10 Games We Wish Used Kinect

Ripten: Microsoft’s Kinect looks to take gaming in a bold new direction by making you the controller. However, other than a few “family friendly” launch titles, Kinect currently doesn’t have much to offer us hardcore gamers. We’re not quite sold on it yet, but if these next 10 games were compatible with Kinect, we’d go out and buy it TODAY.

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seraphcaeli2646d ago

Rock Band!! Air Guitahhhhhh!!!

/epic solo

Hitman07692646d ago

ahhhhhh, kinect kinect. If Elder scrolls supported it then i'm in, otherwise call me when i should care about kinect......

whateva2646d ago

I have kinect & it don't seem to be able to track the angles of your punches in a way that would be good for a hardcore fighting game.

it can track where you punch but not how you punch.

CrzyFooL2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Hell yes.

Also glad I'm not the only person who thinks Dragonball + Kinect = win.


Killed4Less2646d ago

that is software. i expect you will see much improved fighting on the kinect. should be really good and you wont have to look like a dunce punching and kicking to the sides or end up having to hold something if you want to have actual depth.

vicious69832646d ago

If Kinect worked well with these games, I'd buy it. Prove it to me M$oft.

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