PGR 4: New Roads to Victory - Michelin Test Track; New Images

Welcome to the fifth and final part of IGN's series of articles from Bizarre Creations, the developers of the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4.

The Michelin Test Track is a fictional race track unlike any that you've seen before. It's a made-up layout of twists and bends complete with rumble strips and crash barriers, where you can test out your potential purchases from the plethora of cars and bikes we have lined up for you in PGR4.

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power of Green 4067d ago

Lighting and weather physics working to gether is freaky to me can't wait to try out the 3rd effect of this new system on the road. Can't help but to think this is very next-gen.

Blink4067d ago

this game is going to be garbage..better off picking up forza.. Multiplayer will be the only selling point for pgr4. Trust me

razer4067d ago

Trust you? No thanks! Forza is a completely different game than PGR and I do own Forza and it's not my kind of racer and the graphics are "meh". PGR has a bit more arcadey feel with just enough sim that it's a great balance for what I like.

Did you look at these screenshots?? I have been giving the graphic edge to GT on the PS3, but after looking at these screenshots my mind is changing. Those are some very impressive photo-realistic looking shots, I just hope the cars match it.

Scrooge4067d ago

Looks good to me. Now if only they would get rid of those damn motorcycles, then I could take this game as a serious racer. Back to Forza 2.

kewlkat0074067d ago

ARCADE racer not a SIM. You take Sims serious.

Hopefully you understand the difference..

This sh!t looks tight..

power of Green 4067d ago

Trust me the game won't look any different from these old PGR4 pics. The cars already match the environments most importantly the lighting adjusts to serfaces properly altering color and glare etc realisticly.

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The story is too old to be commented.