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Submitted by KingJFS 3082d ago | article

Comparing Exclusive Titles on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

Gaming Target's "Exclusive Arms Race" expands on its mission of comparing and contrasting the console exclusives on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii to also include the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Overall, the XBLA has nearly triple the number of exclusives as the PSN (61 to 22). The XBLA also has ten times the number of "AAA" exclusive downloadable games (20 to the PSN's 2).

Metascores for each title, a list of upcoming downloadable games for each service and a mini-update to the exclusive list for retail releases is also included. (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Loudninja  +   3082d ago
How stupid is this?
Tell em, how long the 360 been out?Thats is right lonegr than the PS3,of corse they will have more exclusive games on there arcade.This is really stupid, and AAA is in the eyes of the people not score.
KingJFS  +   3082d ago
But don't the people (i.e. the reviewers) create the score, which then creates the AAA status?

If the reviews don't matter, then what makes a AAA game?
jujunogo  +   3082d ago
how the hell can you compare both when the 360 is almost 2 years old and ps3 isnt even 1 yet this forum was set up for 360 owners to destroy the ps3 fanboy sh#t.....and i own both 360 and ps3 but this isnt even a fair comparison
SwiderMan  +   3082d ago
How's it not fair? It's fair! Here's why....
When Sony's Head marketing guy says "Whereas our competition takes a bunch of old content and catalogs content from previous generations and offers that in a download fashion, our development organization are making games specifically for PS3."

Okay, so Sony's making original PS3 games and slamming the competition for reissuing old games. But the graph at the bottom of the article clearly shows that that's a Sony lie. IMO, good article.
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HardKnockKid24  +   3082d ago
Why not compare?
The 360 has only been on the market 1 year longer than the PS3, yet people would make it seem that its been there for 5 years. the PS3 is almost 1 and the 360 is almost 2, i'd understand double the exclusives but triple mean people prefer releasing on the 360. and 20 to 2 good games on 360 versus PS3 shouldnt be explained by the PS3 is 1 and the 360 is 2. OMG hate PS3 Fanboys, OMG hate 360 Fanboys!!! You guys are like the retarded siblings that everyone hates and considers a burden but has to love at the same time because their family. Get a life
Mr Marbles  +   3081d ago
this is not stupid, the PS3 is supposed to be superior in everyway, you fanboys say it and Sony said it, now that it has been proven once again that that is a lie, you guys want to make excuses again. At launch the PS3 was supposed to blow the 360 away in every way, this is just one more way in which that has not and will not happen.
toughNAME  +   3082d ago
games better on the 360?

im shocked!

games are too expensive on LIVE...ive bought 3 since launch..Doom, mini golf, spyglass board games
ALMIGHTYPS3  +   3082d ago
PSN is still in its infancy and it is also FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
beast  +   3082d ago
Exclusive ?????????
Why are Xbox360 games consider Exclusive even though 80% of them are also on PC.

If thats the case than all PS2 exclusives which u can play on PS3 should also be consider exlusive. And since you can play them on ps3 should be added to its library as exclusive.

@3.1 Hello ...PS2 sony so it should be sony exclusive. So i am playing Bioshock on Vista on my VAIO. The list was 360 exclusive not MS. And lot of those games can be played on MAC anyway.
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BloodySinner  +   3082d ago
Hello? Remember something called Windows? It's a Microsoft product. So it's exclusive to Microsoft.
DrPirate  +   3082d ago
hey idiot face, I use Steam to play my games, not windows. Valve gets my money. PC gaming is Steam's territory now.
InMyOpinion  +   3082d ago
Console exclusive. I don't really mind if the game is on PC as well. As long as it's a good game I'm happy to be able to play it on my 360.
dhammalama  +   3081d ago
Yes but
can you get steam on LINUX?
BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   3082d ago
wow almost all of sony's PSN game were created by them while MS are from other companies interesting.
DrWan  +   3082d ago
Sony's exclusive will catch up because:
If that is indeed true, the future is actually brither for Sony, because now that the PS3 is out, and these mini game takes 9 months to 1 year to make, we should see a steady stream of these games coming on the PSN as well as the xbox 360. Unless MS starts to make more exclusive then it will definately fall behind as company go multiplatform, i am not just talking about online.

remember some Sony official said, "Nintendo rely too much on first party all they are doing is recycling old franchise like Mario, zelda, and such" "Microsoft on the other hand rely too much on third party", and "I think we {Sony} are just striking the right balance".

