5 Achievement hunting tips from the man with the world's highest Gamerscore

If you're serious about your Gamerscore, then you'll definitely be interested in these 5 priceless Achievement hunting tips direct from Stallion83 (aka Raymond Cox). He's the man with the world's highest Gamerscore.

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BulletProofVess2672d ago

Get a Life.
cause no one cares about your gamerscore

ESP when it's full of bargainbin games

TheLastGuardian2672d ago

I like getting as many trophies as I can but It's not worth it to play bad games for them. I have yet to buy a game just for trophies. I have 12 platinums and they're all from good games.

xxxprettiboyxxx2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Yeah but the article is about playing pretty much anything just to boost your score

So I agree with bulletproof that once it becomes a worthless number once your play any crap just to get easy points

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Red_Orange_Juice2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

When I got PS3 i loved platinums, bought Alone in the Dark, hated it from the start, but i platinumed it, now I;m not into platinuming everything just best games AitD hurts mu eyes on trophy list, that's the game I played just for trophies, I whored it umm sad me.

I wonder how much time he spends on his favourite games :)

Lightsaber2671d ago

I only play games I like .......or I think I will like. I had a few games that I got that ended up sucking I'm sure we all have

Blaine2671d ago

Yeah... I'm pretty embarrassed that I platted Terminator Salvation!

But hey, at least the few other people on my friends list who even have a platinum all did it too, so we can share in the embarrassment and laughter together.

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R2D22672d ago

@BULLETVESS - The fact that you clicked on the article and commented before it was approved shows that you care.

Silly troll.

Blacktric2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

"Like having the most gamerscore in the world makes you an achievement earning enthusiast or something. Nobody cares about your phoney tips. I mean look at this;

"Get the ball rolling and play these games: Avatar: The Burning Earth, Backyard Football '10, NBA2k6, NHL2k6, College Hoops 2k6, MLB2k6, Surf's Up, Truth or Lies, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. That should be 8,000 quick points in a day. Even for the busiest of gamers, a weekend is doable. A great way to get a jump start."

The guy gives these tips to the people who wants to be like him it seems. People who think bigger gamer score = bigger virtual penis. Not for the people who wants to earn achievements a bit easier.

FACTUAL evidence2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Ok let's sum up what stallion said. Basically play any shitty game with easy achievements, and voila! You are the best gamer in the "world". I bet 90% of his games were horrid.

Dsnyder2671d ago

Ill bet that guy isnt nearly as handsome as his gamercard pic implies.

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sak5002671d ago

As if the trolls on n4g have lives. At least this guy is doing something worthwhile not living on n4g trolling.

lodossrage2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

How is playing video games almost every minute of the day or playing every dang game ever even if it's bad "worthwhile"?

Video games are meant to be leisure entertainment. Not a 24/7 life consuming event.

And dude, take your own advice on the trolling issue.

bananlol2671d ago

"Worthwile" is completely subjective. If i thought staring at my chair all day was fun that would be worthwile to me.

lodossrage2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

"Worthwhile" is subject

But if it IS worthwhile, you should be able to explain WHY it's worthwhile. Which sak500 obviously is incapable of doing.

Just look at his comment. He clearly feels "trolling" isn't worthwhile yet he does it on a daily basis.

MidnytRain2671d ago

I agree with lodossrage. Playing games you'd normally have no interest in for the sake of boosting a number next to your GamerTag/ID isn't what most people would call "worthwile".

CaptainMarvelQ82671d ago

"Worth while" you say??
i don't think there is ANY benefit of having a high achievement/trophy count other than bragging rights

Baka-akaB2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

i dont see the superior value of playing Hanna montana for trophies/achievements .

Even as a game , it still doesnt even beat trolling on n4g

Anyway , "When you're playing Kiss on My Deity, you know you're only in it for the Achievements" .

Except for those who you know understand the story , and play those games actually for their possible qualities , not some silly score .

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ASSASSYN 36o2671d ago

It is no where near that serious.


so his e-peen is bigger than mine?
that's not something to be proud of...

ANoobsJourney2671d ago

If you enjoy playing video games just like the rest of us then go for it!

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