Lair brings in a new era for PS3 give us a brief synopsis of the road to come for the PS3.

"Given the rocky road that Sony has endured since the launch of the PS3, the system is finally about to see its turning point."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4121d ago

The era of good next gen games.

MoonDust4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

ROTGLMFAO COPTER!!!!! Hold on, i need a second to recover from that.

nasim4121d ago

their cartoon games like HALO 3 and Mass effect (with liliput aliens) are what they have on a low powered and defective x360

yet they rant about ULTRA REALISTIC ps3 games

Fuzz McDeath4121d ago

...but that is the goofiest article/post I've read in a long time, and whoever referred it to N4G should be slapped. The author is claiming that Lair (averaging 61% on and 58 on ushers in the Golden Age of PS3 gaming? Har. And then he backs this up by listing 5 of these "AAA" titles that will make PS3 the real deal. Only problem with this argument? Besides Heavenly Sword, the remaining 4 titles (Medal of Honor: Airborne, Guitar Hero III, Assasins Creed and Rock Band) that the author uses to illustrate are released day and date with the 360 (and will likely run smoother/look better). Again, not picking on PS3 so much here as bashing this rediculous article, and any fanboy who would try and use such tripe as fuel....

INehalemEXI4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Warhawk seem like better candidates for turning points for ps3's success. Or Future Releases of UT3 or Uncharted...seriously how is it you get a success story from Lair that thing is plagued with bad news. The remote play feature is cool 2 see though.

fenderputty4121d ago

I think heavenly sword should be in there as well. There's a whole lot of PS fans that are waiting for an action hack n slash game just like it. I know I'm one of em. Other then that ... warhawk for sure. Drakes forture and UT 3 are going to be huge as well. Then there's 2008. It looks pretty good from here on out. I just wouldn't call Lair my turning point.

greed4121d ago

warhawk would be my pick as well but i do agree i think they can only go up from here for sony i mean games that people actually want are coming out and big titles; but regardless of what happens thou i am glad i have one............sonyfan!

Marceles4121d ago

Hehe, the media is so confused about this game. I still think the media was being really harsh about the controls. It's funny how Lair would be awesome if it was for the Wii, but for the PS3 it's just gimmicky and difficult to control. I'm sold and picking this game up tonight

Stella4121d ago

If the fanboys at sites like EGM and 1UP and others that wanted to trash this game so badly had just played it smart and handed out the usual 6/10 or even 7/10 scores none of this free publicity Lair is getting would have happened.

Instead they were greedy and went for the silly 4 or 5/10 type scores mixed with the glowing reviews from people who actually have the game is making all sorts of people who weren't interested in the game before now want to get the game themselves to see what it is like.

Not only have the mostly Microsoft friendly or linked sites not really done any damage to the game they have given the gaming world a good idea of what a complete and utter joke game 'reviews' really are.

Nothing but a cesspool of bitter and hateful little punks lashing out at platforms and genres and developers they personally hate while hyping their own personal pet platforms and titles.

Lair does bring in the era of real next gen gaming:

* 1080p graphics for your brand new 1080p sets along with your 1080p BluRay movies

* 25/50 gig game sizes. Bye bye DVD games and developers have moved on to bigger and better formats

* Motion controls. Controller continue to evolve and so do games like Lair has shown with it very cool control scheme.

After Lair low rez games, tiny DVD based games, and old style controls are starting to look like those old rotary phones.

snoop_dizzle4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

and for the record some sites did underrate the game. And i partly agree.

Anyways Lair is good but warhawk seemed to execute it better. Not becasue its just an online game, becasue i love single player games. And that too got some low reviews even though i fail to see why minus a few thing like being dropped many times from games(unless thats becasue people intentionally y dropped me)

and stella, the game was good but not that good. What about the corny dialog? throughout the game?

Granted many games including many i enjoy have corny dialog and partly this game too, but lets not overdo it bro.

gee with you bro, sony or any company doesn't need to milk a franchise. You do it for them. :P

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