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IGN: Epic Mickey Review

Mickey Mouse just isn't the icon he used to be. Though once the star of countless animated films and shorts (and even several great video games) Mickey has seen his reputation slowly taken away. He is featured in fewer stories and on more merchandise these days, almost becoming more of a corporate symbol than a living, breathing character capable of supporting a grand adventure... (Disney Epic Mickey, Wii) 8/10

Cheeseknight28  +   1622d ago
Not exactly the score I was hoping for but it seems solid nonetheless. Between this, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Cave Story and Mario Galaxy the Wii has been a great home for platformers this year. Pity Super Meat Boy didn't make the party on-time.
BiggCMan  +   1622d ago
I dont see what the problem with an 8 is. It looks like a fantastic game and I can't wait to get my hands on it. An 8 is a very respectable score.
-Alpha  +   1622d ago
8 is great, was expecting higher, but it's still great.

Gotta say, the Wii is king of 8.0 scores this year lol. All their major releases seem to be varying 8.0 scores.
despair  +   1622d ago
the 8 is not the problem its why it got an 8, even if it is IGN, I mean when the actually gameplay does not live up to the quality of the story and presentation, even the mechanics it really does suck. I started off very skeptical of this game but more I saw the better it looked, so for me the 8 score is disappointing.
Mahr  +   1622d ago
"All their major releases seem to be varying 8.0 scores."

There, there, Galaxy 2. Don't cry. *I* won't forget you.
Headquarters11  +   1622d ago
I wonder if this game is easy enough for my nephew to play it.
PS360fanboy  +   1622d ago
8/10 is not a game's problem. It's a gamer's problem, with their absurd standards.

"Not exactly the score I was hoping for but it seems solid nonetheless." /facepalm
visualb  +   1622d ago
come on. This gen has been saturated with 9's and 10's

8/10 on my book = if you can, BUY THIS GAME.

its for wii only, but its good to see a proper disney game that isn't kingdom hearts =)

@ PS360 - exactly

people expect all "good" gaems to get 9/10, and if it doesn't, its a "flop" or its "ok"

so what, 7/10 is a crappy game? then whats 5/10? unplayable?! then whats 4/10? broken? then where do 3,2 and 1 fit in?

its like the mentality is:

10/10 - awesome
9/10 - great
---- fails to meet day 1 quality standards----
8/10 - good
7/10 - ok
6/10 crap
5/10 broken

4,3,2,1 / 10 - doesn't exist -___-
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happyface  +   1622d ago
ugh, first GT5 and now this! bad week for hyped games
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Dsnyder  +   1622d ago
IGN cant be pleased lately.
AngryFork  +   1622d ago
Unless it's a 360 exclusive.
Quietpower10  +   1622d ago
I doubt that.
Dsnyder  +   1622d ago
Or they get a nice big check lol.
Pirateogta  +   1622d ago
What score would a game have to get for IGN to be "pleased" with it? "8.0 - Impressive" sounds pretty pleased to me.
ReservoirDog316  +   1622d ago
It is better than every game getting an instant 10/10 though right?

Either way, can't wait to play this, on christmas.
RustedMan  +   1622d ago
I know in some weird way, had this game scored higher than Grand Turismo 5, someone would have the balls to compare the two.

EDIT: too bad I don't have a Wii, this game looks...gasp..unique. and original. and fun.
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T9X69  +   1622d ago
Well they did give the new NFS Hot Pursuit a higher score.
despair  +   1622d ago
and very soon I'll be in a perfect position to compare the two, well to the PC NFS anyway, and if my GT5 copy will just be delivered already. But that's off topic though :)

the game looks great, it reminds me like Kingdom Hearts that you can have a pretty damn cool and even at times a badass Mickey Mouse.
christheredhead  +   1622d ago
there have been a ton of great wii titles in the past few months and im glad the game scored pretty good. hopefully ill have some cash to buy this as soon as possible.
Toman85  +   1622d ago
With this title my Wii had more better exclusives titles than the X360, what a shame!!

