Peter Moore on EA Sports Future

After his first day on the job, Peter Moore sits down with the New York Times to announce EA Sports new initiatives. Moore looks to expand the sports division and intertwine their sports brands with their customers, he also announces a new sports based quiz game free for PC called Game Show.

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daveman34093d ago

i dont care about licensed ea sports products like footballs, he just needs to start making better sports games, he can start by making ps3 versions run at 60fps

The_Professor4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

that Playstation 3 development still isn't going smoothly because developers aren't as familiar with the hardware. Next year, both titles will have 60 frames, guaranteed.

Fighter4093d ago

That's an excuse for EA Sports to use. What's more confusing is FIFA 08's frame rate for the PS3 is (supposedly) 60fps, the same as the 360. Makes no sense.

The Madden 08 team are simply lazy or else they would've done the same as FIFA 08. IMO, FIFA 08 looks much better than FIFA 07 where as Madden 08 looks slightly better than its predecessor. I could be imagining it but maybe someone can agree with me or not.

THC CELL4093d ago

mate we will see 120 frames soon as the dev get the act together

EA can go Beep for all i care

mintrieri4093d ago

Getting into the infrastructure of football to service athletes, management and fans is a pretty great idea. I give him 4+ years to implement it. =)

I'd like to see some better art direction and lighting in Madden though. It still feels a bit flat and it doesn't really play to the drama of the game.

The_Professor4093d ago

If making Madden 08 for PS3 at 60 fps would have caused the title to get delayed, (like so many other PS3 ports) would you still feel that way? Keep in mind Madden's got to be at the store day and date for both platforms, or you risk hurting the user base further aka a timed exclusive).

Fighter4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Everyone was aware that Madden would be 30fps on the PS3 way before the game was released and it also had less sales because of that issue. I also like the way EA promoted Madden 08 by showing off the 360 version to the public, celebs and the entire media, that's clear bias right there. It was as if the PS3 version never existed.

BTW, if they delayed Madden 08 to fix the frame rate issue then I wouldn't mind and I'm sure other PS3 fans wouldn't mind, as long as the delay was only a few weeks rather than months. This issue was big news, it was talked about by everyone and it hurt EA's reputation big time.

NewScratch4093d ago

the quicker that happens the quicker we'll get some nfl football competition back in the game world.

when is the ea/nfl exclusive contract up?

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