Gran Turismo 5 Sets 1st Day Sales Record In Finland (Over 20K Sold Day 1)

Gran Turismo 5 got Platinium status (equals to 20k in Finland) just one day after it came to the stores, a record for Finland! Compared to big countries these are small numbers but this should show just how big this title may be in the whole of Europe.

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Prcko2944d ago

Impressive for small country!
Go go GT5!!!

pork_chop_express2944d ago

troll no 969 finally bubbled- into insignificance :)

darthdevidem012944d ago

Awesome sales.

Gaming media branded it as a disappointment and tried to sabotage GT franchise, they failed.

Now this kinda tells us how many more records it could be breaking in the small EU countries....ok Finland's 20K alone may not be "big"...but combine records broken in loads of smaller countries and the number gets huge. Then add in bigger European countries like UK, France, Germany and so on...and hopefully we get more than 1 - 2 Million!

Braxens2944d ago

Just like Halo? No right? Because Halo really is awful

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Prcko2944d ago

don't bother,he's a troll!

Shazz2944d ago

20k day 1 is big sales for such a small country and fact its a record proves that . hate on though

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The story is too old to be commented.