Rumor: SCEE Announces New PS3 Bundle w/Heavenly Sword

SCEE has announced a new PS3 bundle, which includes Heavenly Sword and F1 Racing.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4119d ago

European bundles, this one with Heavenly sword. We got an earful from XBOX 360 fanboys already.

"Heavenly Sword" must not be good if they're giving it away" <- Heard it

americanGTA4119d ago

why would they bundle it with the 60 gig?

resistance1004119d ago

No 80GB for europe and i doubt there will be one, only 60GB for now.

Also there isn't set bundles its a choice out of 1st party games.

Still i suspect there will be a heavenly Sword bundle, as they are promoting this game alot, i saw the HS advert 5 times today

cuco334119d ago

the price was right ;)

heavenly sword looks good and i'm a big car nut and F1 is a great console F1 racing sim

Ravex4119d ago

Sounds a bit too good to be true. I don't own a PS3(yet) but if this bundle was too be released here in Canada, I would be getting one this fall just to play HS. Till then, a long wait for spring.

DrWan4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Actually alot of ppl say this one is not as good as the Resistance + Motorstorm bundle, but i think this is not bad for the European market because Heavenly sword's a pretty good game and the Europeans love their F1s.

Bundles are good for Sony because when they sell a game on bundle mode, I assume they dont earn a penny on their first party games. SO basically you really ARE getting the game "free" only probably enough moeny to cover the packagings and developer fee (about 15 bucks).

Rest of the money to publisher and retailers they will pass those savings onto the consumers i assume. I know retailers takes a dip into game sold separately, but games sold as a bundle as a 'System" i am not so sure they earn money from that. and since Sony is the publisher, and if they dont take any money, these games are really "savings" passed onto consumers.

That's why it's easier for Sony to make Bundles like this than to say, "cut the price of PS3" by 120 dollars and take out 2 games, because too many different ppl have a cut into the pie when you sell a game on the retailer floor it is not really a value of 60 dollar per game.

But when u make bundle, u can cut many corners, cut out the retailer's share as if u were to sell it singly and also since u r first party, cut urself out in terms of "publishing fee", and while u still keeping the console the 'same price', cutting hardware cost is a different issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.