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Submitted by ajcastillo 1907d ago | news

XBL $10 price hike was caused by ACTIVISION

Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision once said that “We’ve heard that 60 per cent of [Microsoft’s] subscribers are principally on Live because of Call Of Duty, we don’t really participate financially in that income stream." but to the recent XBL $10 price hike that was announced in August and implemented on November 1st, Kotick has totally changed mood now he is saying "Activision does enjoy a very modest amount of the subscription fees". (Activision, Bobby Kotick, Call of Duty, Microsoft, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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awiseman  +   1907d ago
wouldnt doubt it.
T9X69  +   1907d ago
Considering COD is the biggest game on PS3 as well, I wonder if this jackass is going to try to start charging PS3 users to play COD online in the future. This guy is such a money hungry prick, I almost feel insulted buying Black Ops new even though I support Treyarch but despise Activision, mainly Kotick.
ajcastillo  +   1907d ago
And now it even doesnt matter if you dont buy any CALL OF DUTY GAME, because if you pay the XBOX LIVE GOLD suscription you are giving them $5.
blumatt  +   1907d ago
To hell with Kotick
The day Activision starts charging to play CoD online on the PS3, is the day I will STOP playing CoD games. Personally, I like Battlefield BC2 (PS3) better anyway. And like the guy above me said, if this article is true, it would mean that regardless of whether Xbox Live Gold people PLAY CoD, they're STILL giving Activision a little bit of money.
Hell what if other devs. demand a little piece of the pie and want some of Live's subscription fees? I guess Live Gold will eventually be up to around $100 a year. Where does this greed stop?? MS needs to tell Activision to go to hell and not give them anymore money. Hell, they just made over half a billion dollars from Black Ops. Jeez
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Longrod_Von_Hugendon   1907d ago | Trolling | show
Godmars290  +   1907d ago
More likely, since this puts them more in bed with MS, it probably means the 360 will get more Activision titles. If COD doesn't go exclusive, since it might also mean PS3-only owners might buy a 360 to play COD.
Biggest  +   1907d ago
He'll be greatly disappointed if something like that comes around. I doubt more than 10% of PS3 gamers would pay to play CoD online. One of the draws to PSN has always been the fact that it's free. Changing that would make people leave CoD and PSN. Sony wouldn't allow it.

Edit: One outcome I could see would be Activision and EA furthering their partnerships with Xbox and Playstation and every year we would have CoD vs. MoH.
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OtherWhiteMeat  +   1907d ago
Making COD or any other game an Xbox 360 exclusive wouldn't make any financial sense,both consoles combined are nearly 90 million so why cut your sales nearly in half. Timed DLC from Activision is how this battle will be fought.
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T9X69  +   1907d ago
Money talks. MS paid $50 million dollars for timed exclusive DLC, not even a game, 50 mill for some fucking DLC. I wouldn't be surprised if MS offers them money to make COD exclusive to 360. If that doesn't happen, I bet your ass that pick Kotick will be telling Sony he wants to charge a separate online monthly fee for COD on PS3. Kotick wants more, more, more, if he can squeeze 50 cents out of COD on PS3 a month, that POS will do it.
IronAva  +   1907d ago

So if Sony said you have to pay $20 a month to play GT5 online, there would be a ton of people on here saying that is not a bad deal. Games are like drugs, people will go where ever they have to to get their fix. Also why does it matter what a company does with the money you give them? I could care less if the guy that runs the carry-out near my house uses the money I gave him to fulfill his dirty habits. If you really knew what other companies did with their money, most of you on here would not buy a thing.
The Wood  +   1907d ago
Whatever ms paid activision to make it exclusive wouldn't be enough. Activision loves money as you can see so why would they lose out on all those extra map packs on top of the ps3 version itself....not over koticks dead body
JUDALATION  +   1907d ago
LMAO NO WONDER XBOX has the better verson... Lucky for me Im in the Killzone 3 Beta and its a thousand times better than Black ops... alls they need to do is add more guns, fix the spawns and matchmaking to make this the greatest fps of all time... eat THAT kotass!

