Change log for PS3 1.92 released

The change log for this mornings release is now on Sony's website,
apparently the only new add on they are claiming now is added support for PS and PS2 software.

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FFVIIFan4093d ago

First it was reported to improve Warhawk times. Then it was PS3 compatability. Now PS1 and PS2 compatability. Can someone just nail it down once and for all. Whatever it is, it's an update, which means it is an improvement. So its all good I guess.

DJ4093d ago

And apparently motion sensing is a lot tighter. I'll have to turn it back on in warhawk to see the difference though.


Since when we can type directly on the boxes? I send like 10 e-mail on Sony to just fix that crap... If you are with a USB keyboard pluged, then the virtual one would never appear.

AllroundGamer4092d ago

is it so hard for Sony to write the exact PS2 games, that have been updated with every new firmware??? every time a have to check on the compatibility site and even then, there isn't any hint like ("new"), that would tell me this game was updated last time...

Iceman X4092d ago

People can read now!!!! Sony have had that Update list up there since the update, they NEVER said there was anything new with controllers, and they NEVER said anything about Flash wallpapers, and they NEVER said any of these stupid rumors people have been beleiving.I have Lair and Warhawk and nothing new they control the same as alwats. It's really amazing when Sony come out and tell you what's in the update and people still saying "Oh no, my Lair controls better!!!" It's all in your head guys!! lol

Of you want more proof read here, and please read the whole damm thing especailly the part about New to 1.92 section:

Shadow Flare4092d ago

imagine if some sites that reviewed Lair got the 1.92 update and bumped up Lair's score because it controlled better. When in fact its no different, it's all in their heads

"Yeah there is a difference you flies alot better since the update, it feels more accurate"....idiots

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