No Dedicated Servers for Black Ops Multiplayer = Ridiculous

Paul writes, "Picture this; you're in a match where you or your team is decimating the competition. Bullets are flying and bodies are dropping, but somehow you remain standing and rack up more points than any others. Suddenly the game ends prematurely and upon checking your recent replays you realize all record of this encounter has been erased permanently. How many times has this happened to you?"

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TheLastGuardian2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yea, it really pisses me off when that happens. I also get stuck on loading screens from time to time so I have to quit and restart the game.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2615d ago

You knew this before you bought the game so it's too late cry about it now...just suck it up and take it in the ass like a man.

COD is DOA. Never again.

FAGOL2615d ago

@Longrod what are you talking about? no one knew that black ops is going to have them problems. MW2 although a bad unbalanced game had a good host migration system at least. host migration in black ops fail 90% of the time.


sorry to hear thats happening to you ,but I've been playing it on xboxlive since the day after launch and haven't had any such issues on it. And I play atleast 3 to 6 hours every day! Same with bad company 2 , medal of honor and halo reach , no complaints here at all. So really I could care less for dedicated servers !! And if these other games have dedicated servers I can't tell the difference,they work the same to me. ( NICE AND SMOOTH )I heard gran turismo 5 has lots of online issues can anyone tell me if its true before I get it on sunday.

goflyakite2615d ago

It's just sad that games that don't sell half as many (or less) copies have DS but the highest selling game(s) don't?

Sad Activision, just sad.

BulletToothtony2614d ago

The one and biggest flaw which ruins any game to its core is this:

The shots detection, i have seen hundreds of my killcams where even thou I know that I was aiming right at the person and my aim was "showing" that I was hitting it but then on the replay I didn't hit him at all.

This is very obvious as well when u see the Final kill cam and u see the person stil be able to shoot like 6 to 9 bullets after the person has been killed. This is BS and a shooting game should neve gave been released with this huge flaw.

I switched back to cod4 and my mouth dropped to see how good my shots registered. Sorry treyarch but this is the first and last time I buy one of your games.

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Dave13512615d ago

If i get one more "connection interrupted" im gonna f'in break this game

TheLastGuardian2615d ago

You might as well sell it now because It's bound to happen many times.

solar2615d ago

i actually gave BLOPS a chance on PC because it had dedicated servers. my old clan bought a server so i bought it, even tho im not really a fan of the series. and, im still not a fan of the series but it is fun playing with them. id much rather play a team based FPS with better gun play.

GameGambits2615d ago

We are about to hit 2011, and game developers who are lazy/mediocre talent that get over hyped are getting away with millions of sales because consumers are 100% idiots.

Halo: Reach, Gears 2, and Call of Duty can't afford dedicated servers on consoles? We all know that's bull crap. I'm pretty sure Reach is using the same crap netcode since the Xbox 1 days, and match making in that game is slower than a dead snail. Game runs 30FPS in Reach as well, and compared to Call of Duty it's like watching a slide show.

Dedi servers need to become the required for multiplayer 2011 and forward if you want me to consider you as a compotent developer.

goflyakite2615d ago

"Dedi servers need to become the required for multiplayer 2011 and forward if you want me to consider you as a compotent developer."

One can hope..

ILiveUnderABridge2614d ago

Black Ops sucks...

screw COD games

mastiffchild2614d ago

In a world(gaming and shooters esp)where the market leading product doesn't use the most effective and player/game orientated method of online play/matchmaking/hosting games but way smaller and less financially robust franchises/games DO manage to go with dedicateds over P2P outdated BS something is badly, sickeningly wrong.

We had our chance to stand up and ask for proper servers all round when IW/Acti did the unthinkable and took the PC P2P with MW2-but what happened? Console fanboys laughed, said PC gamers deserved it for piracy and getting their games cheaper anyway!!! We should have stood shoulder to shoulder and asked why, if Warhawk, Killzone2 and R2 can have dedicated servers and a fraction of the lag MW2/MW1/WaW or BO does on consoles why do cti get away with charging MORE for their product which is inferior in this basic respect and have them justify it by repeating the word "premium" like a mantra hoping we all get fooled again. And we did so it's lag fest P2P BS, undertested crap and glitches online from the world's biggest shooter franchise yet again.

Warhawk is now an OLD PSN game but going back to it after a COD session on PS3 shows just what COD only gamers are missing-the performance gap is VERY big and there are fewer issues because of the dedicated servers. I like COD but don't buy them for myself any more as they haven't brought proper servers AND to me the series is just a further watering down of the COD4 formula every year so why not just play that? It's still the best AND the best balanced current gen COD in my eyes and the one most care was taken over-which shows.

What we get is less and less spent on dev and more and more on marketing so them giving easily affordable, game enhancing(VASTLY) dedicated servers us not gonna happen-the irony being that Acti would garner more good PR by giving consoles dedi's than all their marketing dollars put together! It's almost like they don't wan't us playing the games how the devs imagined them in their minds and certainly don't want to give us the best game possible even if it's the most obvious choice in gaming today to do so. It's a sick, tired joke chock full of Kotick greed and corner cutting.

Seriously, though:Warhawk=dedicated servers and COD4 onwards= P2P-how?Why?Why do we allow it?

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Hayabusaman2615d ago

It is the most frustrating thing the worst part being all that dam money those greedy sob's got for these titles over the years and they still cheap out on the most important part Grrr

NoBias2615d ago

It seriously pi$$es me off. I wish there was a GOOD gaming series on G4 that actually talked about issues like these in the gaming industry and put these companies on blast.

Kind of like ESPN's PTI or Around The Horn except for gamers.

jeeves862615d ago

If the demand for something is there, then sure enough something will crop up. Sooner or later. Hopefully.

Hitman07692615d ago

This is one serious game from my angle, mediocre series but a strong entry, and not having dedicated servers is... well... ridiculous...

meiamsome2615d ago

The funny thing is a lot of people think it DOES have dedicated servers, they really don't even know what that means.

wicko2615d ago

Well, PC does.. which is probably what most people are refering to. But I see no reason to expect Activision to use it for consoles considering it has done far too well without it anyway. Activision are cheap bastards, they aren't going to give when they don't need to.

soundslike2615d ago

just like lagswitching...


I don't what it is but ur doin it!

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