Oh... and by the way... MAG and socom 4 WHOOP call of dutys arse as well!
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Biggest  +   1907d ago
You can say whatever you want to make you feel better about whatever it is you need to feel better about, IronAva. The truth is that people don't have to pay for PSN and they won't have to pay for PSN. Call of Duty is all about the online experience these days. Gran Turismo 5 is not. People that care about Gran Turismo might like having online as a feature, but it isn't something they need to play the game. Since it won't happen, this is a pointless conversation (Good job trolling). Gran Turismo 5 would not be played online by very many people if they added a cost. Sorry, bro.
IronAva  +   1907d ago

Again, what I said has nothing to do with making me feel better. Hey to make "YOU" feel better lets change GT5(even though it has an online option) to Killzone 3 is that better for you. If Sony or even Nintendo were to charge for one of their big titles to play online, people will pay. How am I a troll when I said nothing at all to attack you or this board. People are quick to judge if one does not agree with their opinion.
RageAgainstTheMShine   1907d ago | Trolling | show
VenomProject  +   1907d ago

Who would PAY to play a video game like an FPS?

MMOs, I can understand, it's almost like a second life and there's so much content. An FPS though? Yeah, not even Killzone 3 would make me PAY to play online.

Screw that.
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evrfighter  +   1907d ago
i called it. i don't feel like browsing my history but ya
psman012  +   1907d ago
T9X69, I think this is the first time I have ever seen a comment of yours that has more agrees than disagrees :P
DaTruth  +   1907d ago
Can't believe none of you have figured it out yet!

Why do you think the game is advertised like a 360 exclusive?
dredgewalker  +   1907d ago
I've already written off Activision games from my list. I would gladly miss out on some of their good games than to give them a piece of my hard earned money.
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1907d ago
Or you could just buy them used.Activision doesn't make a dime on used game sales.
Sevir04  +   1907d ago
Haha, If you pony up for XBL you automatically give $5
to activision! so buying it used doesn't matter if you ARE on XBL and a PAYING gold member!!! so 360 gamers and fanboys get screwed regardless!.. and i wouldn't doubt this seeing as MS is in bed with activision. they paid 3 years provisions of exclusive content for all things COD for the xbox platform! This little transaction was probably part of the deal to raise XBL prices since this was announced in June, THE SAME MONTH they announced the 3 year exclusive deal with activision at E3 for all things COD! so i believe this is true!!! MS raised prices of XBL so gamers on the 360 could be weaseled into paying activition a subscription to COD!!! LOL! its funny but i feel bad.

Years ago it was EA with the bad Name Now it's activision and its couldnt be more accurate. these bastards along with their head honcho Kotic and MS is screwing the gamers pocket in this recession!

Thank Goodness for the PSN and i'm glad i dont own a single activision title. Some how i'm suddenly turned off Bungie's next game as it bears the name activision as it's publisher! NONE OF my Money will go to activision! NONE! i'll just borrow my friends copy of Bungie's next game on PS3!
vhero  +   1907d ago
Technically he does but not because ppl subscribe. It works like this. Suckers pay MS for playing games online (suckers as you can play for FREE on PS3 and PC) they don't give a percentage to companies, what they do is use money from Live to pay for exclusive content e.g. early map packs in activisions case.
princejb134  +   1907d ago
so in the end xbl owners get fucked and psn owners dont
this game is not worth the extra 60 cents to play online
so many dam glitches
BillOreilly  +   1907d ago
well the ps3 vesion is glitched and shit but the 360 version is acually good. Just saying. Damn those ms suckers getting good versions and exclusive maps/games/features. Baa Humbug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
visualb  +   1907d ago
and who gave this man so much power? WHO?

the gamers who bought this mans games =)

you are to blame above all...sorry to say ='(

like the saying "the people get the leader they deserve"

in this case

the gamers get the extortion they deserve...they did vote with their own money after all...sad =(
Eddie20101  +   1907d ago
Activision and Kotick are the Mafia of the gaming industry, seems a bit like extortion except Microsoft won't take the hit and instead pass the extortion buck to the consumer and then add an extra fiver on for good measure for Microsoft. The shot that's gone down this generation of gaming consoles is unbelievable.
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pixelsword  +   1907d ago
Hey, I thought it was because of all of those "great" features that they hiked up the price?

Well xbl/non-net neutrality fans, you were all fine and dandy before you knew so don't complain now.
iamtehpwn  +   1907d ago
So, has anyone else noticed that Bobby's smile looks an awful lot like..
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CrIpPeN  +   1907d ago
he got a face you just want to punch in the face.
Optical_Matrix  +   1907d ago
This man is an utter prick
thematrix1298  +   1907d ago
Vince and Jason left IW because Activision wanted to charge monthly fee for their next MW. Those guys were gamers once and understand how loyal fans would react. Bobby is a greedy d1ck. I hope to god that their monthly subscription COD fails so bad that stock holders all sell the stocks.
CrIpPeN  +   1907d ago
yeah they probably put COD to see the ground as Tony Hawks and Guitar Hero.
Muffins1223  +   1907d ago
him and the president of valve
scar20  +   1907d ago
Wow dat sux big time for you 360 players.
I think his momma deserves this.

