Epic old games which are still being played online

Gamersmint: Rarely do you see games still packing servers years and sometimes even a decade after its release. But here are some games which puts caffeine and drugs to shame. Be it their flawless recipes for madness or the nostalgia factor which keeps us coming back for more, these games just refuse to die and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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ArcFatalix2703d ago

quake 3 was awesome aimbots ruined the game lol

Ducky2703d ago

Does QuakeLive count?

soundslike2703d ago

by aimbots do you mean meth-heads with impossible reaction times?

JoySticksFTW2702d ago

That game was hard core (corpse runs = dying with consequences).

EQ was magical though. Among my best gaming experiences of all time

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SmokexFFx2703d ago

WoW is also an old game still being played by millions, granted the updates are what keep the people playing.

cyborg2703d ago

the list has mentioned

"Every Blizzard game since Diablo" and yes, WoW falls into that timeframe and hence is still being played. :D

N4GAddict2703d ago

Blizzard games are timeless

MAJ0R2703d ago

counter strike of course

PHOSADRA2703d ago


Yeah..Timeless until people run out of money XD

Ducky2703d ago

Then its time to sell a kidney.

After that you shouldn't run out of money...
... running with only one kidney is dangerous!

ForzaGT2703d ago

fifa 09 online on the psp

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The story is too old to be commented.