PS2: The Best Console Ever Made

Dealspwn: '...this isn’t about favourite consoles, it’s not even particularly about progenitors. Of course the PS2 wouldn’t exist without the PS1. Of course the SNES is an amazing console that proved for much of the current critical crop to be a defining item in their childhood. Of course the Dreamcast was ahead of its time and we should mourn SEGA’s disappearance from the console battlefield. But this week saw the PS2’s tenth birthday and it’s about time we all gave it a tip of the cap and proclaimed it to be the greatest console ever made.'

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Blaster_Master2760d ago

Cant wait to play all the ps2 games I love in HD and possibly in holographic 3-D. Summoner ftw!

ThanatosDMC2760d ago

Summoner was awesome! Though i hated finding where im suppose to go.

Sunny_D2760d ago

Can't disagree with that. PS2 is the GREATEST console ever with the most games ever! I enjoyed many, many hours on the system. Nothing could ever beat it.

Rage_S902760d ago

im with you brotha it was the perfect blend of eastern and western games and boy were there loads of games....

RememberThe3572760d ago

I said this like a year ago and people kept disagreeing with me. But there was something special about the PS2. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing, but I really feel like I had some of the best times gaming on that console.

Thats not to say that other consoles haven't stacked up, but I just have a special place for my PS2.

tplarkin72760d ago

Atari 2600, PS1, Dreamcast and Xbox 1 were the best consoles ever made. PS2 thrived on the brand name which is why Sony is in third place now.

leonlion2760d ago

xbox 1 had the worst controller ever conceived

dreamcast was all hype and no substance

ps1 was awesome and so was 2600

ThatArtGuy2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Atari 5200 was the worst controller ever made. Analog stick didn't center, and then it would literally break after 5 minutes of play. Xbox's controller was just too freakin' huge.

Lord Kesselroy2760d ago


I am an xbot, for the most part, and even I will agree that the Original XBOX controller was a joke! The 360 controller is perfection, but the original was horrible.

The PS3 controller now seems all girly and effeminate for tiny hands of kids and chicks. And the mushy fake triggers are like someone at Sony forget to do their homework assignment for the task and just pushed the design out the door hoping to get a C- or something.

I sincerely hope that Sony includes men in the next controller testing and acceptance team. The metro-sexual PS3 controller needs to go and be replaced in the PS4. Hopefully Fisher-Price will not win the contract for the PS4 controller design this time.

cpt_kaos2760d ago

Still got a 2600 working and a PS1 but Xbox 1 LOL noway not when Microsoft started shipping out new power cords to all owners because of dodgy power leads.

Still have an original fat PS2 hooked up and working.

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BYE2760d ago

PS2 has a great software selection, but wait until the end of next year, PS3 comes close.

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Braxens2760d ago

PS2 was my college days console. I was fortunate enough to only go through 1 unit, loved that console to bits. Before I bought a memory card I'd keep it on for days on end playing a game lol. Those were the good days, I didn't even know about the xbox cos we didn't have them officially in my country till 360.
Burnout 3 Takedown and GTA San Andreas were my favourite games...:( I miss you Sasha!

TheBand1t2760d ago

See video below for proper response.

FuzzyPixels2760d ago

Don't get wrong. The N64 was and still is my favourite console of all time. The SNES, in its heyday, produced some masterful games and a legacy that Nintendo has constantly struggled to better (and too obviously replicate). But the PS2 revolutionised home entertainment with the three simple things that I mention in the article:
- It let you watch films and helped usher in a new home cinematic medium
- It let you play all of your old games if you already owned a PS1
- It had something for every genre fan, young and old, and (dare I say it) hardcore and casual.

2000+ games, 147 million units and a decade long lifespan that's still going to this day is a testament to Sony's commitment, industry support and its massive popularity.

PoorMansGT2760d ago

n64 is not even Nintendo's best console.

jony_dols2760d ago

The 64 had a few great games.

But the PS2 had an amazing (and huge) library of triple A titles.

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QuantumSponge2760d ago

The PS1 is greater than the PS2.

chidori soukou2760d ago

I can't agree more, the PS1 is the best console. I still own mine...

QuantumSponge2760d ago

To all those disagreeing: think about it. The PS1 gave us Cloud Strife, Solid Snake and Alucard. The PS2 gave us... Raiden and Tidus.

Yes, the PS2 era was enjoyable, but there were some massive disappointments as well.

Tony-A2760d ago


you're forgetting what else the PS2 gave us. San Andreas.

I will agree, though. PS1 brought the birth of many heroes we still adore and admire even today.

SkyCrawler2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Don't forget PS2 gave us Kratos lol

despair2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I'm not sure either but considering I could play all my PSone games on my PS2 I'm gonna say PS2 is king :)

Oh and Kingdom Hearts made Disney and Final Fantasy more badass than ever(epic Sephiroth fight). So another one for PS2.

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FuzzyPixels2760d ago

Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is that backwards compatibility meant that you never had to choose. The PS2 wins out because it incorporates the PS1, and then adds a whole bunch of stuff on top. It spans three generations thanks to BC and incredible longevity. No, it wouldn't exist without the PS1, but Sony's commitment to backwards compatibility with the PS2 means that every positive title you associate with the PS1 can be applied to the PS2.

2760d ago
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