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Submitted by BYE 1906d ago | review

GamePro Germany: Gran Turismo 5 Review

+ Huge variety of racing events
+ Excellent driving feel
+ More than 1000 vehicles
+ Great learning curve

- Complicated B-Spec mode
- Lackluster damage model

Conclusion: The wait finally is over. Despite some minor flaws, Gran Turismo 5 is the most realistic driving simulation for consoles to date. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3) 9.1/10

ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1906d ago
Excellent review.
gunnerforlife  +   1906d ago
Lackluster damage model.....
how much of the game have they played?
cuz from what people have been saying u need to at least get half way through the game to actually see damage that we've been seeing on videos
Shaymin  +   1906d ago
This review is better than IGNorants review
mrv321  +   1906d ago
I read the GT5 IGN review, awaiting the video review... it's almost lolable, simply because how nitpicky they are.
Gothdom  +   1906d ago
Judging from some of their reviews, I wonder if they play the games more than 15min. The Castlevania LoS review was atrocious. So was the GT5 review.

IGN became crap the day they put that "insider" stupidity. Since then it's a downhill ride for IGN.
MeatPopsicle   1906d ago | Spam
SpitFireAce85  +   1906d ago
All i got to say for IGNorant is just that..
they are trying to tell gamers that GT5:P is
just as good as GT5 full version...
reckoner  +   1906d ago
Of course, since this site gave GT5 a higher score, it's automatically better.

Face it, you guys are way too touchy when it comes to review scores. GT5 will be a great game regardless of whatever score a reviewer gives it. There is no need to be this angry over a subjective score.

In my opinion, GT5 is currently the best racing game on the planet. I don't care what other people think.
gtsentry  +   1906d ago
your comment made me feel better that im getin gt5 at 4 clok tday
ElementX  +   1906d ago
Forza is older, it looked good for the time. GT5 is 2010 and compared to all the graphical hype and supposed "photorealism", it doesn't achieve it.
MeatPopsicle  +   1906d ago
"Lackluster damage model"

Let me guess, in order to rush out this 'review' the idiot didn't bother to learn or find out that the full damage model is something that is unlocked as you play.

"Complicated B-Spec mode"

Good old review 'filler'. Gotta have some stuff in the cons section no matter how inane.
turnerdc  +   1906d ago

There is no proof of a progressing damage model, only that certain cars and certain modes may exhibit more extreme forms of damage. The general consensus is that the "full" damage will come later in a patch.
Shazz  +   1906d ago
a 4.8 and 9.1 on last 2 reviews ohhh that 86% on metacritic will be going up soon enough and thats after what 14 or 15 reviews
Genecalypse  +   1906d ago
Its funny, N4Gs in up roar over a single review - IGNs - imagine if hadn't come out yet?
Just goes to show you the negative things outweigh the positives in both troll and defenders eyes. Thats sad
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darkdoom3000  +   1906d ago
Second batch of reviews seem more reliable. 2 days with the game and 1 day online is not enough playtime to give a proper review imo.

I'm curious to see what the scores will be from the people that have held back futher.
rextyrann  +   1906d ago
totally agree with you. tbh everyone who is already putting up a review now is not reliable at all.

have this game since yesterday and to unlock all the features and really knowing the complete game with all the options will take even the best drivers at least a week 24/7...
some pple might even never unlock all the extreme/profesional stuff.

there is just no way that some busy editors who have several job stuffs to do to get even close to a good insight into this game after 4-5 days with only few hours each day. its freaking HUGE!!!

give this game 2-3 weeks hardcore testing + online mode testing. then we can talk about real reviews kiddos...
aMadMan  +   1906d ago
dkgshiz  +   1906d ago
They should have damage modeling right from the start.
Oh well though.
slaymanio  +   1906d ago
IGN are nitpicky for ps3 games but when it's time to review a xbox360 exclusive the nitpicking goes away...

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