Gran Turismo 5: New Patch Confirmed - Great New Features, Better Performance

Polyphony Dgital's Kazunori Yamauchi announced a new patch for Gran Turismo 5. This new patch for example unlocks the damage model in the arcade mode. Hit the jump for mor info.

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jony_dols2552d ago

I'd say by the end of next year, GT5 will have so many post-release patches and updates, that the game will be pretty much be GT5.5 (thats a good thing).

The gaming sites better rereview it down the line.

showtimefolks2552d ago

disagreed with what you just said that's just sad where gaming community in general has come to

showtimefolks2552d ago

and that last gen there were no patches we should be happy that a game we like if it turns out to have bug chances are it will be fixed new verag for example over time that game will improve.

Gt5 in my opinion will get many patches throughout the year to fix many small issues since i have not seen any major issues with it.

ign review of 8.5 is good but my problem is they didn't spend enough time with the game where are the other reviews from BIG GAMING SITES?

a game like Gt5 needs to be played for a week offline/b-spec and online to do a fair review but to anyone who think 8.5 is a bad score its really not.

and Gt5 will no doubt sell millions again i expect within its first year it will seel atleast7-10million WW

jkeep racing see uall online

EskiJoe2551d ago

agree / disagree
jony_dols statement is pure speculation... so ppl could disagree for many many reasons

toaster2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Last gen: 10 hour games, no patches.
This gen: first 24 hours in, needs a patch.

Devs really need to get off their ass, there really isn't an excuse for it especially with a game like GT5, 6 years in the making and it still needs a patch in less than 24 hours.. pathetic really.

@ Neckbear

Last gen console gamers were playing the same card against PC gamers. "LOL your platform needs patches!!" now the tides have turned, I haven't heard of any PC games getting patched within a day of release except for multiplats, there's a reason for that. Developers make games for the lowest common denominator: consoles.

Last gen we had games that were actually programmed properly when they shipped.. not too many games that were unplayable or as buggy as this gen's. I think too many devs are using Internet connectivity as a crutch so they can release their game as soon as possible and promise to patch it later. That is disturbing.

R2D22552d ago

Dude - you got some balls saying what you said on N4G. Welcome to the 1 bubble club and 100 disagrees.

morganfell2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

There is having balls and then there is not knowing what you are talking about and just being a parrot. The latest phrase for those that can't think for themselves?

"GT5 has been in development 6 years." No. Just no. Not even close. It just goes to demonstrate there is a sheep mentality that pervades every corner of society.

@Fulensenca below. Gears of War 2 multiplayer was broken out of the box. Even if you could stay connected the business of getting meleed through walls or grenade tagged through them was so pervasive it was idiocy to play. And that was only the beginning. Yet look at the reviews. Not a peep about it. Here's your pass.

NoBias2552d ago

Morganfell, you just proved toasters point. He didn't mention anything about reviews and what people were saying. He was talking about dev's being lazy.

Nice attempt at damage control though.

hoops2552d ago

Morganfell works for SOny so he will go into full damage mode at all costs.
Bottom line is GT5 is fantastic but the game was released not fully finished.
This seems to be the mantra of a lot of games this generation. Release a game missing features or broken then patch it later.

Dramscus2552d ago

Bubble up toaster
They have generally gotten lazy.
Although I disagree about gt5 being in development for five years.
Gt5 prologue was released in 2007. I beg anyone thats played it to call it a demo. It was an intro, and a teaser for something thats intended to be epic. It was still a printed labeled and sold game. It's a well reviewed game that's sold nearly four million copies.
Also they simultaneously released the psp game while making gt5.
Additionally gt5 has features in an incredible amount of different directions. That would make the game ridiculously difficult to code cohesively.

In any case it's only a select few occasions where such patching is redeemable. Some game's with multiplayer need a little extra tlc. Most single player games I get don't get patched ever unless they get dlc.

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Neckbear2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Last gen, game-breaking bugs: Deal with it.

Current gen, game-breaking bugs: Patch.

Although I agree with you- GT5 should not get "special" treatment by any means.

It's an unfinished game they could release and then patch later, and that's something I usually hate devs doing, although, most of the time, I don't mind it THAT much, unless the original game without the patch is basically unplayable.

yewles12552d ago

Oh you ARE giving it "special" treatment... SMH

Halochampian2552d ago

I have been playing it a lot lately. And I am a little disappointed. They rushed it out to get it out before the holidays when it should have been pushed back later to fix and add in the things they promised.

I still love the game, but I question a lot of the decisions they made including the damage. I see none what so ever. Some people say its better at higher levels.. but why?? why make that decision?

