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Submitted by cyborg 1899d ago | article

Epic old games which are still being played online

Gamersmint: Rarely do you see games still packing servers years and sometimes even a decade after its release. But here are some games which puts caffeine and drugs to shame. Be it their flawless recipes for madness or the nostalgia factor which keeps us coming back for more, these games just refuse to die and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ArcFatalix  +   1899d ago
quake 3 was awesome aimbots ruined the game lol
Ducky  +   1899d ago
Does QuakeLive count?
DirtyLary  +   1899d ago
good article.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1898d ago
W00t! Some Age of Empires 2 love.
soundslike  +   1899d ago
by aimbots do you mean meth-heads with impossible reaction times?
JoySticksFTW  +   1898d ago
Sure happy to see EQ make the list
That game was hard core (corpse runs = dying with consequences).

EQ was magical though. Among my best gaming experiences of all time
SmokexFFx  +   1899d ago
WoW is also an old game still being played by millions, granted the updates are what keep the people playing.
cyborg  +   1899d ago
the list has mentioned

"Every Blizzard game since Diablo" and yes, WoW falls into that timeframe and hence is still being played. :D
N4GAddict  +   1899d ago
Blizzard games are timeless
MAJ0R  +   1899d ago
counter strike of course
PHOSADRA  +   1899d ago

Yeah..Timeless until people run out of money XD
Ducky  +   1899d ago
Then its time to sell a kidney.

After that you shouldn't run out of money...
... running with only one kidney is dangerous!
ForzaGT  +   1899d ago
fifa 09 online on the psp
JAMurida  +   1899d ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhh PSO...... Goodtimes...

I hope PSO 2 comes to PS3 so I can enjoy the goodtimes again.
pwneddemocrat  +   1899d ago
A lot of respect for the article stating CS 1.6 is Number 1.
that game was and still is a freaking beast.
best times playing those CS tournaments.
Kalowest  +   1899d ago
I have PSO for dreamcast, and COD2, really need to start playing those games again.
Zachmo182  +   1899d ago
Also Battlefield 2 if you update to the newest patch there are still a heck of a lot people playing.
soundslike  +   1899d ago

If you can actually sucessfully install the newest patch, there's actually a heck of a lot people playing

BF2's patch system was a nightmare. I don't remember the specifics, but I remember it flat out refusing to patch correctly despite doing exactly what was needed
Zachmo182  +   1898d ago
lol i actually had the same problem as you...I had to uninstall the game like 4 times just to get it right then when i finally get it right punkbuster was a freaking pain in the ass.
AstroZombie1  +   1899d ago
No mention of UT99 pfft....
JacobIsHollywood  +   1899d ago
I'd put UT04 above it. It improved everything from 99'.
Jacobite  +   1898d ago
I had a another go of UT2004 about a year ago and this game is still great fun. I was happy to find plenty of servers hosting , tons of downloads (Maps Skins and Mods).Might load this again after Christmas is over lol
Rage_S90  +   1899d ago
pc games and blizzard basicly sums this up
CrzyFooL  +   1899d ago
Counter Strike
Will never die.

Also: Call of Duty 2 is still best in series!!

JacobIsHollywood  +   1899d ago
Call of Duty 4 is still the best in series...

I said it.

Call of Duty 1 and 2 were both two of my favorite games...and probably still are. COD4 is...a God.

Edit: Nevermind. I forgot you guys were too awesome to like something newer. -_-
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jony_dols  +   1898d ago
That sniping portion in Pripyat is one of the greatest gaming moments this gen.

Damn MW2, what a jumbled letdown.
CrzyFooL  +   1898d ago
I'll admit i'd never heard or the Coriolis effect until I played that mission. lol.
NarooN  +   1898d ago
CoD2 > CoD4. CoD4 has tons of balance issues and explosive whoring, yet people still act like it's the greatest FPS ever. I know I'll get disagrees because CoD4 is Jesus apparently, but I don't really give a shit.
PoorMansGT  +   1898d ago
cod 1 is the best one.
The_Zeitgeist  +   1899d ago
Sweet, I just picked up the original Starcraft today on Amazon for 10 bucks. The entire battle chest. Gotta love black friday.
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1899d ago
deer hunter 2005 lol, counterstrike, and cod 2
Bass_fisherman  +   1898d ago
Sniper Elite! love that game.
And i hate campers LOL! well its a real sniper game what else?
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sonicsidewinder  +   1898d ago
COUNTER Terrorists win. :p
KotC  +   1898d ago
Delta Force stll gets played, DF had 62 player games back in 1999.
#17 (Edited 1898d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sonicsidewinder  +   1898d ago
Delta Force was so awesome back in the day. Think it was DF:Black Hawk Down i used to watch my mate play.

"RPG incomming!!"
NarooN  +   1898d ago
Killzone 1 Online (Nov 2004). A lot of haters of the game since they never even played it, but it had a damn good online component. Still a buncha people on today.
treeson47  +   1898d ago
how about vietcong, f.e.a.r. global operations
strongbad1441  +   1898d ago
Wolfenstein, the Crash Bandicoot series (only by Naughy Dog though), Pokemon Red/Blue and Monster Rancher 1 & 2 are the old games I play pretty regularly.
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Jacobite  +   1898d ago
You can still find people playing HL deathmatch ,TF classic and others I know I've played on steam lol long live Steam, great games with my crappy BB : (
NarooN  +   1897d ago
HL1 Deathmatch was fun at times.
Lord_Doggington  +   1898d ago
hehe where's heroes of might and magic 3?
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1898d ago
Steel battalion line of contact. That game lasted a good min after the main servers switched off.
hassi94  +   1898d ago
I still play Rise of Nations online with friends. What a game.
KeiKei  +   1898d ago
bullshit. right now Ut2004 has more players than UT3. i am still playing ut2004 because of the mechanics. UT3 took off dodge jump, and thats what made ut2004 such a great and unique game.

any pro player in ut2004 would say the same. as i am one of them.
Psychotica  +   1898d ago
I was playing Age of Empires 2 this past summer. Still fun...
Jaws007  +   1898d ago
Where's Metal Gear Online (MGO2)?
NarooN  +   1897d ago
It's not there because 1) It's not old (it came out in friggin' 2008) and it's not that great of a game, especially compared to MGO1. The only reason MGO1 isn't on that list is because Konami decided to be little bitches and take the server down. That game outclassed MGO2 in just about every way possible.

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