1UP gives 6.5/10 to Medal of Honor: Airborne

It takes a better-than-average effort for a WWII shooter to even get noticed anymore. Such is the state of things for a genre that has both delivered amazingly immersive cinematic experiences but has also taken gamers back to some battles so many times that the names of obscure French villages sound familiar. More often than not, discussions of WWII-era overload come back to the Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor: Airborne makes a solid first impression, enough so that it avoids the passing dismissal given to previous games in the franchise.

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MK_Red4119d ago

After few 8s and 7s (Specially 7 from Edge and 9 from GameDaily), 6.5 seems a bit low but closer to what I was expecting.

masterg4119d ago

I don't know. I played the demo.
It felt so "Been there done That". Didn't even finish it because it was so boring.
Nothing new in either graphics or gameplay.

Would wait for CoD4 which looks to much more promising.

deadpreacher4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I already got this game payed off, but im still on the fence on picking it up. I think i may go rent the game for a day. If i still like it i will go get my copy. If i don't i will just carry my money over to another preorder! From the Demo i played it looked fun, but i need to know if the online is as good first before i say i will take it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4119d ago

You got it paid off but not picking it up? That's just losing money.

deadpreacher4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

No not at all. I paid it off from my Two Worlds preorder. Once i heard about how bad Two Worlds was i went and rented it first & saw it was bad and put it on this game. Now i might just do the same here! Just as long as i don't open the case i get a full refund on my money. Yet since i didn't even pick it up i can carry the money onto a new game easy or just get my money back.

Cosmo4119d ago

They also gave warhawk the same score, I'll wait till IGN give them a review.

I haven't played a medal of honor since the original one so for me I might consider it.

GnaM4118d ago

MOH is old news. Brothers in Arms is the new WWII franchise of choice.