Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons, Perks, and Power Ups Guide

SegmentNext - "Detailed information on Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons, Perks and Power Ups and their effectiveness in game".

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Billy_Dee_Williams2700d ago

Is the game still a glitchy mess on PS3? I'm not buying this till they fix it.

scar202700d ago

Don't bother buying it all man shittiest game ever.

princejb1342699d ago

good game
just to many glitches
scar20 just mad cause hes now good at cheating in this game
is balanced out finally

SmokexFFx2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

The best tip is to always find/drink that cola that gives you more health, without it it's just ridiculous, two hits and your down.

"Jugger-Nog $2500
Remember the Juggernaut perk? which makes to damage resistance or in other words, it requires more bullets or hits to kill you. Same thing!"

Paradise Lost2700d ago

The best tip is to have a fucking mic and talk with your team, without proper communication the game will collapse very soon.

dkgshiz2699d ago

You need to have friends with you or expect to fail very quickly. I tried to play this online with a random group of people. It sucked. Everyone was just in a disorganized mess. Thats why I play this with my friends and nobody else.

VenomProject2699d ago

Hasn't there been like 8,000 zombie mode strategy articles already?

beavis4play2699d ago

problem is, too many people are confusing glitching with strategy. i'm getting more and more irritated trying to play online in a team. too many people are doing nothing but use glitches and it p1sses me off.
i wish there was a way for treyarch to put a stop to all the glitching so everyone would be playing honest.

beavis4play2699d ago

you glitchers can disagree if you choose - but it still doesn't make you a better player in a straight game.

i've played with glitchers -take that away and their "strategies" don't work.