Xbox LIVE Black Friday One-Day Only Specials

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"Today is Black Friday and we’ve just rolled out some special one-day only sales with pretty big savings for all Xbox LIVE Members around the world. Not near your console but still want in on the deals? Don’t worry, purchase the items on using the below links and when you get back to your console your items will be in your download queue.

These prices are available today only. After that the normal pricing will return.

Here is the list of items on sale for today only:"

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SmokexFFx2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

The specials are absolutly insane. Some things are 80% off.

Does anyone know if there are achievements for Halo and San Andreas?

OliverKO2249d ago

No, they don't have Achievements, unfortunately. ;(

DirtyLary2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

sad when a silly number next to your name dictates playing a game or not.

Yi-Long2249d ago

... and just a heads-up, but the IloMilo trial is available.

I've played it, and it's absolutely great!!!

You need to go to the IloMilo website for a code to download the trial.

T9X692249d ago

I agree with Yi-Long, Trails HD is an amazing arcade game, and for a price that low, you would have to be stupid not to buy it lol.

antz11042248d ago

I just grabbed "Splosion Man after reading the article. Heard it was a great game and ONLY 160 MP?! SOLD!!

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deadreckoning6662249d ago

Anyone know why San Andreas, the most awesome PS2 game I've ever played, isn't on PSN?

zootang2249d ago

Personally not too sure but I too would like to know? Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater is my all time favourite PS2 game.

come_at_me_bro2249d ago

Because Microsoft has a service that allows you to download backwards compatible Xbox games and Sony doesn't offer PS2 downloads (yet). It isn't a remastered version of the game or anything, it's essentially treated like a rip of the game on your hard drive. I'm sure it'll be on PSN some day.

Omega Archetype2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Indeed! I picked up Portal:SA a couple days ago (when if first went on sale,) and I've been waiting on San Andreas to go on sale (so I just now started downloading it!)

$10 for two amazing games? I say hell yeah!

Also, managed to get that Age of Empire III deal (the one for $.10,) and I ordered Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for $10 a couple days ago on So in the past week, I've managed to get 4 full games for only $20.10. I also picked up Prince of Persia HD on PSN (and still have $10 in my PSN wallet that I'm not sure what to get with, though I'm leaning towards FFVII, VIII or IX for my PSP.)

Great time to buy some games!

marioPSUC2249d ago

Picked up Trials HD for 400MSP, definitely worth $5, and I picked up San Andreas for $5, you cannot beat those deals on xbl.

OliverKO2249d ago

Definitely not! ;)

PS. That avatar is awesome!

Xander7562249d ago

Probably gonna go ahead and pick up Mega Man 10.

polow got sol2249d ago

Count me in for turtles in time.

tompoulo2249d ago

I just bought Trials HD and Splosion Man!!!! 560 microsoft points for both... Great deal!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.