GT5 is full of bugs

"It is 11:00 p.m. and my GT5 just crashed for the second time that evening (selection arrow missing from the home page, you can not exit this page without leaving the game) ...
.... Despair!
I just have fun on this game for 3 days, but I've never seen a game so buggy! Clipping, aliasing too far, display errors, corrupted textures on shadows, rendering level circuits unequal, dumb AI..."

(M.Cyril Drevet is a 40 years old journalist for a TV cars show, often reviewing dream cars for it and reviewing video-games occasionally. He is a fan of Gran Turismo since the first one.)

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Masamori Sumimura2882d ago

Read some of the comments in the original Language (francais) and Alot of people seem to be thinking alike about this.

kasasensei2882d ago

Yep, in its actual status, GT5 needs some patches.
There is no doubt that a lot of bugs can be fixed with minors updates and that's the game is far to be "definitive", right now. You still have a lot of work to do dear Polyphony Digital.

RedDragan2881d ago

I can't take this serious.

Because there was no talk of how bad the bugs were when reviewing the Fallout games which garnered higher scores in the review.

It appears that the review sites decided what they thought of the game before it even came out. It's is a sorry state of affairs to be honest.

Remember people, the best and most accurate critic is yourself.

Larry L2882d ago

It's because people arent patient and just reset their PS3s. If they waited not even a minute like I did every time the cursor disappeared, they would have eventually seen the game come up with a notification saying your time is wrong every time the cursor goes away. I easily fixed the problem by going to my PS3's date and time settings and just chosing to set the time by the internet, and it never happened again.

Also, I found out the hangs in the loading screens between menus was due to the game still slowly installing stuff for hours. After a bunch of hours of playing they no longer happen when going from one menu to another....THANKFULLY, cuz I really did feel it needed a patch earlier today. Luckily it doesn't.

Also other lagging issues with the game were also caused by the game's constant connection to the internet. At about 1am eastern time the servers went down for like an hour and when they came back up there was a news feed explaining everything about the game's internet connection messing with some stuff due to extremely over-loaded servers. It;s being worked on as we type.

As for other issues, I don't see what people are crying about. The A.I. is fantastic on harder difficulty the point of being jerks. A.I. isn't SUPPOSED to be good on low level races. Nor have I seen any bad textures. Ive seen very little screen tear, and I only noticed aliasing until I went to display settings and set it to crisp, now everything looks smooth.

PostApocalyptic2882d ago

Yeah, you pretty much listed the main issues. When I get it it definitely not going to start playing until it's done installing.

toaster2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I can't believe fanboys are still clinging to their precious GT5 and heralding it as the 'ultimate racing sim' :3

PS3: It only does 5 year old disappointments!

Kon_Artist 2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

fanboys are still clinging to their precious gt5.

the only thing you got right is precious gt5. its fu,cking amazing.

i just played it for 4 hours str8. what disappointments, i love the stuff thats happening right now with the ps3.

its a shame. if you could only say the same about the 360

ShinMaster2881d ago

It's only a disappointment to the people who expected GT5 to be bad.

By the way, why are you mad? Has your 'toaster' overheated? aka RROD?

The_Beast2882d ago

Speaking of disappointments.

how are you doing toaster.

The_Claw2882d ago

um maybe if you read about the network status update on the main menu you would of seen they have acknowledged the problem and are working on it. it was working fine for me most of the day.

Vip3r2882d ago

There are some bugs but nothing like New Vegas or Black Ops.

I really like the game but the shadows do need some works and there are a few other graphical glitches.

yourfather2882d ago

well,some bugs in multiplayer,single game(A&B spec) is okay

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