Halo 3 Believe the Hype?

Online Gaming News writes:
"We should demand something new, something different in our games. Don't just add a number to the title, change the graphics and the maps and maybe adding a new weapon or two, and then call it "NewOldGame 3" **cough, Halo 3**. It's almost like what is going on with the movie industry now days. How many remakes or sequels have you see at the box office in the last 5 years? (Way to many to even count)"

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V2oom4124d ago

That reads like the author got his a$$ handed to him more than a few times while playing halo 2 online.

achira4124d ago

no this shows that halo 3 is overhyped. but i am sure it is granted that sites like ign, gamespot, egm, 1up, will give it a 10, although it is a crap game. so calm down.

Stella4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Sounds like a cry for a bigger wad of cash from Microsoft for this writer to hype the game.

I don't think Microsoft will ever understand that outside of the existing mostly US Xbox fanbase that gamers will ever care about Halo.

No matter how much money they spend buying magazine covers and other print media hype.

No matter how many online console sites they establish marketing 'arrangements' with like EGM and 1Up to endlessly hype the game.

No matter how many press releases they put out about how many Halo fans stood in line.

It will never change the fact that the Halo games are and always will be niche games that appeal to US Microsoft/Xbox/pc gamer fans. The best a Halo game has ever sold is some 6-7 million. Nowhere near the big mass market franchises like GT, Final Fantasy, or GTA that are in the 10-15 million in sales ranges.

All this money and effort Microsoft is spending on Halo 3 could have been used to develop a stronger and more diverse first party lineup. 95 percent of all of the Halo 3 hype is utterly pointless.

Everyone who bought Halo/2 will most likely end up buying Halo 3.
Everyone who didn't care about Halo/2 last gen will go right on doing so this gen.

There are too many fantastic fps games out this year on all platforms for anyone but existing Halo fans to go out and buy a 360 JUST to play Halo 3. The game just isn't good enough. Graphically it is easily the poorest looking fps game of 2007. And the lack of dedicated servers is utterly inexcusable when it is a standard feature on PC and PS3 games.

Halo 3 will come and go. Microsoft and Halo fans will 'declare victory' and the console world will go right on as if the game was never existed.

uxo224124d ago

Hype comes in two flavors, positive and negative feedback. Have you ever seen anything get a negative review or bad press and it actually helped to item rather than hurt it.

This article does NOT show that Halo3 is overhyped. However it does show that someone is letting the Halo3 train get the best of them or that someone may be a bit jealous of halo's success. I mean, why speculate? Wait for the game to come out then give it a fair review end of story. It will either live up to the hype or will not.

And for those that sit there with their closed mind and make dumb statements like "HALO3 SUCKS"; just further proves my point; which is jealous sometimes cause irrational thought and make people say things that they either really don't mean or that they know aren't really true. Like "Halo3 Sucks!"

Come on Halo haters out there, give credit where credit is due. Also, there are many successful sequels, MGS, COD, GT, PGR, FF50 the list goes on, why is it that there is a problem with bungie doing the same thing. The games I mentioned above are all past their third installment and I have lost count as to how many FFs are out there. So I really don't get the point that the writer of this article is trying to make.

JOLLY14123d ago

The author says " I sit and hope and pray to be impressed for my 60.00, but some how I KNOW I will be sorely disappointed."

How do you know you'll be disappointed? Why write an article on speculation? Why are all the sony fans writing comments without reading the article? FUNNY

eLiNeS4123d ago

Did he just crawl out from under a rock and decided to write about HALO 3. There is so much more to HALO 3 then any other HALO has had. Just having the graphics in HD is a plus but Bungie has out done them selves with HALO 3 all around. New weapons, gadgets, grenades, vehicles, 4 player online co-op, theater video editor for co-op or multiplayer, map editor (Forge), what else am I missing? Oh yes the environments are huge and have push the 360 to the limits. This game is going to be epic!

HALO 2's online was a hit and is still one of the best online games around but HALO 3 will even out do that. This game will be played for years not just months or days but YEARS!!! And not just online multiplayer but co-op online campaign mode as well.

Just watching the leaked videos out and what has been shown here and there has mad a believer in many that where on the fence or was no where near the fence but have crossed over to greener pastures.

HALO ][][][ FTW!!!!

Rhaigun4123d ago

It's not like there are 13 of them.
Halo was a planned trilogy for the sake of telling the story.
The fact that the core gameplay has remained the same is a good thing.
Why fix it if it isn't broken?
We all know how well that faired for DMC2.

