Heavenly Sword - Animated Short and Making of Heavenly Sword Part 5

The long awaited savior, the returning heavenly warrior, was born a girl.

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s8anicslayer4067d ago

this game has one incredible behind it!wow

ion6664067d ago

way to amp up a game i love the art style.unite game lovers xbox ps3 wii,let us unite.for every congressman or women there are 30 gamers of every kind around the world to fight.can you dig it..........CAN YOU DIGG IITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

DEADEND4067d ago


Violater4067d ago

That sh!t gave me goosebumps.

sandip7874067d ago

that sh*t is fkking mental.
i only downloaded part4 so i need 1-3, but part 5 is the bomb. i love the art style they use, and the story line is epic too. surely this could make a brilliant film.

Baba19064067d ago

i love the hole HS thing. nice Story, very beautiful artwork, and the game seems to be one piece of art and so much work behind it. I had never ever played something that beautiful.

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