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On the face of it, GT5 is without a doubt the most complex and complete commercial-racing experience available. It features over 1,000 real-world cars, a huge roster of real-world tracks (many that are familiar to GT veterans, and a bunch of new ones, too), and a vast number of racing options. These vary from straight-up races (often themed by specific types of cars) to special objective-driven Gran Turismo missions (some of which include NASCAR and World Rally Championship-based challenges). There are License Tests to help you improve your skills and a variety of practice modes, including free and timed runs, and even a drift mode.

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Shazz2574d ago

Great review . Tells it how he sees it amazing game with some flaws like all games have

BrianG2574d ago

Agreed, I honestly think reviewers are scoring it so rough because they expected way to much from GT5. The fan hype that was created was insane. I guess they expected GT5 graphics, with like NFS Shift action or something, which isn't how real life is, so why would GT5 be like that?

I guess they expected to put the game in and just have there jaws drop.

That being said the game deserves a 9 at least, yesterday I said maybe an 8 or 9, but after a few more hours of playing, I'd say a 9 with no problem. It is the most realistic driving sim I ever played. And its hand down better than other game receiving such high scores.

Think about it, all we can complain about is the shadows and some pop in here and there? I haven't had any bugs or glitches yet, which shows how well PD developed this game.

Nitrowolf22574d ago

It's a great game and is exactly i expected it to be. I agree reviewers seem to be thinking this is going to be need for speed or something. There is a bug different between the two.

StanLee2574d ago

@ BrianG

The majority of reviews for GT5 are great reviews. I think N4G focuses too much on the negative reviews as flamebait. A game will have 85 reviews and 80 of those are positive but the N4G community will focus on the 5 negative reviews.

Bathyj2574d ago

Like I said in another thread, can someone tell me exactly what it is that GT promised on and didnt deliver.


Anyone that was expecting Burnout or NFS is a clown and should just go and buy those games.

GT has gone above and beyond what is expected for a game. Its packed to the gills. A nice change from all the short games we get nowdays that need map packs and DLC to pad their length out. Even stuff like the museum and GTTV, it really doesnt need to be there, but its pure fans service. And thats pretty much what GT is about. For the love of cars and service to the fans.

The fans knew what GT was all about, and its delivered in spades. We weren't looking for 20 car pile ups or 300kmh powersliding hairpins. We just wanted the best driving game know to man. Guess what? We got it.

I guarantee you I'll still be playing this game when LBP2 and KZ3 come out.

Knushwood Butt2574d ago

I just had GT5 crash on me :-(

I fired up the 'demo' of the awesome '67 Ferrari racing car (the superb feature that you get when you go to the new car dealership, select a car (without buying it) and then press Start to begin the narrated history/detail of the car along with eye candy of it in action) and during that the game crashed. The narration kept going but the on-screen action froze and I couldn't do anything but power off the PS3 from the console itself.

Regardless, I'm loving the game! Amazing stuff. I just beat the intermediate kart races and I never expected kart racing to be so much fun.

tiamat52574d ago

Thank you. Adds to the score board

ceballos77mx2574d ago

Actually im surprised about the reviews, like many here wonder what these reviewers expected, ive own all the gt since the ps1 and im surely not expecting machine guns or power ups. My point being this is not a new franchise its one of the long established and best selling, and all the dumbasses saying its "just a racer, and no action" are either just blind or are new to this generation of consoles.

karl2574d ago

well.. gt5 finally proves the broken score system we have..

still this review in particular was really good.. im just talking general

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