Comparing Exclusive Titles on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

Gaming Target's "Exclusive Arms Race" expands on its mission of comparing and contrasting the console exclusives on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii to also include the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Overall, the XBLA has nearly triple the number of exclusives as the PSN (61 to 22). The XBLA also has ten times the number of "AAA" exclusive downloadable games (20 to the PSN's 2).

Metascores for each title, a list of upcoming downloadable games for each service and a mini-update to the exclusive list for retail releases is also included.

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Loudninja4121d ago

Tell em, how long the 360 been out?Thats is right lonegr than the PS3,of corse they will have more exclusive games on there arcade.This is really stupid, and AAA is in the eyes of the people not score.

KingJFS4121d ago

But don't the people (i.e. the reviewers) create the score, which then creates the AAA status?

If the reviews don't matter, then what makes a AAA game?

jujunogo4121d ago

how the hell can you compare both when the 360 is almost 2 years old and ps3 isnt even 1 yet this forum was set up for 360 owners to destroy the ps3 fanboy sh#t.....and i own both 360 and ps3 but this isnt even a fair comparison

SwiderMan4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

When Sony's Head marketing guy says "Whereas our competition takes a bunch of old content and catalogs content from previous generations and offers that in a download fashion, our development organization are making games specifically for PS3."

Okay, so Sony's making original PS3 games and slamming the competition for reissuing old games. But the graph at the bottom of the article clearly shows that that's a Sony lie. IMO, good article.

HardKnockKid244121d ago

The 360 has only been on the market 1 year longer than the PS3, yet people would make it seem that its been there for 5 years. the PS3 is almost 1 and the 360 is almost 2, i'd understand double the exclusives but triple mean people prefer releasing on the 360. and 20 to 2 good games on 360 versus PS3 shouldnt be explained by the PS3 is 1 and the 360 is 2. OMG hate PS3 Fanboys, OMG hate 360 Fanboys!!! You guys are like the retarded siblings that everyone hates and considers a burden but has to love at the same time because their family. Get a life

Mr Marbles4120d ago

this is not stupid, the PS3 is supposed to be superior in everyway, you fanboys say it and Sony said it, now that it has been proven once again that that is a lie, you guys want to make excuses again. At launch the PS3 was supposed to blow the 360 away in every way, this is just one more way in which that has not and will not happen.

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toughNAME4121d ago

games better on the 360?

im shocked!

games are too expensive on LIVE...ive bought 3 since launch..Doom, mini golf, spyglass board games

ALMIGHTYPS34121d ago

PSN is still in its infancy and it is also FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

beast4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Why are Xbox360 games consider Exclusive even though 80% of them are also on PC.

If thats the case than all PS2 exclusives which u can play on PS3 should also be consider exlusive. And since you can play them on ps3 should be added to its library as exclusive.

@3.1 Hello ...PS2 sony so it should be sony exclusive. So i am playing Bioshock on Vista on my VAIO. The list was 360 exclusive not MS. And lot of those games can be played on MAC anyway.

BloodySinner4121d ago

Hello? Remember something called Windows? It's a Microsoft product. So it's exclusive to Microsoft.

DrPirate4121d ago

hey idiot face, I use Steam to play my games, not windows. Valve gets my money. PC gaming is Steam's territory now.

InMyOpinion4121d ago

Console exclusive. I don't really mind if the game is on PC as well. As long as it's a good game I'm happy to be able to play it on my 360.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4121d ago

wow almost all of sony's PSN game were created by them while MS are from other companies interesting.

DrWan4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

If that is indeed true, the future is actually brither for Sony, because now that the PS3 is out, and these mini game takes 9 months to 1 year to make, we should see a steady stream of these games coming on the PSN as well as the xbox 360. Unless MS starts to make more exclusive then it will definately fall behind as company go multiplatform, i am not just talking about online.

remember some Sony official said, "Nintendo rely too much on first party all they are doing is recycling old franchise like Mario, zelda, and such" "Microsoft on the other hand rely too much on third party", and "I think we {Sony} are just striking the right balance".

While a year later, i think this quote do not necessarily apply to Nintendo as much as it did before, it definately still holds true. The worldwide studios for Sony i think it's bigger than both MS and nintendo combine and now 3rd parties are making the switch in ports and exclusive (Haze) and Rockstar (un-annouce games), i think PS3 is pretty save to securing more than 33% of the market this generation. Currently has 17% ish. i think. Nintendo and Xbox currently holding about 41%

calling all car took 9 months to create i think.

Douchebaggery4121d ago

the ps3 is evil nobody wanna to touch it

BLaZiN PRopHeT4121d ago

@4.1 if this is true then idk about the future for sony. i could understand if they had more 3rd party titles but they have 1 up coming. they dont have very much 3rd party support. itll change but who knows. the list is only for announced titles. so we have 2 wait and see.

DrWan4121d ago

I whole heartedly agree with you. Sony does need more than MGS and FF13 support, which will sell at least 4-5 million units combined, thse two games, for sure. i think FF13 will break 2 million in Japan alone.

If sony is in the same place it was one year ago, i would be very concern, becuase no exclusives from 3rd party, but now one year later we are seeing tremendous improvement to the situation.

last xmas, i think the only exclusive was Resistance, and that is a 2nd party game, so pretty much, u can consider it 1st party.

But however, this xmas, we have Haze (ubi) and UT (epic), both exclusive to the PS3 this xmas (some maybe timed) coming to PS3. Things are looking up for the PS3, and of course Sony still have a good stream of the 1st parties coming in with Uncharted, Rachet, soon Heavenly Sword coming as well. This xmas is better than last year's xmas for Sony, and the 2008 xmas will be better than the 2007 xmas no doubt with the GTA IV, FF, MGS already out by then, 2008 with its pricing around 400 or less (predicting the price)< i dont see why PS2 owners won't be converting then.

The battle will truely take a turning tide then, this xmas, i see Sony and Xbox going head to head, neck to neck. I think in the US, xbox will be able to sell a few hundred more consoles, but everywhere else in the world would be dominated by Sony.

Obviously i am excluding Wii, this generation, Wii will be owned by most families. It will be Wii + one more HD console for most people. But however there will be some hardcore Wii fan with only Wii.

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jackdoe4121d ago

76% and higher are triple a? WTF? The two PS3 AAA titles are 80 and above. A lot of the AAA 360 titles are 76%! WTF? And I think that the Wii's VC beats all of them.

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