Activision - This Is Unacceptable

NextGN writes: "Before I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops for my PlayStation 3 I was well aware that it might be the down-ported version – it just seemed to be the more reasonable choice for me since I have the rest of the series on that console. The past games, though inferior, were still very much playable so it really didn’t bother me too much. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all with Black Ops for the PlayStation 3. Treyarch/Activision have botched up something that I have been holding out for this entire generation, and only on the PlayStation 3 – it’s 3D gaming."

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SuggestionBoy2792d ago

It's all about money. They are probably taking bribes on the side and paying the PS3 port team less. It's all business.

units2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

take off the tin foil hat

Kitchen_Sink2792d ago

It does sound a little bit crazy but people do all kinds of weird things for money. Microsoft knew that Call of Duty would be a big success so they could have easily signed a contract limiting the benchmark of the PlayStation versions. It's like this: you own a muffin making company. One coffee shop offers you a contract to only sell them the freshest and tastiest muffins, the others get the left overs. :P

-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

It really doesn't matter how likely it is. If you don't have proof that it's happening then you honestly have nothing other than a belief. Not surprised everybody here would buy an Activision/MS theory. But if you have no evidence to support it there is no reason anybody should believe it.

If I were to tell you that the moon landing didn't happen and vaguely refer to how the government isn't trustworthy and is secretive, should you believe me? Or would you demand proof?

We know EA and Sony are partnering up. Does this mean Sony paid EA to make the 360 version of Dragon Age inferior? Since you guys operate on assumptions, this should be just as likely, shouldn't it?

By the way, anybody care to share what is inferior about this port that isn't inferior with any other multiplatform PS3 title? A lot of PS3 multiplat titles are inferior on the PS3. Some more than others, and other times the 360 version is inferior.

The biggest omission on the PS3 is the lack of dual-log in. Nobody seems to have a problem with Sony getting exclusive content for games. In fact, Sony promotes it with EA. MS promotes with Activision.

Why would MS go under the table to make the PS3 version inferior anyway? Why not promote exclusive dual-log in for split-screen? See the problem here? If Treyarch wanted to hold back the PS3 version they don't need to go under the table. They can make it inferior if they damn please and give the 360 version all the goodies.

It makes no sense for MS to bother sabotaging the PS3 version. What do they gain out of it? Rage on the internet? Declined sales for the PS3 version? Anybody who wants BO probably already has it on the PS3.

The lack of dual-log in and networking issues are the biggest things wrong with the PS3 version. There isn't much else except for maybe slightly superior graphics on the 360.

I am not surprised if the networking is acting differently for all 4 consoles or that the PS3 version has more networking issues than the 360. Treyarch however has been on top of fixing known issues on the PS3 regarding networking. If they have a deal with MS, why would they bother doing this? Do you guys sincerely believe MS decided to throw money at Activision for timed-superiority?

The PS3 version of games have always gotten second treatment from numerous games.

Bad Company 2 is getting patches out on PS3 first. The networking also was worse on the 360 than on PS3 around launch.

By everybody's logic, PS3 is conspiring with EA to keep the 360 version down, right? It couldn't POSSIBLY be that EA is using the PS3 as the lead platform like Activision is using Xbox, can it?

Dragun6192792d ago

It's not really that hard to believe considering, before PS3 Slim, Kotick was willing to drop Support for the PS3.

Probably starts development on Xbox 360 first, then do a last minute port for the PS3. They probably see that Call of Duty will always sell, no matter what platform, especially Kotick, considering he joked about adding a Subscription for Call of Duty.

RageAgainstTheMShine2792d ago

yup Microshaft at its very best.... stealing games.

This really ain't no news. This is so 2007.
Don't you PS3 owners never ever learn?

Whoever wrote this article, Come on learn from your mistake, shake your head, just help yourself & move on.

It doesn't take a genius to understand what MicroShaft has been doing to destroy the gaming industry.

We got Gran Turismo 5.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2792d ago

Meh.. I'm waiting for KZ3/RES3/Crysis 2.

Da_Truth2792d ago

@ Alpha-Male: the problem is that modern warfare 1-2 ran identical on both there was no need for an inferior port this time. The only thing that changed from MW2 to BO is the deal between MS and Act for Call of Duty DLC...which makes you wonder if that deal affected the quality of the PS3 game...Act probably told MS we can't give you the game exclusivity since we make tons of money from the PS3 version, but we can make your version better.

shoddy2792d ago Show
-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )


Sure, but that still doesn't prove this conspiracy theory.

Note that as a whole, Treyarch's engine has been inferior to IW's and that you are comparing two different devs. WaW wasn't much different but that doesn't mean that the BO engine was sabotaged for PS3.

I have little doubt that they just didn't do a good enough port, it's got nothing to do with MS paying Treyarch to sabotage the PS3. It makes no sense.