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Derekvinyard13  +   1907d ago
gypsygib  +   1907d ago
That's why he doesn't care about PS3
rob6021  +   1907d ago
yea no wonder they put half the effort into the PS3 version - now it makes sense, they actually want people buying it on the 360 instead.
Vip3r  +   1907d ago
Blaine  +   1907d ago
So as long as Sony doesn't charge us for online, really we should be thanking 360 players because they're paying for us to play! Socialism...

As long as this doesn't affect future game development... Actually what am I saying? I don't give a shit about Activision's games!
CrIpPeN  +   1907d ago
It already effected, haven't you seen the PS3 version? LOL!
showtimefolks  +   1907d ago
never was a fan of COD
never will be a fan so it really doesn't matter to me and i bet he came to sony and go a BIG NO as the answer from sony for charging to play

and he can't drop PS brand since the game sells so many copies on ps3

MS just want someone to love thme lol buy some damn 1st party studios
blumatt  +   1907d ago
Yep, first party studios is the way to go. Buying exclusivity from third parties is not a smart long-term solution.
insomnium2  +   1907d ago
Long-term? MS doesn't care about long-term. That's no news really.
princejb134  +   1907d ago
are there really that many 3rd parties studios out there
i can only name a few
sony and nintendo already bought most of them
Dark_king  +   1907d ago
There are hundreds of 3rd party studios if not thousands.Its the publishers that there are not enough of.Studios make the game publishers burn the games to disc untop of funding and advertising most.
Autolycus88  +   1907d ago
Destroy Bobby Kotick.
Convas  +   1907d ago
Oi. I don't like thinking violent thoughts towards people I don't know that haven't done anything directly to me but ...

I hope ...

He dies in a fire.

Gets hit by a truck.

Falls off his chair and breaks his neck on a bag of benjamins.

Just. Death. Any type. To rid us of his curse on gaming.
Shadow Haze501  +   1907d ago
Karma will take care of him. lol
shadowknight203  +   1907d ago
more like the flaming fires of hell
Cloudberry  +   1907d ago

Bobby is the Devil himself.

The Devil is destined to live until the end of time, lol.
Crazyglues  +   1907d ago
Actually it won't be Karma, but more like a little company called Respawn.... LoL

Soon Bobby you will learn what they means when they say -"Don't bite the hand that feeds you"

Call Of Duty's rain is about to come to an end..

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madpuppy  +   1907d ago
I wouldn't sweat it, Mr. Kotick is making enemies every time he opens his mouth. He doesn't appear to treat his developers very well. and when A dev does exceptional we see that He will go to any means to deprive them of the bonuses and pay that were agreed in their contract. eventually, his style of Management will keep the very good developers and programmers away from Activision. once the cod/music game titles start to fade from popularity they will have a hard time competing and that is when Activision with have another big "shakeup" and will be "restructured" with a new management team sans B. Kotic.
Activision, right now are just over the peak of this cycle, everything is downhill from here.
Raendom  +   1907d ago
If he's thinking of bringing a sub fee to PSN he can f-off. Make CoD 360 exclusive for all I care.
Megaton  +   1907d ago
No wonder all the commercials say it's best played on the 360. Activision and Microsoft are perfect bedfellows.
chasegarcia  +   1907d ago
COD to become exclusive to Microsoft.I am calling it now. One day Microsoft would pay $$$ for that.
OGharryjoysticks  +   1907d ago
COD exclusive? LOL

So Activision just leaves the couple hundred million dollars on the table they make from COD PS3 sales.
vhero  +   1907d ago
They couldn't afford it. Not that they dont have the money but they in theory would have to pay Activision the loss of ps3 sales which works out around 360 million (minus sonys cut so probably about 200+ million).. You really think MS are gonna pay around 200+ million per game just to make exclusive???? (i'm talking pounds here so in dollars a lot more)

They wouldn't sell enough consoles to cover that kind of loss nor enough copy's of the game on there system (I mean there cut of the game).

