Crysis Special Edition

Drop everything and run to your local retail stores because you can now pre-order the limited Special Edition of Crysis. Are you short on cash? Not a problem because you can also pick up this beast on the official release date of November 16, 2007.

As with most special editions this one comes packed with extras including behind the scenes looks and interviews with Crytek, the Crysis game developers, and even more beautiful Crysis art.

Core features that come with the limited Special Edition of Crysis are as follows:
* There is a "Making of Crysis" show that takes you inside the making of the game
* Access to a unique in-game vehicle*
* A vignettes that allow you to "meet the developers" working at Crytek
* You can watch the video that started it all: initial Crysis concept videos and trailers
* Huge collect of concept and production artwork from the team 32 page art book
* Listen to the official soundtrack that has all original music created by Inon Zur. Iron Zur is know for his past work in Baldur's Gate II, Everquest II, and Prince of Persia.

* Also available to those who pre-order either version of the game.

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reaperxciv4122d ago

wait up for me, i'm getting the Crysis SE too

LeShin4122d ago

<sigh> I remember the good old days when they used to pack in all these features as unlockables in the original releases.......

sleekblackroadster4122d ago

stupid profit$ drive everything.