While a year later, i think this quote do not necessarily apply to Nintendo as much as it did before, it definately still holds true. The worldwide studios for Sony i think it's bigger than both MS and nintendo combine and now 3rd parties are making the switch in ports and exclusive (Haze) and Rockstar (un-annouce games), i think PS3 is pretty save to securing more than 33% of the market this generation. Currently has 17% ish. i think. Nintendo and Xbox currently holding about 41%

calling all car took 9 months to create i think.
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Douchebaggery  +   3082d ago
the ps3 is evil nobody wanna to touch it
BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   3082d ago
@4.1 if this is true then idk about the future for sony. i could understand if they had more 3rd party titles but they have 1 up coming. they dont have very much 3rd party support. itll change but who knows. the list is only for announced titles. so we have 2 wait and see.
DrWan  +   3082d ago
I whole heartedly agree with you. Sony does need more than MGS and FF13 support, which will sell at least 4-5 million units combined, thse two games, for sure. i think FF13 will break 2 million in Japan alone.

If sony is in the same place it was one year ago, i would be very concern, becuase no exclusives from 3rd party, but now one year later we are seeing tremendous improvement to the situation.

last xmas, i think the only exclusive was Resistance, and that is a 2nd party game, so pretty much, u can consider it 1st party.

But however, this xmas, we have Haze (ubi) and UT (epic), both exclusive to the PS3 this xmas (some maybe timed) coming to PS3. Things are looking up for the PS3, and of course Sony still have a good stream of the 1st parties coming in with Uncharted, Rachet, soon Heavenly Sword coming as well. This xmas is better than last year's xmas for Sony, and the 2008 xmas will be better than the 2007 xmas no doubt with the GTA IV, FF, MGS already out by then, 2008 with its pricing around 400 or less (predicting the price)< i dont see why PS2 owners won't be converting then.

The battle will truely take a turning tide then, this xmas, i see Sony and Xbox going head to head, neck to neck. I think in the US, xbox will be able to sell a few hundred more consoles, but everywhere else in the world would be dominated by Sony.

Obviously i am excluding Wii, this generation, Wii will be owned by most families. It will be Wii + one more HD console for most people. But however there will be some hardcore Wii fan with only Wii.
jackdoe  +   3082d ago
76% and higher are triple a? WTF? The two PS3 AAA titles are 80 and above. A lot of the AAA 360 titles are 76%! WTF? And I think that the Wii's VC beats all of them.
Husso  +   3082d ago
LOL more bs from those retards.

Their lists are pure BS.

their exclusives list is missing 20 PS3 exclusive games.
SwiderMan  +   3082d ago
20 Really?
Really? Cause which ones? I actually think they are missing a million PS3 exclusives. No, scratch that, wait, a BILLION PS3 exclusives. Yeah, that's it, I can make up numbers too, just like Husso.

Okay, I LOVE how Husso says Gaming Target is mising 20 PS3 exclusives on its list. Wow, 20. What a ROUND, yet exact number (cause he *clearly* did his research) and lists them all.

Oh, wait, he lists none of his to back up his claim. Seriously, think about these things people. Gaming Target who does a lot of work researching the exclusives VS. Hussy, who pulls a round number out of his butt and doesn't back up his claims.
beast  +   3082d ago
I didnt realize Pacman, Uno, Bejweled, SOlitare were NEW game.

And if u believe Littlebigplanet was not included because it will also be on Blue-ray, then can you explain why did they include WARHAWK.. especially since you can READ.
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lebaneseprince1  +   3082d ago
swiderman just got pwned
SwiderMan  +   3082d ago
@ beast - be sure to read the article
It's based on NEW games, not reissued console classics....

So, I'm pretty sure Mortal Kombat II released before. Same with the PS1 games.

Edit: Sure, I did. By some one who can't read, lebaneseprincess1.
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KingJFS  +   3082d ago
Reply to 6.2
Little Big Planet is not a PSN game. According to Sony's press site, it is currently listed as Blu-Ray disc only. Who knows what's going to happen with any PSN plans for the game.

It'll probably just be a demo or another beta.

And I can play Tekken 5 on my PS2 right now.
beast  +   3082d ago
@ 6.5

Littlebigplanet is a PSN game with also on blue-ray with extra levels.

Before u make up stuff please check your fact.