Halochampian2552d ago

its amazing how many people on here will disagree with what you say on here yet not say anything to back it up.

You can disagree all you want. But say why. There are big things that could have been better with the game. No mechanical damage whatsoever.

I can hit a car/wall as hard as i want.. and my car will handle the same as before.

There are many things i love about the game. And I enjoy it but there are many things that could and should have been better from the day it was released.

rdgneoz32552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

@Halochampian Damage is at higher levels because you have to repair the damage done to your cars, just like if you crashed them in real life. Why have it later? You wouldn't be able to save up cash to buy cars if you spent it all on repairs at low levels while you're learning how to play the game. Hell, how will "physical damage such as problems with the front axle, which can roll the vehicle to the right or left" help someone that just picked up the game learn how to play? Also, "add in the things they promised"?

As for it being unfinished, in the hours I've spent playing the game, I haven't had any problems really. If you want unfinished games, go look at the petition from PS3 gamers that want their money back for Black Ops or at games that charge day one DLC that should have been on the disk / they charge for an unlock key (hell, scamco said Day one DLC / DLC keys help offset the cost of production...).

ReservoirDog3162552d ago

Haha, I was gonna say patches do kinda suck for people who don't have an internet connection but that is a good point about having to just deal with bugs before. Well said.

Halochampian2552d ago

well Im just saying that it was a bad decision to make. At least let the user have a slider or and ON-OFF switch to dictate how they want to play.

I had questions and went to the GT forums and they were up and arms and just as confused about the game as i was. Some people were saying it came at higher levels. Some said that even then, it wasnt that good.

People here on N4G seem to be more Sony fanboys than GT fanboys. The GT fanbase is the one that is really lashing at the game.

I mean it's a great game and a lot of hard work was put in but it's not perfect by any means and I would give it around an 8.8 right now. It may go up once I get higher in rank.

I still feel it should have been an option or explained better so that people wouldnt be so confused.

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thief2552d ago

GT5 versus last gen GT game: new, much more realistic physics model, new damage model (for premium cars but still), 1080p versus 480p, 800 old cars upgraded to 1080p and 200 lavishly equipped new cars with fully featured cockpit view, Added Nascar, track editor, Rally, weather.

If thats at the cost of a patch, I will take it.

rdgneoz32552d ago

Don't forget Karts, those little guys are fun as hell :p

Psychotica2552d ago

It's just common sense. The bigger and more complicated it is the more bugs there will be.

The space shuttle has more problems than a regular plane, not because it's built worse but because it's so frigging complicated.

bananlol2551d ago

Actually its not, the computers in the space shuttles are as basic as they get, if they didnt use fat ass transistors from the 80s the gamma radiation in space would fry all electric equipment. Planes on the other hand use modern computers so in fact they are more advanced.

Psychotica2551d ago

@bananlol - The space shuttle is more complicated because there are a lot more parts and more things to go wrong. It has nothing to with what computers it uses.

Fulensenca2552d ago

Huh, Gears of War 2 was released over two years ago and still needs patches. This is more pathetic really.

BUT, what I mean is that this is a problem with all this generation, patches are useful also if annoying.
Deal with it.

PS: Gran Turismo 5 was NOT 6 year in the making, neither 5.
Before you talk you should know and think.

Neko_Mega2552d ago

True but most 360 games have alot of bugs in them, Elder Scrolls was a awesome game but man that game was buggy, I got over 8 save files of each big bug I found.

This patch doesn't seem like it is to fix anything as much as it is to add things.

NeutralGamer2551d ago

Dah very funny guys :D

Gotta critisize others dicks because you feel yours is small...

Dont bash other console because of this... No one mentioned 360 in this article...

DJMarty2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )


Idiot, u still believe that PD only made GT5 in 6 years.

in that time they have Made GTHD demo, GT PSP, GT5P and GT5.

It's actually only took 3 years to make. The rest of the time was used creating GTHD Demo, GT PSP, GT5P.

skrug2552d ago

you forgot Tourist Trophy (2006)

KwietStorm2552d ago

So when Sony themselves say 5 years in development, they are lying? You really believe it took them only 3 years? GT never takes 3 years

BaSeBaLlKiD7212552d ago

Well I'm pretty sure that GTHD demo, GT5P and GT5 are all the same project. The demo and GT5P were just the early stages of GT5 that they made available for the public to hold them over til GT5 finally releases.

dredgewalker2552d ago

Last gen games are not as complex as todays games. It's unavoidable and we have to thank PD for making a patch to fix the games issues immediately unlike a certain developer I really hate.

stagga2552d ago

@morganfell You're right. It's been much longer than 6 years seeing as most of the cars and tracks have been around for at least 10 with very little work gone in to update them.

ironmonkey2552d ago

alan wake took a century to make and the biggest glitch ever was the resolution something you cant fix

Otheros002552d ago

The worst off all is that the NOBODY COMPLAINED about it. If the ps3 and 360 are almost equal in power then how come Alen Wake is not able to do 720p ingame while looking like that. They just hate anything better then what they have on their console.

