Brown bid to ban violent games

Gordon Brown promised yesterday to look again at banning violent computer games for teenagers.

He said he was aware of growing concern about the effect of screen violence on youngsters. And he would study whether new rules are needed on advertising and sale of violent games to them.

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tonsoffun4095d ago

I swear to god - if they have a citizen's panel, I will try my best to be in it and provide a logical and realistic approach to violent games.

Banning them is not viable - there should be further restriction on who is allowed to buy them and perhaps, where and when they advertise them too.

tonsoffun4095d ago

anyhoo, I would not take what the mirror states - they are seriously anti violent games.

Norad64095d ago

they said they want to ban them from teenagers. They aren't supposed to be able to buy them anyway. So this really doesn't effect me at all.

pwninator4095d ago

They can restrict sales of games to a certain age. Thats obvious as it is mildly practiced. But as anyone who actually plays video games knows, its the parents problem.

Anyway, if they found a way to "ban" violent video games it would destroy the whole industry. =/

pwninator4095d ago

I just noticed that this is for the UK. >_<

You might want to mention that.

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The story is too old to be commented.