Like i said before , i can play pacman, zuma, solitare, bejewled on my yahoo games FOR FREE
Zhuk  +   3082d ago
Xbox Live Arcade offers the premium arcade title service, PSN has a lot of catching up to do
Kratos12  +   3081d ago
"are you mad because.. your daddy.. the PS3 is getting raped by big bad man (Xbox 360) in terms of games? so sad.. poor little creature.."
so the big bad man XBOX 360 is gay!!!

Anyways you are one of the most pathetic people on these forums!!!
Darkiewonder  +   3082d ago
You can get half of the 360 XBLA games on the PC and for free
BIadestarX  +   3082d ago
LOL.. nice try... the same can be said about all wii Nintendo, SNES, N64 games... the PS1, PSP, PS2 games... I can get them all on emulators on my PC for free.

Wahhh wahhhhh awwwwwwwwahhhh... little baby... are you mad because.. your daddy.. the PS3 is getting raped by big bad man (Xbox 360) in terms of games? so sad.. poor little creature... So.. you have to find a bunch of excuses?... lol.. this article is about PS3 vs Xbox 360 arcade dont change it...
LeShin  +   3082d ago
Okay stop right there Bladestar, if you're going to spout out that nonsense tell me something......

Name me ONE fully working PS2 emulator for PC, in fact let us all know. Because I have news for you, there is only ONE emulator out in development and that's called PCSX2, and that runs only a few commercial games properly.
How do I know this? Because I have it.

Try to do some research first.....
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beast  +   3082d ago
Whoooopiieeeeee....XBLA have Pacman, and ZUma

What to do .... What to do
Darkiewonder  +   3082d ago
Bladestar, you're such an idiot
If i was upset let me return my 360 to shut you up.

I'll speak out whenever I do please.

Go ahead, say something now.

Related image(s)
BIadestarX  +   3081d ago
@Darkiewonder - Just becuase you own an XBox 360 it does not mean you are not a Sony fanboy. And just because you own a PS3 it does not mean you have to like Sony... maybe you have the extra money or better yet.. couldnt resist that the Xbox 360 have great games... Myself, I am planing to get a PS3 because of warhawk, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear.. do you actually think I will change how I feel about Sony? Please... stop showing picture of Consoles to prove anything.. because it does not. I have a PS2, A Sony camera, and a PSP... just like many of you that hate microsoft but use Windows XP... lol... should people start taking picture of windows XP.. just to prove they are not anti-microsoft?

Ohhh yeah. and about that PS2 emulator.. why should I help you? Google it... you find plenty of them.
Darkiewonder  +   3081d ago
Yes Bladestar, i&quot;m a fanboy
I bought the 360 to spite all the 360 fanboys because I'll be burning my 360 and shoving it out the Window whenever I snap you guys last nerve. :|

Nascasho  +   3082d ago
It's all about games that are out NOW, not later, NOW.
InMyOpinion  +   3082d ago
Just you wait...4 years from now the PS3 will unveil it's true powers...and the rest of us will eagerly be awaiting the arrival of the much more powerful Xbox 720! LOL!
Snipes20  +   3082d ago
For those of you bringing the Wii VC into this:
The Wii's VC shouldn't really be compared to XBLA or PSN because the VC is more like an extended backwards compatibility setup than a true virtual arcade. Now when Wii Ware titles start to come out, I think it will be fair to bring Nintendo into this. As for XBLA vs. PSN, it's a little unfair to match them up because the 360 has been out for a longer period of time...
beast  +   3082d ago
why not include Wii VC
Have you seen the list of XBLA

Half of the stuff u can play on yahoo games
InMyOpinion  +   3082d ago
I can play fl0w on my PC as well. What's your point? As long as they're good games it does'nt matter. Not to people that are'nt fanboys, that is.
BIadestarX  +   3082d ago
Why is it unfair? For someone that is looking for a system that offers the most games today... it's always good to know what each system currentlyu offers and not what hopes and dreams may come later...
I don't understand why Sony fanboys get upset over this... can't they understand not everyone have the same faith and patience they have?
As a gamer do you think I want to hear what WILL be available in the future? as if the xbox 360 will not continue to have more games too... let's not forget that xbox live is releasing games at a rate of 2 per week... how many is Sony releasing per week? When was the last time that an Arcade game (Exclusive) was released on the PS3?

Who's fault is that.. the xbox 360 was released more than one year prior to the PS3? You wanted blu-ray player... that's the price to pay... live with it.. and stop crying like little babies.
LeShin  +   3082d ago
Okay I gotta ask, since you like to jump on the fact about the lack of games make a console crap regardless on when it came out, let's test your integrity shall we?

