The Steam Black Friday Sale Is The Best Thing Ever - You Could Get 5 Games Free!

SystemLink: "Here's what's going on. 4 gift pack deals per day. 9 games on sale per day. Plus, the chance to get any 5 games, absolutely free, so long as you're one of 30 lucky people. Per day."

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MegaMohsi2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

borderlands $9.99, that might be too tempting to pass up!

OtherWhiteMeat2738d ago

Steam is one of the reasons PC gaming will never die.You have a hundred bucks and a great sale you could fill a hard drive.

Substance1012738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Apparently thats not the only thing they got going. Make a wishlist of your favorite games and you have a chance to get them for free.

PC gaming at the moment is the most economic way to game due to such low game prices.

BYE2738d ago

Agreed, there are some great deals and besides the major releases, a ton of interesting indy games you'd never find on consoles.

GrilledCheeseBook2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Impulse is doing a Thanksgiving sale as well
not as good as Steams but it's something
The wonderful job that Valve has done is that with Steam it has made it essential for the other DD services to have good sales to compete

AKS2738d ago

This sale is unreal. Might as well start shopping at newegg for a bigger hard drive. LOL.

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superrey192738d ago

This is why I love you Steam...

GrilledCheeseBook2738d ago

Bought Alpha Protocol and Deus Ex
Real exited for what's coming up these next few days
This is a real nice taste before the holiday sales

OhReginald2738d ago

i bought the same 2 was like $12 something. Freaking win.

catguykyou2738d ago

I just got the Deus Ex package and made sure I added some games to my wish list

OhReginald2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

deus ex collection for only $5....r you serious?


8800gtx2738d ago

Runs in Full HD too :P oh wait thats pretty much standard for this platform, even on entry level hardware.


thematrix12982738d ago

CS:S is a must buy for anyone still haven't played this game. Anyone know how to remove game from a wishlist? I have an old game there in the list from years ago lol.

comp_ali2738d ago

I want to know too , feels liek there is no way to remove lol.

vickers5002738d ago

What's so great about CS? I'm not trying to start an argument here, I'd just like to know what's special about it and what it has (besides mods) that other games don't. I played a demo of it a long time ago and didn't particularly enjoy it.

solar2738d ago

it is a very tactical shooter. very unforgiving and has a huge learning curve.

it is the essential competitive gaming FPS, and it's 10 years old. no other game has touched it.

TheBand1t2738d ago

The gameplay and the commnuity, mostly. That and all the fun mods like zombie mod, zombie horde, jailbreak and surfing.

vickers5002738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Are there servers dedicated to people completely new to it?

Also, the community aspect doesn't really do much for me since I don't know anybody who plays pc games other than WoW, and I imagine playing a tactical fps without friends sucks and would be ultimately pointless.

If the CS community is anything like the Socom community, then f*ck CS. I don't want to be playing with a bunch of elitist a**holes who take the game way too seriously and get pissed off at the most trivial of issues.

Also, you can give me as much sh*t for this next question/complaint as you want, but it's just the way I am since modern fpss have spoiled me, but does the game have respawning, and if so, how long will I have to wait to respawn? Some people don't mind watching their team mates play for like 5 minutes after they get killed, but I can't stand waiting that long, seeing as how I don't really give a sh*t about whether my team mates win or lose if I'm not alive to help them. I can stand like 10-15 second spawn times, but no respawning at all or only respawning after the round is over isn't my cup of tea.

Not to mention since I'm going to be new to the game, I'm going to suck, and I'd rather not spend the majority of my time watching the game after I get my @ss killed within the first 20 seconds.

I don't mind tactical shooters, but I don't want to have to be sitting my @ss out on the sidelines for the majority of the time because I'm not very good.

radphil2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


Yes there's servers for newbies to the game, and no the majority of the community isn't elitist stuck up people. Hell 1/2 the time people make fun of their own shortcomings.

As far as respawn, it depends if the server has a mod or not, but it varies depending upon if a team gets eliminated, or the objective is completed. Along with that look around for some servers that don't have long round times.

vickers5002738d ago

Well, I went ahead and bought it anyways. This will have been my first pc game purchase ever. Hopefully it doesn't suck and isn't just one of those things that I play for like 30 minutes and then lose interest in.

Mista T2738d ago

the community is the best in any online fps.

solar2738d ago

uh oh, i think vickers500 is gonna rage fast in CS hehe. no disrespect to him of course.

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GrilledCheeseBook2738d ago

go to your wishlist and there is this small button that says remove next to the added into the wishlist date

BattleAxe2738d ago

Just bought Counter Strike: Source for $5.00. I've only been on STEAM since June, and I've already got 41 big named titles due to the sales on STEAM.

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kasasensei2738d ago and .com is doing the same thing! Lucky buyers can win free games!

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