I have Galaxy 2, GoldenEye, Other M, coming soon Epic Mickey, preordered Donkey Kong Returns and Mario Anniversary All Stars :)
tavo1117  +   1622d ago
OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, It seems Epic Mickey it's almost as good as GT5 acording to IGN scale.
Seferoth75  +   1622d ago
You sir are a moron. I wont waste my time explaining why. Your comment kinda proves you couldnt comprehend what was being said anyway
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DXM1  +   1622d ago
Stopped reading at "IGN".

Site that doesnt value its own credibility has no place in my house.
SovereignSnaKe  +   1622d ago
Good enough for me! :D
TheObserver  +   1622d ago
So, GT5 is only .5 points better than Epic Mickey?

Freaking Reviews, how do they work?
militant07  +   1622d ago
2 different genre. common sense is no longer common.
Swiftfox  +   1622d ago
The useless number system is supposed to be a quick reference summerization of the spoken word of the reviewer. The number is in no way supposed to be compaired with any other review score of any other game. Nor is it supposed to be compaired to any other reviewers personal view of the game. It should be left as a representation of what the reviewer felt when creating the review at the time.

Individuals seem to have taken it upon themselves to see these pointless numbers/quick reference guides as though they were in the Olympics. Where there is a set or rules that are universilly followed when rating a game and all games are seen by a panel of judges rather than everyday people with opinions.

When Game A get's a 9.1 and Game B get's a 9.2..oh there is hell to pay. "Game A stuck the landing!" or "Game B clearly had the better posture!" some people even "Why are you compairing them? One is balance-beam and the other is vault!"

These number are not now or will ever be law when describing a video game. Read the review for if you should pick up the game and play it. To see one persons perspective of mechanics, gameplay, successes, and shortcomings. Placing value in the number rather than the writen word is silly. Comparing that number to other numbers simply because it's easy to compair numbers is rediculous. /rant
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XANDEO  +   1622d ago
The old mega drive/genisis micky mouse games were great back in the day and this looks good im gonna give it a try, bout time i dusted my Wii of

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pcz  +   1621d ago
I think i'l give it a miss
Its getting really mediocre reviews in general.. Im seeing lots of 6/10's.

8/10 is good... But not on a console that has similar and superior platforming experiences to this one.

I mean, how can this game compete with Mario Galaxy 1&2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid Other M, Epic Kirby even Sonic Colours! Muramasa, Super Paper Mario etc etc etc... It can't. This game is out of its depths, i would rather play those games over this one.

I might get this game when i see it in the bargain buckets.
GFahim  +   1621d ago
errm you do realise
that all those games that you listed are not releasing/released at the same time as epic mickey right? so i dont really think the game is 'competing' with those titles. you might as well say killzone 3 is competing with resistance and cod etc.
Seferoth75  +   1621d ago
Nintendo titles usually have long legs. Any game releasing right now is still competing with NSMBWii and other Nintendo titles.
pcz  +   1621d ago
Its in the same genre as those games i mentioned, if a gamer wanted a game in that ganre, why would they pick mediocre mickey, over those other brilliant and critically acclaimed games? They would have to be stupid.

Its the same as a person going out to buy a fps, why would they buy red steel, when there are other superior games in that genre? metroid prime, goldeneye etc.

the point is, in its genre, epic mickey is near the bottom. If it was on ps3 or 360 it would be at the top, but this is the wii, not ps3/360.
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Darth Stewie  +   1621d ago
IGN already chose their GOTY already ME2 so they are lowering GT5 and EM scores cause in their eyes ME2 won already. (ME2 is a great game though can't wait for the PS3 version instead playing it at my cousins house all the time)
PlayerX  +   1621d ago
Well Mario Galaxy 2 got a 10 so I would say that it will be Game of the Year.
stuntman_mike  +   1621d ago
im looking forward to this, hopefully this will be a start to new disney franchises which arnt just aimed at pre-schoolers. Disney have fans of all ages.
gumgum99  +   1621d ago
I honestly thought it would've scored higher, given the hype from all critics. Sure is ironic to have Sonic Colors score higher. ^_^

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