Best deal of Black Friday 2010 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit $35! (Valid thru Monday)

This is a Editor's Choice game of the year. It's was just released on 11/16/2010. So to pick this game up now for such a low price it is truly awesome! *edit* This deal is valid thru Monday - Don't miss out.


The price is at $40 right now. I will update whatever price fluctuation occurs. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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deadreckoning6662643d ago

Nope, the best deal WAS on Amazon when they were selling it for $30 :)

goukijones2643d ago

Yea I agree, but this deal you can get at anytime. That was only for like 30 mins and it was gone.

MysticStrummer2641d ago

That is a great deal, but there's no way in hell this is Game of the Year.