Tell me Bladestar, I'm curious to know, which was the better console in your eyes? The PS2 or the Xbox? Please take into account the very arguments you make against the PS3 such as how many units it sold, oh and how big a game library each console has.

We await your response....

Man I like both the Xbox360 and the PS3, but people like this guy are annoying...I'm still waiting to hear from you Bladestar....
Basch  +   3081d ago
"As a gamer do you think I want to hear what WILL be available in the future?"

Yes, as a gamer I do indeed think you want to hear what WILL be available in the future. You even admit it: "let's not forget that xbox live is releasing games at a rate of 2 per week...?" Seems to me you wouldn't even have touched upon that argument if you didn't have some interest in what titles the Arcade releases every two weeks... but then again, as LeShin has already established, your integrity is negligible.
BIadestarX  +   3081d ago
Original XBox vs PS2? Duhh... the PS2 was better.. which is why I never owned an Original Xbox.. which is why I never played Halo. Though the origial xbox had more powerful hardware it didnt have near as many games as the PS2... heck.. the PS2 is still selling.. and the Original xbox is relatively dead.. that alone makes it better.. hardware is not everything.. but how many games there are.. ofcourse I am not going to get into the online.. since the PS2 sucked in that department... too bad I was such of a Sony fanboy (like many of you).. and I didnt give the original xbox a chance... mmm. sometimes I think it was good that Sony tried to screwed their fanbase by trying to force blu-ray and set the PS3 at a $600 price tag... it made many of us jump ships... We now can see where Sony's interest really is... formats... they first did it with the PSP by introducing UMD we spend years without any good games and a bunch of movies... all of the sudden UMD is not supported by the movie industry.. and lots of games are being made... who knows.. maybe if blu-ray dies as a movie format.. maybe Sony can go back and concentrate on games as they did with the PS1 and PS2.
LeShin  +   3081d ago
lol, man you're funny.....

All this hatred for Sony even though you must've enjoyed playing the PS2. Tell me, how did Sony "force" you to buy their $600 console with blue-ray included? Did they physically put a gun to your head and say "Buy this console or you're dead?" No they didn't. If you thought the price was too high for you to afford, you can exercise your right not to buy it, which you did. No need to hate. No-one forced me to buy a PS3, I wanted it and could afford it at the time. I didn't have a HD player and since I had already purchased a HDTV, I thought it would be nice to combine the two (console & HD player) and save some money and space. I could just as well say to Porshe "How dare you force me to buy your new model of car at a higher price with a new interior/engine I didn't want, I HATE YOU"

Lol sounds silly doesn't it? I don't want it, I won't buy it. Simple as that.

The whole "not enough games" argument is REALLY getting stale and I can't be bothered to go into this in detail as I have already done this recently in one of my previous posts. All I'll say to you is "How many games is enough for you?"

Also, I never got into this, "If a consoles online capability isn't good, it's means it's lacking something" because for many years, I've been playing GREAT consoles when "online" never existed in consoles and have enjoyed myself. Maybe I'm just from a different generation :)

Also, I have an original Xbox. It doesn't make me hate Sony. I have a PS3. It doesn't make me hate Microsoft (at least not the Xbox360 side of things lol)

Anyway, on topic: I actually first told my friends that I would never buy games online as I didn't think they would be as good as retail and would be a waste of money. Of course since then I've bought:

Tekken 5:DR
Calling All Cars
Go Puzzle
Super Stardust HD

Funny how things can change....:)
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Lex_Yayo_407  +   3082d ago
I tired of all this fanboyism
Im just tired of all the bullshit fanboy caca. I own both systems and they are both good, there are just exclusives that the other one don't got that's it.
LeShin  +   3082d ago
I whole heartedly agree with you man. That's why I've got to take constant breaks from this website every so often because of some of the garbage that people write. I recommend going to as there forums are "Fanboy free" seriously, that's their motto :) It's relaxing to go there sometimes and just chill as everyone there seem to be intelligent and just enjoys games no matter what system they own, and they have a clever system that works.
#12.1 (Edited 3082d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Basch  +   3081d ago
@ LeShin
...Intelligent conversation on a gaming site? Impossible....
LeShin  +   3081d ago
@Basch lol strange I know, but true :) You should go check it out for yourself and make up your own mind.
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N4GayFanturds  +   3082d ago
Suks to have a P$3
Good for movies? No. Only one way to watch HD movies...on PooRay.

