered dimensions...(I have both spiderman 1&2 for n64/ps1, and I still perfer spiderman 2 for my ps2) Sandbox all the way!

2011: 1. 3DS 2. PSP2 3. PS3+ Awesome Discount games

Nihilism2642d ago

2011 hasn't even begun and it's already the best year of gaming for me in a very very long time. New I.P's awesome sequels.

TBH 2010 was a disappointment. I had a big list of games at the start of the year but as the hype machine's layers peeled away a lot of 'OMFG!!!' games were average, AVP3, BFBC2...etc etc

Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age 2, Rage, The Witcher 2, Brink, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Deus Ex:HR, Heroes of Might and Magic VI. BAM!

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The story is too old to be commented.