The Biggest Gaming Lies of 2007

GamerSquad has picked out a selection of the biggest deceptive statements of 2007 and listed them for your perusal. Liar, liar pants on fire, says the old adage… well, consider the backsides of the shortlisted guilty parties to be well and truly ablaze.

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Bloodmask4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

biggest Liar in video game history. 4D, 120 FPS on dual HDMI monitors, Killzone 2 CG was realtime, The launch PS3 games would not be possible on 360, Next gen gaming starts when Sony says it does, Bluray needed for gaming, Rumble is last gen, Rumble not possible on Sixaxis, PS3 price cut is really a clearance sale, PS3 is a supercomputer, PSP is outselling DS, Toy Story quality visuals out of the PS2.

Remember you must work more hours to get PS3.

hendyman4116d ago

Oh crap and I thought it wasn't in 2007 but in 2005 .. but u're right .. KZ2 E3 2005 trailer was shown this year as well as 4D and 120fps was announced just last month .. PS3 isn;t a supercomputer (today) but lot of PS3s ARE a supercomputer :-) So read that god damn topic first and then leave here your load of crap,that has something to do with that topic ..

WilliamRLBaker4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Firstly sony never promised toy story like graphics, They ALLUDED to toy story like graphics, Microsoft is the company that came out and directly said that and guess what....
THEY PULLED IT OFF quiet a FEW games looked just as good if not better then toystory the original movie, Chronicles of riddick being one of them.

Sadly the ps2 never did pull that move off...
P.S: this is 2007, not 2005 when most of those lies we're told.

Lex Luthor4116d ago

But don't forget, the Ps3 will teach you disipline.

WilliamRLBaker4116d ago

sell your children into slavery to afford it *play on the get a 2nd job quote*

Hatchetforce4116d ago

Why is it people with no sense of reality always err and do not realize that Microsoft is the company that made the statement about Toy Story graphics at GDC. They even have the transcript at

Amp4116d ago

Your hatred of Sony is well documented.Thats what makes this country great, freedom of individual choice. This certainly wont change your mind, but it may help somebody you care about one day

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timmyrulz4116d ago

The fanboys follow like lemmings.... heres another, Sony will have good games by the end of 2007....

Master of Menace4116d ago

The biggest lie of all. Xbox 360 is problem free. Translates to Xbox 360 is the biggest piece of #@$% ever made. Or the PS3 is broken. Translates to PS3 is problem free. How about the most original game ever made is Halo 3. Now there's a stinker.

Bloodmask4116d ago

I agree that Microsoft wasn't up front with the hardware issues. But you are avoiding the issues at hand which are the virtual landslide of lies told by the bigwigs at Sony.

Surely you must realize that all the things I listed above were all lies.

Master of Menace4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

The only thing I agree with in your top statement is PSP is outselling DS. That can be proven to be a lie. The rest is just pure conjecture. But what do I know, I'm just a poor fanboy trying to balance the huge amount of &#%$ on this website.

WilliamRLBaker4116d ago

your talking about, or mentioning an @someone..ect in the lines cause no one can tell if your replying to bloodmask or the article at hand, if your making an comment to the article at hand then your blind, they mention specifically the hardware issues of 360.

2nd wrong the rest bloodmask said was not conjecture.

Sony promised dual hdmi, and a ethernet hub, They promised 4d, 120 fps, and many many 1080p games, Which later they changed.
Regardless of announced design change they still promised it then didn't deliver later this is a fact.

4d Can be done by 360, HELL 4d can be done by the SNES, all 4d is time based graphics, You see them in football games where the ball is thrown by the quarterback and the relative time it takes for the ball to reach target and the receiver to proceed to the target area is....4d.

WafflesID4116d ago

well, the 4D graphics actually does seem like a reality with the PS3.

Whether or not it will be used is the real question. Sounds promising, but I can't imagine what kind of impact that would have on development time for artwork.

Bloodmask4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

And I do realize that all corporations lie. And no I am never stupid enough to believe them.

But even the most adament defender of the PS3 has to admit that Sony lies the most. Actually that is the only problem I have with them.

Because believe it or not there are people that believe the nonsense.

WafflesID4116d ago

I have absolutely no brand loyalty to either sony or MS or nintendo. I just happen to like my 360 more at the moment.

With that anti-fanboy disclaimer out of the way...

Of your 4 examples posted, the first one (Sony’s Piss Poor TGS 2007) was just lame and really had no point to it. Explain how that is NEWS and not just flame bait?

(Sony's plea) WAS posted a long time ago already. Not news.

(More PS3 hype to enrage gamers) This just oozes of flame bait. It's a blogger's personal opinion And he doesn't even provide any evidence to support his argument. Thats not news.

(Where Sony Went Wrong With the PS3) Doesn't follow N4G's rules. You need to use the same headline as the original website. Besides that, it's old news. Yeah it was written on 9-1-07 but the guy is ranting on issues that were issues a year ago. Not news, and certaintly we don't need to read about some blogger's personal rants about any system, whether thats the PS3, the 360 (and there have been TONS of these), or the wii.

My personal opinion is more favorable towards the 360 at the moment, and even still, your news comes across as fanboyish anti-PS3 propaganda.

WafflesID4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

and btw. So do your posts.

Seriously, who's mind are you trying to change? PS3 fans aren't going to change their minds based on this kind of news any more than 360 fans.

You can go on and on and on about some of the features promised before the ps3 launch and it won't matter. People will still buy and enjoy their PS3s. You can go on and on and on about the 360 failures, but in the end you still get people going through 10 of them because they love the games. And you can go on for hours about the wii's graphics and technology, but people are still going to have a hell of a time with MP3, RE4, Zelda and mario....

We don't need this kind of news anymore ... seriously.

Genki4116d ago

You know what, I'll bite that bullet just to prove a point. You win. Sony lies the most. Happy now? I didn't think so. Even if you could prove something so intangibly irrelevant, what does it matter? That's the way of the corporate thug, kiddo, where have you been?

"Because believe it or not there are people that believe the nonsense."

In the short time you've been on this site, you've spread more nonsense than anyone else. What room have you to talk? Cast stones much?

WafflesID4116d ago

Like I've said many times, I prefer my 360 AT THE MOMENT. But I'll even bite...which is worse, A few lies about PROPOSED features on the PS3, or the one MS made with the RROD. I was one of the biggest naysayers when it came to the extent of the RROD problem. "NAH it's not THAT big. You are full of it if you think 30% of 10 million people had their 360's fail" but ... Turns out that I was more than likely wrong. Problem really WAS that big. It was unprecedented in video gaming history.

If the 360 and the PS3 were released at the same time, and the PS3 had a library of games that was equal to that of the 360's, this problem would have absolutely ended the 360's existance. Nobody is going to go through 10 (much less THREE) if the games aren't worth the hassle. Of this I'm absolutely certain. MS dodged one of the biggest bullets imaginable.

In the end it's a good thing it all worked out, because I love me some Bioshock and Blue Dragon (and I'm sure I'll love Halo 3's single player. Can't stand the 12 year old trashtalker infested multiplayer though). Can't wait for MGS4 and FF.

Hatchetforce4116d ago

Are you just talking about consoles Bloodmask? Because if you want to look who has been fined the most for lying deceptive practices....

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