G4TV: Epic Mickey Review

Disney Epic Mickey is the rare ambitious game that manages to hit all of its declared targets. Disney fans (particularly those who love Disneyland) absolutely must play this game. Platformer fans (particularly those who love N64 platformers) absolutely must play this game. If you love meaningful player choice, freeform gameplay, piles of quests to complete, inventive level design, and an ending that can break or warm your heart depending on your decisions, you are Disney Epic Mickey’s target audience. It is relentlessly imaginative, surprisingly thoughtful and strikingly fresh. It takes Mickey Mouse and uses him to do something most modern audiences didn’t think he could: surprise us.

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NecrumSlavery2791d ago


Adam is going to be happy doing this review cause this game made him feel like a happy kid whenever he talked about it.

Neckbear2791d ago

G4TV actually doing a pretty well-done review?

I personally disagree with the "perfect" score, as the game has flaws, but it's like they seriously understood what the game's charm was.

...I'm actually pretty surprised. Hell, MORE than surprised.

A Cupcake for Gabe2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

the 5 rating system is flawed. It's not perfect but its great. You only get 5 percentages this way. So there can never be a 90-99% It's either an 80/B or a 100/A+. It's kind of unfair. A great game with minor flaws will either luck out and gets its 5/5 or get screwed and only get an 80%. It's an imperfect system.

Not that scores should matter, but they do and they effect sales many times.

MidnytRain2791d ago

That's only if you think about it on a numeral grade scale. I remember watching X-Play before DirecTV dropped them; they said their scores are more like:
-it's worthless
-there are many better games to get
-ok if you're into this kinda thing
-fun! not King, but fun
-Wow, bro, come here and play this... like right now. What? Nah, you can reschedule, it's not like she'll marry someone else or something.

Kalowest2791d ago

I have to get this game:(

jukins2791d ago

i hated a little on this game when it was first announced but now i wish i had a wii to play this on.

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The story is too old to be commented.