1UP reviews Stranglehold: 7.5/10

Stranglehold is good enough to present some solid entertainment for the eight or so hours you'll spend playing through the story. And it's certainly good enough to look forward to a sequel, and an opportunity for the developers to put some more meaty gameplay on top of all that pretty tech. But it ultimately ends up as little more than a mindless destruct-a-thon, heavy on style and just a bit too light on substance.

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barom4119d ago

suck is a bit harsh. I say from 1-5 = suck.

6-7 = alright
7-8 = good
8-9 = great
9-10 = perfect or almost

MK_Red4119d ago

It's not a bad review or score. 7.5/10 from 1UP is a great score IMO.

Evoluti0n4119d ago

is really hating lately, I don't get it.

MK_Red4119d ago

Agreed. Aside from the great BioShock which rightfully deserved its 10/10, 1UP has been really harsh lately.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

If they give a game 7.9, everyone thinks... what a bomb. It's a very uneasy score. Give it an 8.0, and everyone relaxes, yep it's good enough.

There should be a rule, no 7.9's. If you're gonna give a 7.9 just make it an 8.0, it does wonders for peoples moral. Seriously what do you loose by adding .1 more?

What's better a truth that makes people cry or a lie that makes people smile?

Rooftrellen4119d ago

There's a reason the price for everything ends in 99 cents. $199.99 looks much cheaper than $200.

That being said, 7.5 is a forgettable score. 5 should be average, since its right in the middle, but its not for some reason. 7 is, for the most part, average, and not a score anyone stives for. 7.5 isn't bad, but its not great.

7-8, as good as it should be, pretty much means avoid it unless you like this genre. 7.5 (or .9) isn't a bad score, but it just doesn't look as good as 8, because that first number means a lot in our minds.

ElementX4119d ago

I said in a previous post that Stranglehold will average 7.5. The demo was boring and I don't like the way everything has a glow to let you know you can shoot it or jump on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.