What’s Next for Wolverine?

TLR's Comic Book expert Cmack writes "The Wolverine Game garnered lots of fans and approval alike, with many people dubbing it possibly the greatest movie tie-in title of all time. Since Logan always comes back, let’s think about what could be added in a deeper cut into this series."

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Quagmire2790d ago

i loved the wolverine game, hopefully there's a squeal.

NecrumSlavery2790d ago

I hope instead of making a mediocre movie game, they let the devs make something original like the game was suppose to be. let it be Arkham worthy.

Quagmire2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Have you even played X-Men Origins Wolverine?? I dont mean played the demo, I dont mean played for an hour, and I dont mean look up reviews and says it fails, I mean played and completed the game. I finished the game, and it was an EXHILIRATING experience, rivalling that of GOW in terms of gameplay. Graphically, techinically, storyline and aesthetically it wasnt as good, but the core gameplay was EPIC!