Good for next-gen gaming? No. 360 outshines in every multiplatform game.

Good for multiplayer gaming? No. You get what you pay for.

Good for exclusive titles? No. Most are timed-exclusives. Almost everygame that has made PS2 sell well, is or will soon be on 360. Tomb Raider, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry, Katamari, etc.

Good for a vast library of games? No. Unless you have a vast amount of PS2 games.

Good for arcade gaming? No. 360 has more AAA rated titles than P$3 even offers.

Good for putting a hole in your pockets? Yes. $$$
DJ  +   3082d ago
Good for movies? Yup. Upscales my DVDs and plays Blu-ray movies right out of the box.

Good for next-gen gaming? Definitely. It shares some great titles with the 360 and Wii, as well as having a large roster of amazing platform-exclusive games.

Good for multiplayer gaming? No. It's GREAT for multiplayer, especially with the free pricing and reliable performance of Playstation Network.

Good for exclusive titles? Definitely. Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden:Sigma, Motorstorm, Resistance, F1 Championship, GT5:Prologue, Uncharted, Flow, Super Stardust HD, etc,etc.

Good for a vast library of games? It supports like 98% of PS1 and PS2 titles, and the PS3 library is finally starting to take off.

Good for arcade gaming? There's a decent selection of titles, but most of what's there is original IP and VERY fun.

Good for putting a hole in your pockets? I think every next-gen system is quite capable of that. =P
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FirstknighT   3082d ago | Offensive
ud  +   3082d ago
DJ: 1 Dragunballz: 0
Shaka2K6  +   3082d ago
Calling All Cars &gt; xbox live arcade.
Also the PS3 games will always be alot better and more fun beacuase alot of these games are cheap and uses the motion sencing in the Sixaxis like Fl0w man that game is a blast.
te arcade its just full of overpriced roms from games wealready played in the 90's and 80's nothing original see.
the nintendo market is dead i heard it was a huge flop thank god they like always wanted u topay 10-15-20 bones just for a zelda rom with unplayable graphics pls.
THUNDERMARE  +   3082d ago
How come they omit all the d/l PS1 titles??

Oh after reading the article they want to count only new title.... that have not been release on any other console.. well that effectively takes out about 40% of PSN contents.
#16 (Edited 3082d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SwiderMan  +   3081d ago
Yeah, but even adding in classic games....
Adding in classic reissued games for XBLA and PSN means that XBLA arcade creams PSN even more. So while it may cut out "40%" of the downloadable games for PSN, the author decided against charting the reissued downloadable titles because the gap was even bigger between the two systems.
sumfood4u  +   3082d ago
the comparabilty is worthless.
like comparing brand new shoes against 2 year old shoe. Go put that up yur A$$ 1 size fits all.
Funky Town_TX  +   3082d ago
This is Sony's 3rd Console
PSN should have been around with the PS2. I'm sure PSN is great so just chill.
#18 (Edited 3081d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SwiderMan  +   3081d ago
Agreed 110%
I don't think anyone can/should disagree with that. PS2's online game interface was terrible comapred to PSN. Remember SOCOM? Sony should've had something like Xbox Live launched back then or at least started it shortly after. Nothing was ever integrated like it is now.
Saint Sony  +   3082d ago
Yes, some of the games can be played on PC as well, but it was a comparison between 2 consoles. 360 and PS3. To my knowledge PC is not a console, therefore games that are indeed for both 360 and PC are still exclusive content to 360 CONSOLE. Get it?

I wonder if people still after some years will say "OF COURSE 360 WINS IT IS MUCH OLDER AND HAS GOT MORE TIME!!!!"
#19 (Edited 3082d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
masterg  +   3081d ago
I've had the 360 about 1½ years. I've downloaded tons of demos from the arcade, but never has it resulted in me doing a purchase.

I have had the PS3 since Euro launch and here I have bought 5-6 PSN titles. To me it's just a way better quality. Half the games on XBLA seems like you could be playing them for free on you PC.
Testo  +   3081d ago
Lets make another comparison
Lets take all of the AAA titles and match them against each other.

I'm not going to include games you can play on the PC cause that wont be fair (exclude Bioshock and Halo 1+2. Instead I'm going to do a list of all console games I can play on the next gen consoles.