"Act probably told MS we can't give you the game exclusivity since we make tons of money from the PS3 version, but we can make your version better"

Again, this is an assumption that has no proof. It's easy to assume such things, but if there is no evidence, there is no reason for people to believe it.

Can you list me everything you think is inferior on the PS3 version? Dual-log in is the big one, mind you. But wouldn't you think MS would promote that instead of secretly sabotaging the PS3? And if they did, why would they keep it a secret?

The thing with having a vague theory is that there are many questions left unanswered that get filled with assumptions.

Eamon2791d ago


One of the few people on N4G that actually speaks sense and with pure objectivity.
Have a bubble. Although, you seem to have a lot anyway lol.

jebabcock2791d ago


Treyarch had nothing to do with MW 1 or 2. The last COD they worked on was World at War. traditionally there has always been a noted difference between the COD games treyarch has produced compared to those that Infinity Ward has produced. That being the case, yes mw 1 and 2 could have worked flawlessly on the ps3 and black ops could have problems. It would be better to maybe compare how problematic WAW was on the ps3.

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TheLastGuardian2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Is it just me or does Bobby Kotick look a little stoned in that picture? Just look at those red eyes.

SodoBot2792d ago

Could also be the reflection of the hell-fires burning deep inside his mind. :)

dktxx22792d ago

Naw thats just his true form showing.

UnSelf2792d ago

he was crying from laughter at the millions who still buy COD

xTruthx2792d ago

After game trailers, IGN and even square enix got caught switching pics from ps3 and putting them on 360, nothing is hard to believe. People can just live in denial if they want.

n to the b2791d ago

never heard this. link please?

PhoenixDevil2791d ago

@n to the b
yer they got caught red handed, i dnt think this is the worst thing either as i remember seeing an article on N4G doing a graphics comparison n the PS3 photo had been edited so the L1 button turned into the left bumper n it was very hard to notice that looked very shady

airforcex2792d ago

Unlike the PS1, the PS3 was poorly designed for quick ports.

Guwapo772791d ago

Like money is an issue when it comes to Call of Duty. Reserve a comment for games that barely scratch 100k sold.

visualb2792d ago

bobby kotick doesn't care if your PS3 version of COD sucks

you gave him money. now shut up

or get a 360 and satisfy his deal with Microsoft.

AKS2791d ago

A guy like Kotick only cares about money. Consumers aren't exactly sending him a message of displeasure by throwing bags of money at his feet every time an annual Call of Duty game is released. As long as he's getting paid like that nothing will change.

mittwaffen2791d ago

Been caught before, hell even the chocolate industry has been caught fixing prices. Why wouldnt games be doing the same thing?

Same dev costs, give PS3 people a lesser version (They dont know better, they'll buy it)=Acitivison.

Otheros002791d ago

One word that describes everything about usa.

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BrownRanger2792d ago

Oh, Mr. Kotick, why do you have to be such a meanie? :(

LittleBigHalo2792d ago

I love the last paragraph: "So here is my suggestion to Treyarch/Activision – drastically drop the price of the PlayStation 3 version of the game, sell it as a faulty product and send me the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops so that I may enjoy my 3D gaming."

Full of win!

El_Colombiano2792d ago

Except the 3D gaming on 360 lol. All that is, is depth based. Give me stereoscopic PS3!

Fishy Fingers2792d ago

Black Ops 3D (on console) is widely regarded as the best seen to date. Be that PS3 or 360. Oh and it IS stereoscopic on all platforms.

yewles12792d ago

GT5 says hello, Fishy...

demonddel2792d ago

just get the 360 version or play ur many exclusives u always brag about u fucking cry babies

Silly gameAr2792d ago

Sounds like a plan to me, minus the wasting money on Black Ops part though.

Lyr1c2792d ago

Cry babies?

If I were a cry baby, I'd be playing Kinectimals........

demonddel2792d ago

ok everybody is out to sabotage the PS3 and everybody is on MS payroll we all get it now i dont know whose worst these crybabies or them teabaggers i mean the tea parties

Nathaniel_Drake2792d ago

Or I would be paying for online play hehehe

TheNocturnus2791d ago

Well said. PS3 Blows! Buh our exkluzives! They blow too. Bubble for you!

Lyr1c2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Hi, I'm Nocturnus30, and I'm a troll.

Thank you.

TheNocturnus2790d ago

Hi, I'm Nocturnus30, and I HATE the garbage that the PS3 is. Call me a troll if you want, that will not change the fact that I hate the PS3 based on my own personal experience from owning 2 of them.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I avoided this game for any platform. Can't believe also had problems on PC, which this was the main Platform for COD Series, more reasons to avoid this game and next CODs also.

Good thing I save the money for GT5 and the G25 Wheel.

Ace Killa 082792d ago

U living in the pass bud, great games started on pc and now the industry does not care where it came from, just where it would sell more