Stranglehold Reviewed by Gamespot

Score: 7/10

For as long as it lasts, Stranglehold delivers a satisfying, if somewhat derivative action game experience.

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djt234035d ago

wow i thought gamespot would rate it much higher

MK_Red4035d ago

Actually, I was expecting a bit lower from GameSpot considering they are not fan of Midway games (MK:Armageddon got 8.5 from IGN, 8.2 from GameInformer and average of 8.1 from others but GameSpot gave it 7!!)

The Dude4035d ago

Stranglehold a game that scored better than Lair. I picked up the game over the weekend, Stranglehold is a solid 8.

Excalibur4035d ago

Ya know it cracks me up when I read people (not you) saying this or that game is too repetitive. a game...any game that isn't the same type of game play from start to finish. Your character starts with the standard gun, armor, power-ups or whatever and you advance as you move through the game.
Along the way you kill, puzzle solve or whatever, again from start to finish.
Racing games are all racing just with different tracks, FPS's are all shooting just different locations, Puzzle games are just different puzzles and so on.

Havince4035d ago

its repetative and youdonly go thru it once

also i heard the multiplayer sucks ass, but it is Midway afterall. its a rental for me this