The Most Underrated PlayStation 3 Game

NextGN Writes: "I am willing to make a bet that you skipped one of the best multi-player games while you were counting up these great exclusives. Did you include Warhawk? If you did – bravo! If you didn’t, well, then you are in for a treat!"

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Joni-Ice2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Yo I put hundred of hours in Warhawk. I was in the beta, got the full game day one, download only at the time. Got all the DLC, Jetpacks was the truth. Bottomline, it still is one of my fav multiplayer games. In my book clearly rated a 10 on the fun level.

gamesR4fun2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

the games pure epic tho i got em all too day 1 player tho i missed the beta.

ya jet packs are pawnsauce i love playing ctf n collection esp with them XD

Skip_Bayless2578d ago

I think Resistance 1 was really fun online. It was overshadowed by Gears and the $500 and $600 launch price of the PS3.

And another nod to Gran Turismo 5. It's just a shame that the game is getting such low reviews. And to put salt on the wound it's so scoring lower than Forza 3. Realistically you can't really expect more than what GT5 is offering other than the annoying load times.

ELite_Ghost2578d ago

no it wasnt download only 1st day...

it came with the jabra headset for 60$ and 40$ for the game only...

inveni02578d ago

I still think that Uncharted 2 is the most underrated game of all time. That's right. I think that the most award-winning game of this generation is also the most underrated. I think its 96 score on Metacritic is too low. But, I also think this is okay because it leaves room for U3 to do a 99. :P

Shadow Flare2579d ago

I still play it today. It's my favourite ps3 game, and it's the best multiplayer game I've ever played

Kitchen_Sink2578d ago

Can't wait for Starhawk, right? :)

gaden_malak2578d ago

I never got Warhawk (and really disappointed that I didn't) but I intend to get Starhawk.

Linzoid2578d ago

@Shadow Flare I completely agree with you! Warhawk is an epic game and always gets overlooked.

I was on the EU Beta and two of my mates brought a PS3 just for that game.

Warhawk is such a slick game and when you consider the size of the maps, 32 players online and both ground and air combat the game is pure multiplayer brilliance.

By far the best 3rd person multiplayer shooter on the market today. I'm just looking forward to Lightbox Interactives new game now :-).

King_many_layers2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )


You should pick it up, you can get it for pretty cheap now and have the chance to get the bundled maps at a lower price. The game is brilliant. There are still plenty of people playing the game day in, day out.

I think it's a great game, one of the most balanced games online.
With a great ranking up system, Alot of medals and such to attain also.

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Bolts2578d ago

Warhawk and MAG without a doubt.


Right now GT5 should get in this category too.

It's not getting that bad reviews score wise for now as had MAG earlier this year, but every site is complaining that a game with "The Real Driving Simulator" as a subtitle is a great (or even the best, as said IGN) racing sim, but it won't allow you to have quick fun running at other people and walls and looking at incredible car crashes... In other words, by the time the 5th entry on the franchise comes, this guys are complaining that Gran Turismo isn't Burnout... Who hire this people? Should as well complain that there aren't machine guns attached to the hoof.

That's just as stupid as people that reviewed MAG expecting somekind of generic COD feel.

King_many_layers2578d ago

Apples are no longer allowed to be apples. they have to be part Orange with a mix of pear in there too.

raztad2578d ago

Warhawk is not underrated (meta 84). It is overlooked. MAG is underrated (meta 76), IMO it should be at least 80.

gypsygib2578d ago

True a lot of worse game have gotten 80

ZombieNinjaPanda2578d ago

Download only? I picked up the game day one on Disc. Came with the headset.

Amazing game though. I'm anticipating the next iteration.

Linzoid2578d ago

It was download only in the UK for a couple of weeks, we had to wait for the Bluray version to come out.

spunnups2578d ago

I played it for over 100 hours as well and I can easily say it is one of the funnest multiplayer games ive ever played. The DLC was amazing.

PostApocalyptic2578d ago

Same here man! I love that game even today! Of the old online games, I still play MAG, SuperStar Dust HD and Motorstorm. Plus Warhawk.

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Cajun Chicken2579d ago

Warhawk is PS3's third person Halo/UT. I said it.

SuggestionBoy2579d ago

Or Halo/UT is Xbox360's first person Warhawk. :) I think Warhawk is loads more fun than Halo.

TANUKI2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@ kanetheking

lol, was just to say the same thing. Trolls like cajun chicken forgot for sure.

SpartanPrince2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I definitely agree. Think about it. Warhawk has built up a huge fanbase with this one game and people love it. Plus, look at the amount of things that you can do in it. If Starhawk has a SP campaign(a good one) and even more of what made warhawk great, I can easily see this being the ps3's halo(though it might need a little help from advertising of course)

Oh yeah, I forgot. Though correct me if I'm wrong(I never played the first one either) isnt this one drastically different?

kanetheking2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

there is warhawk on ps1.but i suppose alot of ppl forgot about it

SuggestionBoy2578d ago


The article didn't miss that fact: "ncognito released the next gen version of Warhawk late 2007 and I have to admit, "

Cajun Chicken2578d ago

Do you guys even REALISE that was a compliment for the new comer franchise?

SodoBot2578d ago

I love it. Oh, and for the newbies. It is four player split screen!! :D

LittleBigHalo2578d ago

Couldn't agree more with this article. The game is lagless, crazy fun and like you said four player splitscreen.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2578d ago

When I wake up tomorrow, going to enjoy my cup of coffee with some Warhawk. :)

Kitchen_Sink2578d ago

Watching Kung Fu Panda right now but this article made me itch to play Warhawk. LOL. Putting the disc in as we speak.

ThanatosDMC2578d ago

Bought the jabra bundle a long time ago. Then bought it again when it was released on the PSN and gave it to my friend.

Damn good game. It's not for people that rage quit when they die.

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