ZTGD: Two Worlds XBox 360 Review

The guys at ZTGD review Reality Pump's first foray into the XBox 360 fantasy RPG world. Find out if it really is as bad as the message boards lead you to believe with their full review of Two Worlds.

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nasim4119d ago



dont trust this misleading review of ZTGD

Rowland4119d ago

you conveniently forgot:

Games Radar 7/10
Gamespot 7/10
Ripten 7/10

fjtorres4119d ago

Just a bit on the generous side.
I rented it today and after about 6 hours of non-stop gameplay I have to say the thing isn't as bad as its made out to be.
Yes, the framerate is substandard.
Yes, the voice acting can get pretty bad in parts, but it also gets pretty good in other parts.
And yes, the combat balance at the lowest levels is out of whack. But that is because there is no monster leveling like in Oblivion. So those that complained about leveled opponents: here's a game that does it the way you asked for.
On the other hand, if you're even a bit sneaky, you can figure out how to get the monsters and bandits to take each other out. And, no, you don't have to get past level 10 to gain the upper hand on the wildlife; at level 3 you can hold your own and by level 5 you can handle even grizzlies.
The game is desperately in need of patching and the character designs are mostly last-gen, but the game is decent enough.
A 7.5 is generous but a 7 would be appropriate.
A 4 is not deserved unless you're epileptic; the flicker just isn't *that* bad.

Rowland4119d ago

an adult comment amoung so many brainless teenage-style stroppy ones


devi8i4118d ago

I was interested in this game a while back as I am in need of a good RPG fix on my 360... I will pick it up as a rent now and see how it goes from there.... does the frame rate improve if you lower the resolution? The game box says 1080p is supported is that true as well?

DarkJedi4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

I've played the PC version and frankly wouldn't even give it a score. I love my RPG's but this is one dire, awful game.

The graphics are terrible, it looks like a game made in 2002, not 2007.
The sound and voice acting is laughable, like lip synching hasn't been around since HL2!
Gameplay itself is dull, repetetive, even turgid.
There is nothing I can actually think of to recommend this game to anyone.


speed4118d ago

I was really caught off guard with the crappy graphics and voice acting. When you have Oblivion to hold as a standard and you play this sort of sad garbage the differences are night and day. Very disappointed.

reaperxciv4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

for 360 fans.

get on with your lives & GAME ON!