PS3 games + 90% of PS2 games + 90% of PS1 games.
360 Games + 70% of Xbox games

Now this is a far comparison right!?!?

Come on guys you cannot add these games to the list.

Hardwood Backgammon
Hardwood Hearts
Hardwood Spades

And if you want to play Catan:



Lets try another comparison

Lets only include "AA" games or higher, whats a score of 75!?!? Lets go 80.

Bomberman Live
Cloning Clyde
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
Hexic HD
Pac-Man Championship Edition
Come on guys you cant have UNO on your list its just sad!

Super Stardust HD


So thats 3x the amount which is NOT 10X more AAA games.

PS. Keep your Catan, Hexic, Pacman and UNO! If I want to play these its not going to be on a console.
Relientk77  +   3081d ago
i have a question
whats the difference between retail and downloads?

retail u pay for ? and downloads are free?

^ if that is tru ...

why would Nintendo make nothing free on their network .. thats kinda dumb (i wouldnt pay for it) i want free things
#22 (Edited 3081d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jinxstar  +   3081d ago
This is a stupid subject.

If you compare the 2 you gotta compare more then games. You gotta compare service, Price, Game quality, Also what about when "home" comes out? What about accessability and userfriendlyness (If thats a word)? As it stands right now xbox live has more time in the running. You cant compare this period. When sony has the same amount of time in as xbox (i.e. about 2 years) they could have double what xbox has right now. And by then Xbox could have 5 times.... When PSN catches up to them at their current lifecycle...

look at it this way, A metaphor if you will, a 2 year old kid is 10X more adept then a 1 year old. a 3 year old much more then a 2 year old. Its not really til 4 or 5 years old they kinda reach the same in Motor functions, Speach and other stuff...

Its an unfair judgement and a stupid idea. Anyone who buys into this for flaming or ammunition is just digging really hard. Scraping the bottom of the barrel... Seriously. If you wanna compare PSN to Xboxlive... Thats apples and oranges. I own both consoles... Bomberman compares to very little on PSN. Nothing on XBL even comes close to Warhawk... As far as production at least... You can't even try to compare. I'm sure speeds of DL are in the comparison too. Same time. 1 is a free service the other is not. You get what you pay for... Fast speeds = you dishing out money every month... What do you want. I bet if PSN cost money every month it would provide better service. As it stands who knows? Who cares? useless argument...

Xbox does have better online... Right now... We will see when UT3 goes PC-PS3 with mods, Home, Pain, etc... and time... Seriously. Comparisons as of this moment are kinda dumb as its all just on the verge of when the good stuff is coming out but hasn't quite yet. For both systems...

This article is just a flame starter and whoever wrote it needs to be shot.
#23 (Edited 3081d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
VaeVictus  +   3081d ago
20 AAA xbl exclusives? Where? I know of Castlevania SoTN and now Streets of Rage, but there isn't a lot else to write home about. Sonic is killer of course, but there are not 20 AAA xbl titles.
cooke15  +   3081d ago
Why is this in the Wii section??
makingdamage  +   3081d ago
Isn't all the games on live old games that been released on other platforms before? So how can they then be exclusive? As far as I know PSN is the only one with exclusive games like Super Rub A Dub and fl0w etc.
DeckUKold  +   3081d ago
why include xbox live arcade and dont use the ps1 calssics
Also if they're using the live arcade the should put the wii vc there because of they have some of the same games and take those games out and you have your true exclusives
Dannagar  +   3081d ago
Why compare them?
Why even compare the two? Even PlayStation 3 fan boys will admit that there isn't much there.

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13m ago - The official U.S. box art has been revealed for Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition on Xbox One. | Xbox One

Weekly Wind Up: Assassin Creed Skips 2016, Game Trailers Closes, TitanFall 2 Coming Holiday 2016

19m ago - Dan and Joe from Poli Games talk about Assassin Creed skipping 2016, Titan Fall 2 will have a sto... | PC

Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Total War: Warhammer Gets First Empire Campaign Gameplay in New Trailer

19m ago - If you love the Total War or the Warhammer franchises, you can’t miss this one, as today Sega and... | PC

Attack on Titan PS4 Video Shows Costumes, Battle Gameplay; New Artwork Released

20m ago - Today Koei Tecmo released one more gameplay video of the upcoming Attack on Titan, that will be r... | PS3

Hitman Beta: High Body Count Gameplay Video

21m ago - Skewed and Reviewed were having way too much fun with the new Hitman Beta as they discarded steal... | PC