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ben hates you4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

i look at games like music, i like punk rock because its punk rock, not because its pop, i like halo because its halo not splinter cell

@ achira and onewinedangel your comments are noted, and i think they suck

onewinedangel4124d ago

and they bought it to me Halo3 i received it last saturday and is the same freaking game ,dont believe in the hype its a great game if u have never play a FPS before in my personal point if view its a generic Fps with crappy graphics but its has a nice story .
And if u think Forge is the best it actually suxs its a very confusing mode ,actually the only good thing in this game is that u finally finish the fight and that the level of customizesation is good ,all other features are the same and the multiplayer sux
Im not a fanboy in just dissapointed thiscost my uncle waste 200 dollars and the game was not what i expected i rather keep playing halo2(its the same) thanxs and dont flame my opinion i know i have falme some articles but its just my personal opinion

snoop_dizzle4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

unless they have some special connections.

and if you are telling the truth, how the hell did he get it for you?

The BS Police4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Bungie has allready stated that copies of Halo 3 have not been shiped out to Italy at all.

You are saying the rumors are true while really your parents just bought an empty pre-order box for you?

ShiftyLookingCow4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

troll alert: one whinny angel

radzy4123d ago


TheSadTruth4123d ago

get a life and go outside

anyone who feels like making up sh1t a video game to justify their purchase of a rival console really needs to go outside and get some fresh air, you're as pathetic as they come kid

MoonDust4123d ago

Cmon. No one believe you douchebag.

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BenzMoney4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Change the words "Halo" in the story to "Final Fantasy" and the words "FPS" to "RPG" and I'd agree 100% with this story...


Hmmm... apparently a lot of people disagree that I would agree.

Greysturm4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Each final fantasy changes the battle system the storyline the graphics and almost all the characters with the exception of a few summons so this article doest has nothing on final fantasy.

Cr4zy1v4n4123d ago

@ Greysturm
That's exactly it though, FF changes everything about their games from sequel to sequel, so how is it a sequel? Thats like saying Halo was the sequel to Marathon because they were made by the same people. If a game has a different storyline, gameplay, etc... Why not give it a new title? The reason is because FF games get hyped pretty well too because they're FF games, you buy the name, and assume the game is good. (And in FF case they usually are). I do however love both series for different reasons, but don't lift up FF because they completely change the game every time. Bungie was smart by not completely effing Halo 3 up like they admittingly did to halo 2. (see for proof)


Have you ever play the game???
We dont have Cloud as protagonist for 12 straight FF title and different game play every game....

Cr4zy1v4n - I think you miss the point here, FF theme tend to be that way since the first inception 20 years ago. But what make FF a FF is the story that deal with magic, spirit, reincarnation, ragnarok, mog and chocobo because FF theme was build to be that way. So it is alright not to have Cloud or Squall in FF XIII but its not alright if the game lack all those fantasy elements.
But for Halo, the game is all about FPS and Master Chief.... the theme around of the game is make to be that way so please compare FF and Halo is the last thing you want to do.

Cr4zy1v4n4123d ago

Yea about that, where did i say that they were similar? I think its right after where i said they were different and that i like both for different reasons. However, I agree with you 100% that they should not be compared, and also 100% on your other point that Halo is all about MC, and that a good trilogy generally has the same storyline and theres a beginning part (usually the best), a bridge (usually the worst, Pirates 2, Halo 2) and then theres the finale which generally closes the story and has new stuff as i was trying to show some people who just think this game is Halo yet again, well for them what about LOTR or Star Wars Yet again (love both btw). so my rant was on how FF makes it seem as if it is one giant story, but it just has the same themes and lots of cameos from previous versions, save FFX-2. I just don't see why its FFXIII coming out and not a newly named RPG, because no matter what its named, if Square-enix makes it and its looks good, its probably good. Just doesn't make sense to me.

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halo3betasnatch out4124d ago

thats how all sequals are, such as call of duty 2 and 3... the main difference with sequals is the story, why is this guy just targeting halo 3?

notpill4124d ago

maybe just because the hype around halo is so freakin' and stupid and totally out of control. cmon guys is the same game, ever and ever, and everyone knows. Do you like? ok, fine, but take it easy...

COD, cod2, cod3.. is the same story indeed, the same gameplay, the same weapons, scenarios... but Ive never seen nthing like the halo-hype around the cod franchise.