Gran Turismo 5 'can't match F1 2010's adrenaline rush' - Codemasters

CVG: Codemasters has claimed that Sony's Gran Turismo 5 can't match up to the "adrenaline rush" provided by its own F1 2010.

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showtimefolks2708d ago

codemasters(how about you combine grid,dirt and F1 into one game because than we will see some real content)
turn 10

i feel like gt5's scores will not be as high as forza 3 just because every reviewer will keep comparing the 2 and will say oh gt5 doesn't have this or that

what's gonna be sad though is even with a 85-90 overall rating it will seel 10 million plus what forza hasn't been able to do in 3 games

Biggest2708d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is a champion decathlete with a bunch of pole vaulters thinking they're just as good.

-Alpha2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


I don't think it's fair to be upset with Forza getting higher scores. T10 had a smaller budget and less time and I think they did pretty well. Give credit where it is due, Forza is a pretty strong series. Imagine them with a bigger budget, more freedom, etc.

Games should never be judged directly/solely with other games. It's unfair for other developers.

GT just has higher standards. It falls victim to its own hype. For example. 200 premium cars is awesome, but for a game hyped as perfect people wont shake the feeling off that 80# of the cars are standard, despite the fact that there are 200 premium vehicles. People will point out the inconsistency of graphics, and it's fair to do so, especially with the way some people were hyping the game. Again, this is all in the contexts of the game itself.

People seem to think that just because a game flops or fails to meet expectations that it's somehow a bad game, especially when people place those expectations sky high. It's not PolpPhony's fault that a vocal bunch on the internet would call it perfect. If people expect perfect, then they will be surely disappointed with even the smallest of faults.

As for this article, CVG. Enough said

thief2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Give credit to Forza for what?
720p graphics, less detailed car models?
Inferior physics and car handling in a so-called simulator?
A last-gen damage model?

Do a comparison for Forza 3 versus GT5 on graphics, content, feature, physics, AI, damage - the only section where Forza might score better is AI. Even damage, which is a weak point for GT5, is inferior in Forza where they use a damage modeling system which is last gen and picked up from Forza 1.

The funny thing is, that the reviews I read dont seem to dispute any of the above, while dishing out the 85 scores.

MonkeyBoy922708d ago

Yeah CVG having been putting a lot of negative articles about GT5 in the last 24 hours, I don't see why they are so determined to try and beat down a great game. What do they get out of it, it's childish.

-Alpha2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


Like I said, Forza had a smaller budget and less time. I think they did pretty well considering this, don't you?

You compare it to GT which has a much bigger budget, took more time to come out, and had a stronger hardware (PS3). Certainly you can objectively give credit for a series that managed to score so well on less time, money, and limited hardware, can't you?

There's no reason to take anything away for that.

From what I'm seeing GT has inherent flaws to itself like any other game. People denying this tend to be the ones who expect it to score perfect and then get upset and bring in Forza. It makes no sense.

I don't know much about racing sims but I do see that Forza was liked for its online, customization, single player, etc. Your opinion on the physics is just that-- an opinion. Others seem to love it.

Like I said, GT has higher standards. It gets judged on its own merits/hype/expectations. Doesn't make it a bad score, just judged to a higher standard. No need for some people to freak out over the reviews

Lovable2708d ago

For some reason, PS3 games had to be judged on a higher standard than the other exclusives on other consoles...

Seraphoth2708d ago

Don't forget they(Turn10) have more than DOUBLE the staff 140vs 300+ not to mention they outsourced modeling work,
So in manhours dev time would be very similar,

DigitalAnalog2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

With IGN, they clearly stated "as a simluation 10/10". That is enough indication that they recognized the game to what it was DESIGNED to be in the first place.

By this, they have openly stated that they do NOT give points based on simulation but by the total aspects that make up a "racing" game.

Naturally Forza 3 gets the passes, because it is a fine balance between casual and hardcore.

However, GT5 was designed from the ground up to be "exclusively" hardcore, hence we have been hearing reports from GT forums that both AI and DAMAGE are significantly apparent the more you level up. The effect is far noticeable when you drive the game with "professional" physics. And if you reviewed the game based on that (which I'm sure they didn't), then surely, the game would warrant a 10/10 as they have implied earlier.

What bothers me is that none of the reviews I've seen seem to illustrate this? NONE! No progressive damage and AI as you level up, how is it a few GT players are able to point out that so-called "professional" reviewers couldn't? This may be another case of "ill-informing" the public. With that being said, a lot fans have every right to get pissed off at the score.

-End of Line

jut4202708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

No one cares about their limitations they had to work with...All gamers care about is the final product and that's what all games should be judged on.

Xusuyzus2708d ago

@yut420 ,.. yes !!
I agree!!
It is that fucking good,.. my wife wants to beat me,.. :)

game is good,.. and it is a sim:))) loool ,.. never thought that could happen in my house,.. seriously bro

hesido2708d ago


I'm a GT Fan, but since when 720p is not enough? Last time I checked, Uncharted and Klllzone ran at 720p. Try to pick on other points.

BillOreilly2707d ago

Yea it is hype that kills most games. PS3 fans hyped this for years, just wait exc exc. Gt5 will kill all, 20 mil ps3s sold for it, cant tell if its real or a game. That kills it because its just a game, it cant do all that. Most ps3 games get hyped like this, uncharted for example, great game, not the best of this gen even. Too Human was hyped by the dev when they shouldve shut up and let people know it wasnt dmc it was a loot drop game. Enslaved dev ran their mouth and people didnt buy their game(unfortunatly it was amazing). Hype will destroy a game whether from dev or from fans.

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Rage_S902708d ago

"gt5 is a phenomenal product" :)

hatchimatchi2708d ago

I've never played F1 2010 but I do know that playing GT5 with a race wheel is phenomenal.

aMadMan2708d ago

CVG needs to stop with the flame-bait.

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