People need to think when they come out with stupid things..
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GoldPS3  +   1907d ago
I been saying that for a while now. I believe next gen COD will be exclusive to the next xbox.
djfullshred  +   1907d ago
LOL that people are not looking directly at Microsoft when they raise fees. I am no fan of Activision, but will point out they aren't the ones charging you to play.
gcolley   1907d ago | Personal attack | show
richierich  +   1907d ago
God I cannot understand greedy people the more money the have the more they want
Turbine27   1907d ago | Spam
Armyntt  +   1907d ago
I personally like COD. Its fun, ez to pick up and play. Plus im not the best fps guy anyways. Ive been in the army going on 12 years and trust me COD definately a videogame lol. Anyways i didnt purchase black ops specifically because of this prick. Subscription fees for a shooter? Just the idea irks me. The business model is there already. U dont just jump in the game, no pun intended and change the rules.
Foliage  +   1907d ago
It's easy to pick up and play, because the game is so freaking easy.

Maybe it's because I played the 360 version, and players tend to suck on the 360, but it got boring when my kill ratio was staying well above 2.5 without camping. There is also no strategy involved, like shooting gimps. I ended up selling the shitty game, the ratio would have likely kept going up, the players were just so freaking terrible.

I went back to MAG. BlOps was just not challenging enough.
AJ Hartley  +   1906d ago
lol played both versions and thinks its easier on ps3 , oh more campers on there, but wow the amount of annoying kids on live with the grenade launcher and tac knife bs dont go there.
sickbird  +   1907d ago
another reason i dont pay for live.
ngecenk  +   1907d ago
you guys keep buying his game, he'll keep trashtalking on the net thinkingg its a good marketing.
OGharryjoysticks  +   1907d ago
Sucks to be the kid who doesn't even play COD but has his parents pay his Gold fees.

Sucks more to be his parents.
unknownhero1123  +   1907d ago
in my case
it sucks to be the kid that pays for his father's call of duty addiction. every fraking birthday.......
evilbart  +   1907d ago
But if it wasn't for Microsoft or Sony they who have no platform to develop games for wtf
Sidology  +   1907d ago

This is why I didn't even blink an eye at Black Ops.

mcstorm  +   1907d ago
Well if true thats crap I feel sorry for you USA guys who have to pay an extra $10 ontop of you 12month live cost. I live in the UK and we got away with out paying the extra £10 on 12 month so it dont affect me but unfair on people who did not go out and get this game has to pay for the online. If they want to do this then all DLC should be free for the game but you have to pay $10 a year to play the game online with free DLC or free onlive with out the free DLC. Im really staering to hate ACTIVISION as a company and the last game I got off of them was MW2 and I hated it. People need to stop getting there games and make them suffer really wished every one had got MoH instead of BackOps that would of been a good and very funny story.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1907d ago
I left XBL because of the price hike, Thanks Activision, you're the greatest.

I will never buy another game published by Activision until Kotick is replaced by someone likable.
#22 (Edited 1907d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
chasegarcia  +   1907d ago
i don't think half of the subscriber pay $60. Xbox Live Gold is almost always on sale. Service should be free anyways. I cannot believe people pay for this crap.
#23 (Edited 1907d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ares84PS3  +   1907d ago
What an asshole this Kotick is.
Chnswdchldrn  +   1907d ago
whatever man lol as long as them 360 fellas are paying for their "superior online experience" ill be over here on my PC playing freely because of the sacrifice of the 360 players. Thanks guise!
AKissFromDaddy  +   1907d ago
No one......
No one can come to M$'s defense on this topic at all! Shame on M$, smh.
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Pehdahosman  +   1907d ago
Is it just me
or does bobby koctick's head sometimes resemble the same figure satan's head is in.I smell something and its not a nice perfume
unseen49  +   1907d ago
who cares about cod im a mag2.0 and socom fan both better then cod..waiting on socom 4
XabiTheHumble  +   1907d ago
LOL! that smile gets to me every time, I hate that guy.
DXM1  +   1907d ago
the 10$ price hike did not happen because of activision. It happened because of microsoft.
SkyGamer  +   1907d ago
You have hit the nail on the head. How else are they not going to charge for ESPN and other services, lastfm, etc. I just recently received a survey on games coming out and all of them were free to play mmos. I told them that taking a character from a single player experience to an online world would be cool but not online only. Unfortunately, the internet keeps growing exponentially everyday and this is where it is going. I do like Live but I am not too sure that I will further pay MS for anything. I just spent over 400 bucks in the last couple months, I haven't even got past the first level in any of the games and have a gaming pc with over 200 games. I just don't play games anymore, sad.

The last game I beat was Kinect Adventures. BTW they need to fire Kudo you're such a pos Tsunoda. Shouldn't be allowed to breathe.
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