Messiah's PS3 Blu-ray Remote Looks Like A Cell Phone

Many home theater geeks love their PlayStation 3s as Blu-ray players, but don't want to pick up a gaming controller to watch a movie. But thanks to the PS3's lack of an infrared port, existing universal remotes can't be used with the console. That's why the niche of PlayStation 3 remotes has popped up, and the newest remote from Messiah is slick-looking.

The Messiah Darklite DVD remote strongly resembles LG's Chocolate cell phones, and as you slide down to open the remote you get access to more advanced functions like chapter forward/backward and display. The remote also looks to be fully backlit, which is a big plus if you plan to use it in a darkened home theater. Backlighting uses a lot of battery juice, so it's nice that the Darklite has a built-in rechargeable battery that plugs into the base station.

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s8anicslayer4119d ago

That Remote Look's Amazing!

stunt2134119d ago

it's 30$ i would buy i, if i i dont have the sony official blu-ray remote one.

pacman6154119d ago

looks awesome, and also looks exactly like my dell tv remote , the bottom half of it anyways, i imagine will be bluetooth enabled as well, alot of electronics nowadays will have BT , wonder how much tho

MaximusPrime4119d ago

beautiful. just like PS3.

i want to get that new remote.

cloud3604119d ago


99/100 for design alone.

design pays up for watevr is crap about it

Blink4119d ago

Check please!!!Gimme that!!

damnwrx4119d ago

That looks SICK, where can I get one.

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The story is too old to be commented.