Halochampian2552d ago

Alan wake was an amazing game. And the game looked great as well. Its just a shame more people didnt buy the game

mfwahwah2552d ago

Alright kiddo.

Let's see you use the current level of technology to release something that's NOT a buggy mess. Games have gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more complex since the days of "scroll to the right, jump over some baddies."

Not the devs fault the consumer can't appreciate the level of work put into the field. And what would you rather they do? Release it 3 years later when "it's ready" or patch it along the way so we can actually fucking play the game?

princejb1342552d ago

this gen games are harder to program, thats the only reason for bugs

jony_dols2552d ago

If the PS2 was capable of proper network support & post release patches. I'm 100% sure both GT3 & GT4 would have received plenty of them.

Hell, I bought Uncharted 2 day 1 and I completed it within 24 hours. I didn't encounter any performance issues or bugs. Yet ND have released several patches.

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Peppino72552d ago

Just when you think the gaame can't get any better, they keep giving us more! Happy Thanksgiving.


I bough the game yesterday and installed it, the funny thing is, is that I haven't even played it yet lol.

I literally have no time.

Graey2552d ago

OH you better make time.

Tell your woman your sick or something. Also Try out the B spec mode..I love the telling the rookie driver what to do. So far I haven't placed higher than 3rd place. Damn I really need to read the directions.

kasasensei2552d ago

Strange, because according to the fanboy crowd, the game does not need any patch, it's just perfect like that.
Guess who's wrong. The creators working hard to improve things or the guys telling the game is already perfect?

/sarcasm? well, a little.

Parapraxis2552d ago

The only people who expected GT5 to be perfect are the reviewers.

Gamers who have been following GT5 knew what to expect.
Standard models aren't as detailed as premium ones (shock)
The Ai isn't arcadey (shock)
GT5 will get nitpicked to death (shock, like most PS3 exclusives)

Almost every person who has the game seems to be very happy.
It's the reviewers and trolls who are knocking PD.

AngelorD2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Bubblz to u, couldn't have said it better myself
GT5 looks to be amazing.
Not perfect though, standard cars could look better and the trees i.e. could be 3D etc, but other than that it's all you can want from a racing sim.
But then again, a 6 year developed game will no doubt be victim to some serious nitpicking, and it was pretty obvious it won't live up to the (may i say impossible) hype.

Graey2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Personally and this is just me. I wouldn't give a game a 10/10. Just not feasible.

That being said GT5 is def not a 7.5. If I had to go low and I wouldn't an 8.5 would be pushing it and that's just scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Me personally I give it a 9.5. Why do you ask. Because I can see the over all picture of the game. I can't say how they reviewed the game. I do know this though, if you only look at just one aspect of this game and don't try out the others you are selling yourself short.

I heard one person say something about the B spec in another article. What game do you know that has be honest its like leveling up in an RPG. I like the fact of directing my own guy to get better.

I just hope that I can win cars in B spec lol.

Also you can change you outfit, it states at the start however its a one time thing so if you want to make a new character you can change his outfit again.

I don't know. GT5 as a whole is a great game. It's like a fine wine, it just gets better the more you go along. Its like a very sensual woman. A high class woman, not that 50 dollar hooker you find on the street. No GT5 nah she's that 200 dollar escort. At first your like $200 WTF I ain't paying that then the whispers in your ears, and BAM!! You just pulled an all nighter and the best part she is digging you so all other times are

One other thing. I'm not sure if reviewers can give a 9.7 or something but if I could give it a odd number like that then I'd give it a 9.7. This mind you is only based off of the time I've played the game.

SpinalRemains1382552d ago

200 dollar escort?

you looking to get AIDS, or robbed?

N4Great2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

xbox fanboyz, why are you so dumb ?

lies, many "disagree" with facts/full time denial, and always downplaying the best things and hyping shitty sub-ps3 exclusives (like dante inferno, do you remember the "gow killer" :))

"It only patches everything!"

unsecure fanboy living in delusionaldenial land, best hardware, best graphics, best games, bluray, freeonline, and you don't have it ? you are not a gamer, or just a dumb one :)