Rumours: New Wii Color, DS Price drop to be announced a Nintendo Meeting today?

There is a meeting on today for Nintendo and there are some rumours as to what may be showing. These rumours include release dates for Japanese version of Mario Galaxy among others, a new colour Wii, DS Lite Price drop (that will no doubt only affect Japan) and the possibility of a new game.

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unsunghero284123d ago

Because if it's pink I'm going to kill someone...

djt234123d ago

i want a black wii and if they drop the Price of the ds its going to be 89 - 100 dollars that will be pretty cool

sumfood4u4123d ago

how these system are giving back to the players!

Shaka2K64123d ago

Pls that is so so sad to see, a game system from 2007 that has games on the dvd format cant even play dvd movies beacuase nintendo is to cheap to even pay for Royalties and it wont make the billions of bones in profit they are making now.
Bunch of cheap bastards, nintendo sucks so much now i hate them with passion.

Rooftrellen4123d ago

I'm sure by now you have me ignored, but I just have this urge to say something when I see you post, something that just shows how bad it is that you say what you do, so here it is.

Not every company is in business to lose money. It seems Sony is the only company in the world that strives for that, though, eh?

ChickeyCantor4123d ago

Why do you want a nother DVD player in 2007?
you freaking moron

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The story is too old to be commented.