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The best cars to try on Gran Turismo 5

Pocket-Lint: "The day of days is here. You can finally buy Gran Turismo 5 and review it for yourself. It’s been an age, no, an eon in the making and petrol heads the world over will be champing at the bit to get home tonight, break open that PS3 cover and not open the curtains again until the gaming’s done." (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

Kon_Artist  +   1644d ago
loving the chrome audi r8
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   1644d ago
"Nurburging’s a Grand Prix racetrack that the public drive on."

WHAT? I didn't know that. One day I will go do that in real life.
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Si-Fly  +   1643d ago
Are you kidding? Go back to COD...
Si-Fly  +   1643d ago
Chromeline 427 Cobra, opposite lock on every bend lol!
Daves  +   1643d ago
Haha, that was my experience, so I stuck with the M5 and R8, which are lovley. :)
killalot100  +   1643d ago
finally a sensible topic about gt5 on n4g let alone the net and for me. Im going to try the Gran Turismo Red Bull X1
soundslike  +   1643d ago
its all about the super-charged lime green 71 Mustang
Si-Fly  +   1643d ago
Yes!!! Just bought the '71, get the race exhaust fitted it sounds soooooo good!

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