Infinity Ward on Call of Duty 4 and shaky relations with Sony

Next Generation got ahold of Infinity Ward president Grant Collier to talk about their upcoming release, Call of Duty 4. Some topics of discussion include an emphasis on fully fleshing out the multiplayer experience, the change of scenery from WWII to modern times, and the reworking of the flow of the game. But loyal CoD fans need not worry that the changes to the franchise have left the hardcore behind. Collier reassures that "for us it's all about opening doors and we're not taking anything away, we're just adding".

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Douchebaggery4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

the ps3fanboy title is really misleading and could start unnecessary a flame war

ignorance is not bliss

Maddens Raiders4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

"I would really like to have that level of relationship with Sony. We're really pushing for that and it's a personal goal of mine to get there but I think there's very few companies that have that level of relationship with Sony. After we come out with CoD4 I hope that we'll be one of them"

Finally, when asked whether he was worried about competition from other first-person shooters, Collier welcomes the challenge. He also notes that because of the November 5th release date, "on PS3 we're number one"
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Great news.

Bloodmask4117d ago

Microsoft is more supportive to 3rd party developers.

The only companies that I know Sony is close with are SquareEnix and Konami. Maybe it is a cultural difference...

Douchebaggery4117d ago

IMO the biggest and most important advantage x360 as over ps3 is 3rd party support (note that i don't pay for xbox live so it's not a plus for me personally)

LeonSKennedy4Life4117d ago

Third party support? You mean to tell me that Microsoft helps more 3rd party developers than Sony? Where have you guys been???

If anything, Sony stretched themselves too thin by financially supporting so many 3rd party developers that didn't even promise exclusives to the original Playstation and PS2. You see what happened to Crash and Spyro?

Douchebaggery4117d ago

you can't honestly tell me that the ps3 has more 3rd party exclusive

PimpHandHappy4117d ago

they have said both games run the same and look identical. Thats all that matters! If you think they wont work with Sony in the future ur truly lost.


flame starter

ok let me get this going

XBOX3FIXME is junk!


toughNAME4117d ago

IMO COD4 looks like sh*t...for both consoles!
they just keep pumping out new COD's every year, and i dont care who develops it

im disgusted that common suggestions for GOTY are Bioshock, Mass Effect and COD4

but thats jus my opinion

LeonSKennedy4Life4117d ago

Either this is sarcasm or you're completely and totally wasted.

No gamer in their right mind thinks COD4 looks like a bad game. Maybe you've played some super-amazing FPS that just blows COD out of the water...but those are few and far between, my friend. I'm pretty sure the only ones that even stack-up with COD are Half-life, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstein, and Counter-Strike.

GnaM4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Well, it depends on whether he means "COD4 looks like a sh*tty game" or just "COD4 looks like sh*t [visually]". Visually, I think it's pretty hard to deny that the game LOOKS good, but every game looks good these days, and what makes a good game (beyond the visuals) is very much a matter of preference.

I personally don't see any reason to be so negative about the game, but hey, at least he's flaming both the 360 and PS3 versions equally for once, and on this site, that's (sadly) something to be treasured. Any flaming not related to console or format bias is a breath of fresh air as far as I'm concerned, lmao.

joydestroy4117d ago

i agree. the beta alone is pretty bad-ass and i've never liked COD before.

THC CELL4116d ago

Call of duty is one of the best games i have seen in a long time

Tops halo 3 im My eyes.

This game even has clan features, and Mate i will get it on any console to enjoy.

toughNAME4116d ago

it looks great..without a doubt

just the whole COD gameplay
to me, the game always looks.. sloppy.
i played through 2 and 3 and enjoyed the campaign moslty becuase it follows history pretty damn close...and in COD2 and 3 i thought the multiplayer was just terrible.
now COD4 campaign is some made up story, in wherE? the most interesting place. the middle east!

possibly... a rent for me

i just think it is over rated....or maybe there smth im missing?

Adamalicious4116d ago

I really liked the multiplayer in CoD2. Bumping the plater cap from 8 to 16 might have been nice, but I thought it was really easy to pick up and play and had a nice variety of maps and game modes.

I didn't even bother with CoD3 as Infinity Ward didn't make it and reviews were generally not so great - looked like a step back from 2.

Anyway, I think CoD4 is looking HOTT. That's right, two Ts!

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Bathyj4117d ago

Flamebait title or what?
I read the whole interview yesterday and he basically said they have a smooth relationship with M$. They know a quite a few of the people and they all speak english and they wish it was like that at Sony. No big deal.

All I've ever heard from devs under the Sony umbrella is that they give them great support and nercturing (bad spelling) without ever trying to take over, allowing the devs creative freedom.

Beside, I'm pretty sure some guys at Sony speak English.

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